Saturday, December 17, 2011

Antara Anyer dan Jakarta

"Antara Anyer dan Jakarta" was a title of a song sang by Sheila Majid back in 80s. I tried to find the meaning of "Anyer" using the Google translate but to no avail. What about the song? Nothing. It's just because I just came back from Jakarta for a conference trip cum SHOPPING trip. I was accompanied by Suzana Ahmad and Norizan.

Day 1:
Our journey began on 12th December. At approximately 5am, the driver reached my house. Izan is already there, in a short while Suzana arrived. We headed to KLIA. The check-in was a winding queue. After checking-in it leaves us with barely enough time for fajr prayer.

At 9am, the tree stooges sat foot on the Indonesia land. We make a quick visit to the money changer and proceed for a cab. We have planned for the trip carefully and agreed to travel light as we will not be checking-in to the hotel upon arrival as the checking in time is only at 3pm. Instead, we headed towards our first destination, TANAH ABANG. It is really a shopping heaven. Shop till drop!!! From a light traveller to a HEAVY shopper, we were there until 5.30pm, thats the closing time.

TANAH ABANG is really a textile shopping heaven. You can get a product at a very reasonable price. The same material will cost three times in Malaysia. The food court was clean. We can easily get halal food there. One thing that I really salute the traders in Tanah Abang was on their solat time. Many of the traders perform their solat immediately after the azan calls for it. They perform their solat in the small trading cubicle that they have or at any available place in the shopping complex. I saw them performing solat near the escalator, the telephone booth etc. Alhamdulillah. May Allah blessed them with healthy income and earnings. From the Tanah Abang we took the BAJAI (image on the right) to the hotel. Just imagine the three of us with our bought goods crammed in the bajai and it was raining..... It cost us Rp30,000.00 from Tanah Abang to the Millenium Hotel Sirih, Jakarta.

Day 2

After a good night rest, we planned for another trip to Tanah Abang as there are few other things that we wanted to get from there. But a short trip this time, we then hurriedly move to MONAS the National Monument to get some souvenirs and later to Mangga 2 shopping area, a place that many advice us to go. Mangga 2 dissapointed us as the goods sold over there are almost like the things we can easily get in Malaysia. Even the imitation handbags cost are almost like the cost in Malaysia. An experience we could not forget on the second day was the experience on bajai for our trip back to hotel from Mangga 2. This time the driver took us through the many squatters around Jakarta. We felt grateful for what ALLAH has bestowed us as compared to their life. However, they are very hardworking people. Always find things to do for a living.

Day 3
Nothing excite us on day 3. Suzana was already down with fever. We were running short of cash. Ever penny spent is calculated over and over, sparing just enough for the airport tax and the cab fee. Thanks to Izan's two male friends whom were there also for the conference, they helped carry our luggage, get a cab and willing to join in a group check-in, just in case our luggage is over 20Kg!!!.

As we were waiting for boarding, an announcement was heard announcing that the MH724 is 40 minutes delayed. Everybody was sighing, longing to be home with the loved ones. Alhamdulillah we safely touched down at approximately 12 midnight and reached home one hour later.

What about the conference??? Well,, it is just an ordinary conference that everybody used to go, what's there to tell???? .......

Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's Eclipse!!!! Let's Perform Solat Kusuf.

Alhamdulillah ... a blessed morning. The sun rises, the birds chirping, the fishes swim happily. The tortoise approaches the edge of the pond as I pass by it. That's 'sunnatullah'. The lifecycle that has been designed and created by the Greatest Creator, One and ONLY - ALLAH SWT.

Only yesterday, last night before going to bed, I was busy searching for a place to spend the weekend as I felt that I need a break from the 'laborious' week. This morning, during a tazkirah, I found an answer to where I want to be. I'll make a date with a very special and dearly, the One who bestowed me with this wonderful life. A date with ALLAH SWT. This is also going to be an act of love for his Messenger, Muhammad SAW. By performing what Muhammad SAW did, it shows how we loved him, Bai Nana Lau Kana. Tonight I plan to take the kids to the surau, to together perform the solat kusuf, a solat especially done during eclipse.

A hadith says:

Bukhari :: Book 2 :: Volume 18 :: Hadith 150
Narrated Abu Bakra:
We were with Allah's Apostle when the sun eclipsed. Allah's Apostle stood up dragging his cloak till he entered the Mosque. He led us in a two-Rakat prayer till the sun (eclipse) had cleared. Then the Prophet (p.b.u.h) said, "The sun and the moon do not eclipse because of someone's death. So whenever you see these eclipses pray and invoke (Allah) till the eclipse is over."
How ignorant I was, when I don't even know that eclipse is going to happen tonight!!!! All work and No play makes me a dull girl!!!

The solat is slightly different from our ordinary solat. It is a 2 rakaat prayer but with 4 recitation of alFatihah and 4 ruku' and i'tidal. It steps are as follows:

  1. Niat.
  2. Takbiratul ihram
  3. Iftitah + AlFatihah + Surah (a long one is better - Rasullallah used to recite alBaqarah)
  4. Ruku' + tasbih (the amount is as if reciting 100 verses from alQuran)
  5. Rise for another alFatihah + Surah
  6. Ruku'
  7. I'tidal
  8. Sujud
  9. Finish the 1st rakaat. Repeat the above steps for the second rakaat (with a shorter surah)
Rasulallah used to recite alBaqarah, anNisa, alImran and alMaidah for this solat. We may do a shorter version, but longer that we normally perform. This kusuf solat can be done in jamaah or alone but is best to do it in jamaah. It's a practice that Rasullah urged us to, therefore, as a sign of love, let's do it TONIGHT and every time the eclipse occur.


Thursday, December 8, 2011


Petikan dari email yang baru diterima:
Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera,
Sebagaimana yang semua sedia maklum atau mungkin ada juga yang baru dimaklumkan, pra pendaftaran kursus pelajar dan jadual waktu semester hadapan bagi program sarjana muda dan sarjana walaupun sesi hanya akan bermula Mac nanti JWK perlu dibina pada dalam minggu depan. Maaf oleh kerana kesibukan yang teramat, baru kini teringat pasal JWK . Pelajar dimestikan membuat pra pendaftaran kursus (kod dan kumpulan) semester hadapan sepenuhnya bermula 5 - 24 Disember 2011 sebelum semester menduduki peperiksaan akhir semester ini.

Bersama-sama ini disertakan Borang Permohonan Kursus Program - Sesi Mac - Julai 2012 untuk dilengkapkan oleh semua KPP dan Koordinator bagi semua kursus-kursus termasuk program master yang berkenaan. Sila edit borang mengikut keperluan program masing-masing.
Juga disertakan data ramalan untuk permohonan kursus dan pembinaan JWK tersebut.

Mohon jasa baik dan kerjasama semua untuk melengkapkan borang tersebut dan menghantar kepada saya, Zuraiti ataupun PM Maheran Nuruddin (AJK JWK) selewat-lewatnya pada 16 Disember 2011 (Jumaat).
Terima kasih saya dahulukan atas kerjasama dan perhatian yang diberikan.
Noorwahida Shaharuddin
Pejabat Pengurusan Akademik
The email calls for us, the coordinators to prepare the time table for the programs within A WEEK.
Dan jawapan aku ....
Mission Impossible!!!

Program Sarjana Baru pun minggu depan! Kuliah lagi!!!


Oh Please! two sets of time table in a week. It will drive me crazy!!!!

Please ... Please ... Please ... I am really sick n tired of this post. 2013 is too far ahead. I must do something to release the post. Everybody, please pray for me so that I can be excused from this post or any other post. I want a quiet and peaceful working situation! A more productive one. Do things that other lecturers enjoy doing.

Ya Allah, kau permudahkanlah segala urusanku. Kau lapangkanlah segala kekanganku untuk menunaikan amanahku. Dan aku pohon jua ya Allah agar aku dikeluarkan dari kesempitan masa dalam menguruskan pekerjaanku. Ya Allah, perkenanlah permintaanku. Amin.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

And the Clock Ticks

It was Monday, 28 November 2011, a public holiday as it was a first day in the Muslim calendar. I looked at my wrist watch. It was 10pm. I was still at the airport. Working.

Working? At the airport? At 10pm? On public holiday? What are you talking about? These might be some of the questions popped up in your mind. However, it is very true. It's the truth. I was there to fetch the second keynote speaker, Prof Steve Horward, for our i-User 2011 conference. It was the second time I visited the airport on the same day. I was at the airport earlier (6.30am) that day to fetch our first speaker, Prof Alan Dix. And again on the evening. The morning flight was as scheduled. However, the second flight from Melbourne, Australia was one hour delay.

The passengers started to come out from the arrival hall. Suddenly, every male foreigner looks alike to me. Luckily, I have the envelope which has the speaker's name on it. I put up the envelope high to be seen. A big smile came on a face of one of the passenger. I am glad that he noticed the envelope. Alhamdulillah. I found him with no hassle. For Prof Alan, it is fairly easy to recognise him as I met him last year during his first visit to our faculty. I quickly pressed the buttons on my handphone calling the driver to be ready for us. However, as there were
pilgrimage coming back from Hajj in Mecca, the airport was jammed-packed. We had to wait for the driver closed to 20 minutes. I almost ran out of topic to talk about. We finally reach the hotel at 11pm. Checked him-in, and I quickly headed home.

I reached home at about 11.30pm, there was my beloved husband in the TV room, waiting for me patiently. This was the third night which I came back late. The first one because of the night class (it's routine), the second one because of the day trip to Tangkak Johor for the Academic Mission, and the third one being for the i-User2011.

I enjoyed doing some of those activities, while some others are those that I had to. However, I am not complaining because I have a husband who supported me undoubtedly.

Thank you hubby for always being there for me.

*Note: I am going to be late again tonight because attending dinner which is in conjunction with the conference. And, will be coming late again tomorrow because of my Masters class.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bola emas

Bola! Bola! Bola! Everybody was talking about the final football match between Malaysia and Indonesia. It was a three hours long of match. They completed the first half with 3 minutes additional time with a tie, 1-1.

Second half is more intense. Both teams are playing their best. They completed the second half with additional 3 minute still tie at 1-1. During the additional 30 minutes, Malaysia missed few chances. And a salute to Khairul Fahmi Cik Mat for playing excellently protect our goal with other team mates. And the game still ended with a tie.

Fuhhhh!!!!! The tense grew stronger, not only on the player, but I guess more on the supporters. Almost all Malaysians are watching it. PENALTY is going to be the determinant. Who shoot well, who protects the goal better? Everybody was waiting. Cold sweat start flowing. First shot by the Indonesian, it hit the net. Goalllll!!!! went the roar. 1st shot by Malaysian is also a goal. Only few shouts of happiness can be heard in the Gelora Stadium.

The next shots were a goal and a missed by both teams. Baddrol, the captain was to take the last shoot when the score was again tie at 3-3. The tense was at the highest. If we could feel it, just imagine how Baddrol felt. He's carrying the hope of Malaysian, a very big burden to carry.

Pritttt. The weasel blown. Baddrol kicked, the ball, the ball hit the goalkeeper's leg and rolled into the goal.

GOAL!!!!! Yes!!!! We won the football match of the 2011 Sea Game.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


This is another unique date.

"Kata, tak ada apa yang special pada tarikh ....", some may have this thought. I cannot blame those who feels that way because I am the one who really oppose celebrating special dates, but this is not celebrating it. Just feel like updating the blog, and when my daughter told me that today is 20.11.2011, I said to myself, that's it! I must update it today. Why? ... because ..... it's CLEANING day!!! And everybody has their bits of task to do.

Hakim is helping ayah with men's chores, Atikah doing the floors, Sabrina was excused because she had a fever. Even so, she did help with some kitchen chores. While Ibu, doing some bits of this and that. We were not at home for three consecutive weekends, it really calls for cleaning.

And later, I made Atikah try her hands in cooking with the special 'Asam Pedas Keladi' and 'Kari Ketam'.

Hakim with some of his 'toys'

These are what we called 'men's work'. Bravo Hakim!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hectic day!!!

Fuhhh!!! What a hectic day!!!

8.30am meeting which ended at 12.30pm.
1.13pm when for lunch
2.30pm rush to another meeting which ended at 5.40pm

How does this sound? Boring isnt' it. Not interesting at all. What do I have to say .... it's the job. It's an amanah. Therefore, sorry students, I can't see you today. I am very busy ... there's actually a long queue of students wanted to see me, my phone keep on signalling smses coming in one after another -- all are my project and research students. It seems that I have to allow them see me only after 5pm or at 8am. Very little choice I have left. Sacrifices is a must now. Time sacrifices.

Anyway, Alhamdulillah. It wont be for long. After 28th November, Dr 'Hj' Nordin will be back to resume his duty and I will be able to take a deep breath again. However, I still hope to relinquish my other post too, that is from being the Chairperson for Faculty Academic Mission. How I wish! I Wish! I Wish!

Wassalam. ..... p.s Got to go and fetch my daughter from tuition.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lazy Vacation

Salam all,

Almost like a routine, we will annually return to our second 'hometown' at least once a year for a 'lazy' vacation. It's near to Shah Alam, it's a fun and exciting place and most importantly, it's time to really spend time with kids. Accept for this year, our year end vacation is in November because I have classes on December and cannot take leave. Now is the semester break, therefore, i would not want to miss this opportunity to spend time with my kids at our 'second

Why 'lazy' vacation'?
Some may call it free-n-easy but I called it lazy vacation. It is because its a vacation that we normally will lazy ourselves in the hotel room, go for swimming, out for meals, and relaxing. This is what I call a 'lazy' vacation'. The other type of vacation is the one when you go out for sight seeing at a new and different location or at place that you have never been before. This type of vacation requires proper planning, advanced booking and reservation. Unlike this one where I made the reservation just few hours before leaving the house. Confirmed that there's an accommodation, we quickly pack and start off.

As early as 8AM, Sabrina is already in the pool followed by Hakim. I joined in later, while ayah came in about one hour later. We really enjoyed
our time in the pool with so many games that we played, we had fun with the monkey ball game, and the treasure hunt game. For the treasure hunt game, we make everybody find the 10 sen syillings that is thrown into the pool. We really had a good time today. I feel like 15 again. :-) Thank you Allah. Alhamdulillah.

Poolside meal after long hours in the pool. Amboi, amboi, amboi .....

The only time Hakim is allowed to enjoy his meal on the bed. Inilah masanya ...... kalau kat rumah, jangan harap ye!

After dinner at Bagan Lalang, Sepang.

The kids are back into the pool after dinner

The green balcony - backyard


Friday, November 11, 2011


Salam all,

Today is 11.11.11. Everybody thinks that today should be a memorable day because it will not happen again. Perhaps only in 3011, only if the earth is still intact but we definitely will not be there to witness another 11.11.11.

Heard on radio, many mothers selected today to deliver their babies. Many couples decided to tie their knot on this very day, some are even giving marriage gifts which cost RM11,111.11 and many more. To me its just a date. Nothing special about it. As mentioned in my new year posting, perhaps the only significant is that it is easier to remember your most memorable dates with this unique date.

But, to purposely deliver your baby on this day? I am a bit reserve about this. I don't quite agree

if we purposely choose the date, except if we have medical reason that requires a caesarean
section. It seems that nowadays many mothers would prefer to deliver babies through caesarean
instead of normal delivery. In my personal belief, if we purposely choose our delivery date, and
choose a c-section for the delivery method, we are missing a gift that Allah has prepared for
women. Yes, normal delivery is painful, but don't tell me that a c-section is not painful. I went through 3 c-sections before, but I waited till the last moment, till there's no other way to take the baby out, I endure the pain, the contraction pain just like any mothers do, and I am proud of it. With the pain we now feels how our mother felt back then after delivering us into the world. We appreciate them more. We understand that mothers are the most important person in one's life as she had to endure all the pain like no other pain during delivery . And it shows how mothers are very strong and courage to willingly go through the pain over and over again. I belief Allah has not created the pain to torture women, Allah loves women and has placed them among the highest in ranking. This is very true, from the hadith from Rasulallah SAW:

Narrated Abu Huraira: A man came to Allah's Apostle and said, "O Allah's Apostle! Who is more entitled to be treated with the best companionship by me?" The Prophet said, "Your mother." The man said. "Who is next?" The Prophet said, "Your mother." The man further said, "Who is next?" The Prophet said, "Yourmother." The man asked for the fourth time, "Who is next?" The Prophet said, "Your father.
(Sahih Bukhari)

But, I am not an asatizah to give any comments on this according to Islamic view, it is just my personal belief and perspective. Dear readers, I am sorry if it is you I am talking about, I did not mean to hurt anybody's feeling. I am just saying out based on how I feel. Whatever it is, everybody has the right to choose.

May whatever that we do is within rahmah (love/like) and redha (blessings) from Allah SWT.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's Alive!!!

Statement: Yup! It's Alive ....
Question: What is IT that is alive????
Answer: My blog.

My blog is alive again. With only one posting in September, none in October, and this is the 5th for November. How I missed updating the blog. It's just like letting out whatever is boggling me. And it feels good to re-read the posting as it reminded us on all the previous happenings in our daily life.

Question: Why is the blog suddenly alive again?
Answer: It's semester break. And I am on leave.

I purposely took leave to stay at home. This is the only opportunity to take leave and just lazily spend time at home till next February 2012. This is all because the new academic calendar as directed by the Ministry of Higher Education and imposed to all public universities. With this new academic calendar, there are two sessions, one session is for the Diploma programmes (follows the old calendar June-October/ December-April), and another session for Bachelor and post-graduates programmes (September-January/ March-June) tentatively.

Question: Will there be any new post during semester?
Answer: Cannot guarantee.

How I wish I could do so. A friend (a blogger as well) asked me why there is a long silence from my blog. And I told her that it was my wish to update it regularly but the 24hours allocated to me is used for other tasks that are of higher priority. This is because the shocking letter that I received sometime in September (just after the semester began). That evening, just before leaving the office, I peeped through my pigeon hole and saw a letter. I picked the letter, it says, "Ucapan Penghargaan". A big smile was on my face. Finally I am free from all the admin work. But the letter seemed so thick, I flipped through and found another letter underneath it. This is the shocking letter, when it says "Lantikan ke Jawatan Koordinator Sains Komputer".

Arghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I say its a torment for another 2 years ahead .......?????

Anyway, it's a responsibility that I must fulfill with Amanah. That's the reason for my absence. Therefore, my absence is not because I am retiring from posting to the blog, but my absence is due to my weaknesses in managing my time.

Till then ..... WASSALAM.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chef at Work

Salam all,

Look at the chef in action.
Still in his office uniform.
This is not a common scene. Even the kids were surprised to see ayah put his hands into cooking. This is not any cooking. This is the special 'Red Mutton Soup". Ibu only prepared the ingredients, but the correct measurement is just his taste buds. He tasted this soup before in one of his many 'jamuan' (feast), and now he is making it for the family. For the complete recipe, please visit my other blog.

This is really a moment that must be captured as it seldom happen. But the cooking was marvelous. It's true if people said that men really have 'something' in cooking.

Adios! Chiao!

Another Sad News

Salam all,

It was about 6.45am when my phone rang. It was my mother calling. My heart pumping will always accelerate when receiving a call from mother especially at odd hours. This must not be something good.

"Ajis dah tak dak. (Ajis had passed away)", that was my mother's short sentence.

Innalillahi wainna ilaihi rajiun.
"When?", I asked. "Pukul 5 pagi tadi (Just now at 5a.m)", my mother answered.

Ajis or Norlajis Bin Ali is my cousin aged 51. He did not have any medical problem before, until last week on Thursday, when he fell unconscious while on duty. He never regain conscious after that till his last breath. We went to the hospital on Eid-ul-Adha, but did not gain permission to visit him who was in the ICU because it's not the visiting hour. Last met was during Eid ul-Fitri. He is among few of my mother's nephew who will never fail to pay my mother a visit during Eid. I guess because he was a regular at our house during his span in Kompleks Belia Dusun Tua (a training centre for youth at Kuala Langat) back in 1980s.

He left behind a wife who is currently 7 months pregnant and 5 other children, the eldest is sitting for his SPM this 14th November. May Allah give the strength to his family, his wife and children. Hopefully we will be able to assist his family in any way we can.

May Ajis rest in peace and be placed among the solihin. Allahummaghfirlahu warhamhu wa'a fihi wa'fuan'hu. Amin.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Qurban is the slaughtering of healthy animals such as cow, goat, camel or qibasy as a way of saying thank you to Allah for giving us the rizq (rezeki). It is also an act of obeying the instruction from Allah, just like Prophet Ibrahim a.s perform the qurban upon his son, Prophet Ismail a.s. However, Allah SWT replace Ismail with a large qibasy. The instruction to slaughter Ismail is just a test to Ibrahim. And, as an obedient servant of Allah, Ibrahim undoubtedly obey the instruction. Therefore, for those who are capable (with extra rizq) it is call for to do qurban every year just like what Rasulallah SAW did every year. If we are able to drive a RM100K car, what is it to spend the most RM800 a year to qurban??? If RM800 is too much for a goat, the minimum is about RM250 for a part of a cow. In practice, Rasulallah will peform qurban of a lamb or goat, one for himself, and the other one for him and his family. So friends, if we have this extra rizq, let's do it yearly (THIS IS A REMINDER FOR MYSELF).

At Surau Mawaddah, Seksyen 7 Shah Alam, we perform the qurban on 11th of Zulhijjah. This gives the opportunity to many jamaah to go back to our hometown to celebrate Eid ul-Adha with our family and come back for qurban the following day.

Look at this goat, all set to give in, to be slaughtered. The kids were the excited lot, as they do not have the opportunity to be very close to this animal often. This is one of 8 goat to be slaughtered that day.

This goat was still able to get up and walk to it's friend after being slaughtered and finally fell with it's last breath beside it's friend (another goat ready to be slaughtered).

Agaknya ini yang dikatakan pada kawan dia sebelum menghembuskan nafas terakhir,

'Aku telah menyerahkan diriku untuk penciptaKU, giliran engkau selepas ini. Redhalah dengan ketentuan ini"

This was the 12th (the last) cow to be slaughtered that day. And this happen right in front of our house, and slaughtered by my husband (the one in kopiah). According to my husband and kids, this cow took almost half and hour to be dead.

The following are some shots during the event. Thanks to our amateur photographer, Sabrina, who captured the moments.

The road beside the surau was closed for the cleaning process. And Alhamdulillah, many jamaah came to help expedite the process.

Where are the Muslimah? We are at the back preparing lunch which is served at 12 noon. I salute everybody, with 12 cows and 8 goats, we managed to complete everything including distribution of the meat before zuhr with good cooperation among jamaah. Alhamdulillah. Ukhuwwah fillah.

"Apa yang penting???
(pinjam tagline Wonderpets)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Musim haji ..... telah tiba lagi --- this is part of a lyric from an old nasyid.

Back then, the nasyid does not mean anything to me, but now, the word 'LABBAIK' can easily made my fragile tears to come rolling down on my aging cheek. How I missed KAABAH. Missed the beautiful days, being there in Makkatul Mukarramah doing nothing else besides devoting ourself to ONE AND ONLY, ALLAH SWT.

Waking up as early as 3AM in the morning, get ready for the midnight solat, the most beautiful time to humbly 'talk' to Allah. We feel so close to HIM ... nothing compares. From the midnight solat, we stayed on till solat fajr, which then we head back to our hotel for breakfast. After breakfast we will have a short tazkirah at the roof top of the hotel. We were there during the cold season. Being at the roof top, it was windy which add to the chilly morning. But listening to the tazkirah crept all those uneasy feeling. After tazkirah, we normally had a nap before getting ready for solat zuhr as early as 11am, later than that will result on performing solat at the corridor or even worse, on the street.

After the zuhr prayer, we will get back to hotel for lunch and a free-n-easy session till Asr. Most of the time, I will take another nap during these hours. Before 'Asr, we will quickly secure a place for Asr prayer by being there as early as we could. Since we are fortunate to be rewarded a hotel that is near to Masjidil Haram, we will get back to hotel after Asr for another free-n-easy session. Some may take this opportunity to do some shopping. We tried to refrain ourselves from shopping except for some necessary things such as ihram, sajadah etc. These are the activities prior to the 'Arafat Day'.

We did Haj Ifrad, therefore, we were in ihram for more than 13 days. To female pilgrim, in ihram is not a problem at all, it only means covering yourself as you did in solat. Well, we are used to it, isn't it. Thus, doing ifrad is not a problem. Many were afraid to do Ifrad because they cannot bear to be in ihram for long period. Everything goes back to oneself, you decide which do you prefer. The most important thing is to be the 'mukhlisin'. Do everything only because of Allah not because of any other reason.

Why am I telling everything here??? Not to brag but just to share some experience. And also as a 'muhasabah' how very little time we spent in ibadah ilaLLAH daily, but, being there in Makkah & Madinah is a place where we can 100% devote ourself in ibadah ilaALLAH. And that's the routine that almost everybody went through. I am just sharing with all the readers the unspoken beauty of being so close with ALLAH with all the ibadah while being there in Makkah & Madinah. Praying all the readers will also have this opportunity to be there. InsyaAllah.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's Hari Raya

Salm all,

Alhamdulillah this is already the 3rd day of Syawal. Allah has bestowed us with a sunny and wonderful day despite the rainy days on the last days of Ramadhan.

Alhamdulillah everybody were seen happy, children is the most, happily collecting the duit raya ... and nowdays, RM1 is the minimum compared to my days when 50sen is alredy a luxury. How things changed. One thing never change though, is the happy moments to be with brothers, sisters and cousins whom we rarely meet. I only managed to be with my siblings, nieces and nephews for few hours ... but those are moments to cherish. Mak, forgive me for not being able to be by your side longer, but my prayers are always with you.

today is already the third day, some has moved to another in-laws house, some has not. whatever it is, wifey, please obey your husband as jannah is based on his redha. Put on your happy faces as no other people will know how you actually feels.

with 3rd "yawal, some has started their syawal fasting, some has not. Whatever it is do not miss this opportunity for the reward is as good as fasting the whole year through.

till then ... meet again. just be happy.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin

Salam 28th Ramadan,

Another day to go. The final round! Go! Go! Go! Have you completed your 30 juzuk of alQuran? Have you stayed-up at night for munajat ilAllah? One final night .... let's do it.

Tomorrow is Monday, follows by Tuesday, which is 1st Syawal. It's a day when we celebrate the winning of our fight against one nafs. We are able to be patient not only from eating and drinking, but also, we are also more patient with other insan .... and also, the winning of oneself to perform ibadah ilAllah.

Let's celebrate this eid with lots and lots of takbir and tahmid. May our eid will be blessed by Allah. Do not waste all our good effort during Ramadan to be a better Muslim.
Allahu Akbar!
La ilaha illallah!

Come Tuesday, we will listen many good wishes of 'Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin'. And with smiling faces, people will shake each others hand. But lets do it proper:

When you want to shake hands among muslims (mahram), use both hands, look at each others face, prerably look into their eyes, and smile. This will encourage ukhuwwah among us.
Do not turn your face away from your sisters/ brothers whom you are shaking their hands with.

What do we say when we greet each other? Let's for a change, let's all follow the salafussoleh by saying:

Taqabbalallahu minna wa minkum (May Allaah accept it from you and us).”
instead of our usual 'Selamat Hari Raya'.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jangan tinggal Daku, Ramadan.

Salam all,

Selamat Hari Raya!!! A google image search found me with thousands of images of Selamat hari Raya. But I chose the one below:

Wah! Wah! Wah! Dah tak sabar ke nak sambut raya??? Ada dua malam untuk bertarawikh lagi tau ..... Ini peluang terakhir nak pulun tahun ni. Tahun depan belum tentu ketemu lagi. Sebenarnya, mood raya semenjak usia meningkat ni, sudah tidak semeriah dulu. Sebaliknya, Ramadan yang semakin hampir ke penghujung ini menggamit rasa pilu di hati. Mengenangkannya, air mata ini pasti mengalir ke pipi.

Andai ini Ramadan terakhirku, Adakah telah diterima taubatku?
Andai ini Ramadan terakhirku, Adakah telah diampuni dosa-dosaku?
Andai ini Ramadan terakhirku, Adakah telah menjadi insan bertaqwa?
Andai ini Ramadan terakhirku, Adakah aku telah bersama mereka yang tidak akan dijamah seksaan api nerakaMU?
Andai ini Ramadan terakhirku, Adakah telah sempurna penghambaanku padaMu?
Andai ini Ramadan terakhirku, Adakah telah cukup bekalan untuk dibawa ke sana?

Andai, andai dan andai. Walau segunung andai yang ada, jika tiada usaha, maka tiadalah tawakkalnya.

Telah berkata ulamak masa kini Prof Dr Yusuf Al-Qardhawi,

"Jika engkau beramal kerana Ramadan, Ramadan akan pergi meninggalkan engkau. Tetapi jika engkau beramal kerana Allah, Allah akan kekal selamanya bersamaMu".

Semoga amalan kita adalah untuk Allah dan tidak akan terhenti dengan berakhirnya Ramadan ini.

Ameen. Wassalam.

~Jom lipat gandakan amalan, sambil diselangi dentuman bunga api dan alunan lagu raya.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Iftar 26 Ramadhan

Salam semua,

Ya, betul! Hari ni dah pun hari ke26 kita berpuasa. Kalau nak hitung bilangan puasa yang berbaki, guna sebelah tangan pun dah cukup. Maksudnya, malam ni adalah malam 27. Atau orang Melayu selalu panggil Malam 7 Likur. Tapi aku tak pernah dengar pun sebelum ni pasal malam 7 likur ni, hanya setelah bergelar orang 'KL' (ni pun kalau orang jati KL terima masuk suku) nilah baru aku kenal 'Malam 7 Likur'. Entah apa kelebihan malam ni untuk orang Melayu, aku pun tak pasti. Tapi yang aku selalu nampak adalah rumah-rumah dah mula bermandikan cahaya. Tak cukup cahaya letrik, cahaya minyak tanah pun ada. Fikir 2X, membazir pun ada. Semoga kita ni taklah tergolong dalam golongan orang yang membazir sebab membazir tu sahabat syaitan. Nauuzubillah. Penat puasa, solat, ngaji Quran sepanjang Ramadan, tiba2 hujung Ramadan bersahabat pulak dengan syaitan. Mesti syaitan yang masih bergari tu dah mula nak senyum sebab ada orang dah nak mula bersahabat dengannya. Nauuzubillah. Kita kan sekarang ni dah jadi orang bertaqwa .... mana boleh bersahabat dengan syaitan lagi. InsyaAllah.

Iftar hari ni meriah. Alhamdulillah. Terima kasih Allah kerana titipkan kebahagiaan ini. Bukan ada apa yang istimewa, cuma kerana kami sekeluarga bersama, walaupun keluarganya tak besar, berlima kami sudah cukup memeriahkan majlis. Syukran ilAllah.

فَبِأَىِّ ءَالَآءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ
Which is it, of the favours of your Lord, that ye deny?
Surah ar-Rahman

This is truly a great gift from ALLAH SWT to me. While we were happy together, everybody was exchanging jokes, laughter fills the entire dining area. Suddenly, my mind was flown back to my hometown, where I can see my parents having their iftar, just the two of them. Quietly having their tamar, Bapak finishes first. Stood up, taking a deep breath before slowly adjourn to prepare for the prayers. Mak was left alone at the dining table. Solemnly, munching the tamar. Gulping a glass of milk as Mak usually did since she had problem with her gastritis, mak was calm. No smile on the face. But, who knows what is inside her mind.

Is she wondering, where are my kids? I have 6, but none is with me at the moment.
Is she thinking, where are my grandchildren? I have 30, but no one is anywhere near.
Is she praying, is she hoping for us to be there to cheer their lonely hearts???

O my brothers ... If only I could force you two, I would definitely make the two of you routinely take turns to accompany our parents. What about me? Forgive me mak, forgive me bapak, your daughter now has another responsibility to fulfill, has another soul to abide, for I want to an obedient zaujah (wife), so that my prayers would be listen to by Allah. I will always pray for your health and happiness. And most importantly, I will always pray that Allah will look upon the two of you with His Rahmah and always place the two of you among the solihin. Ameen.

Forgive me mak. Forgive me bapak. To all sons .... please, please, please, I beg you, please, make your parents happy in any small way that you can, ALWAYS ....

Narrated 'Abdullah: I asked the Prophet "Which deed is the dearest to Allah?" He replied, "To offer the prayers at their early stated fixed times." I asked, "What is the next (in goodness)?" He replied, "To be good and dutiful to your parents" I again asked, "What is the next (in goodness)?" He replied, 'To participate in Jihad in Allah's cause."
(Sahih Bukhari & Muslim)

Narrated Abu Huraira: A man came to Allah's Apostle and said, "O Allah's Apostle! Who is more entitled to be treated with the best companionship by me?" The Prophet said, "Your mother." The man said. "Who is next?" The Prophet said, "Your mother." The man further said, "Who is next?" The Prophet said, "Yourmother." The man asked for the fourth time, "Who is next?" The Prophet said, "Your father.
(Sahih Bukhari)

Wassalam. Ramadan is still with us. Let's make the best of it.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Syaitan Kena Rantai

Salam All,

Today is 25th Ramadhan. I am already on leave. Not because too excited to celebrate the Eid but just to lessen the number of leaves that I still have since this year end I would be busy with the semester and would not have time to take leaves. Secondly, I took leave just to spend more time with my daughter who has safely reached home from Dungun yesterday afternoon.

'Syaitan kena rantai' ... the syaitans (devils) were chained, no syaitan during this Ramadhan, etc. ... these are some of the verses that we normally hear people were saying every Ramadhan. In actual fact, there is a hadith from Rasulallah SAW on this matter:

Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah's Apostle said, "When the month of ramadan comes, the gates of Paradise are opened and the gates of the (Hell) Fire are closed, and the devils are chained."
-Sahih Bukhari

If the devils were chained, why are there still people who commit sin? Why are we still (at times) lazy to perform ibadah? Why? Why? Why? The answer is an-nafs. Nafsu.

For the past 11 months, the syaitan (devils) have trained our nafs to perform all the bad deeds and now during the holy month of Ramadan, the month with rahmah and maghfirah we are supposed to retrain our nafs so that we will do all the good deeds as suggested by Allah and his Apostle, Muhammad SAW.

According the tasawwuf, the nafs can de categorised into 7: (adapted from here)

1. Nafsul Amarah, ini adalah tingkatan yang paling rendah. Nafsul amarah cenderung mendorong manusia untuk melakukan perbuatan keji dan rendah. Keberadaan nafsu ini disebutkan dalam s. Yusuf ayat 53
Dan aku tidak membebaskan diriku (dari kesalahan), karena sesungguhnya nafsu itu selalu menyuruh kepada kejahatan, kecuali nafsu yang diberi rahmat oleh Tuhanku. Sesungguhnya Tuhanku Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Penyayang. ( Yusuf 53)
Sifat orang yang mempunyai nafsul amarah antara lain mudah marah, sombong, takabbur, tamak, kikir , dengki dan hasud, sering memperturutkan keinginan syahwat secara berlebihan.
2. Nafsul Lawwamah, tingkat yang lebih tinggi adalah nafsul lawwamah. Nafsu ini sering mengkritik dan menyesali tindakan yang tidak patut yang dilakukan atas dorongan nafsul lawwamah. Keberadaan nafsu ini disebutkan dalam S Al Qiyamah ayat 2:
dan aku bersumpah dengan jiwa yang amat menyesali (dirinya sendiri) (Al Qiyamah 2)
Pada tingkatan ini seseorang akan menyesali perbuatan buruknya, dia sering merenung dan mengkritik semua perbuatannya yang keliru. Selanjutnya dia berusaha agar perbuatan buruk yang telah dilakukan tidak terulang lagi.
3. Nafsul Mulhammah, tingkat nafsu yang ketiga adalah nafsul mulhammah. Keberadaannya disebutkan dalam S Asy Syam ayat 7-10.
7- dan jiwa serta penyempurnaannya (ciptaannya),
8- maka Allah mengilhamkan kepada jiwa itu (jalan) kefasikan dan ketakwaannya,
9- sesungguhnya beruntunglah orang yang menyucikan jiwa itu,
10- dan sesungguhnya merugilah orang yang mengotorinya.
( Asy-Syam 7-10)
Orang yang telah mencapai tingkatan ini telah mampu mengendalikan dirinya dari keingainan nafsu yang rendah. Ia bisa membedakan yang hak dan batil. Ia selalu menjaga dirinya dari melakukan perbuatan tercela dan selalu berusaha untuk meningkatkan iman dan taqwanya. Berusaha mengerjakan amal soleh sebanyak banyaknya.
4. Nafsul Muthmainnah, tingkat nafsu yang kempat adalah nafsul Muthmainnah, keberadaan nafsu ini disebutkan dalam S Al fajr 27-31.
27- Hai jiwa yang tenang.
28- Kembalilah kepada Tuhanmu dengan hati yang puas lagi diridai-Nya.
29- Maka masuklah ke dalam jemaah hamba-hamba-Ku,
30- dan masuklah ke dalam surga-Ku.
Orang yang telah mencapai tingkat ini jiwanya jadi tenang , penuh rasa tawakkal, ridho dengan semua ketetapan Allah , tidak disentuh rasa duka , sedih dan cemas.
5. Nafsul Radhiah , orang yang mencapai tingkat ini selalu merasa puas dengan apa yang diterimanya dari Allah . Bagi mereka sama saja kejadian baik maupun buruk yang menimpanya. Hatinya tidak terpengaruh oleh kehidupan dunia. Mereka selalu kembali pada Allah dan ridho dengan semua keputusannya.
6. Nafsul Mardhiyah, Tingkat ini lebih tinggi daripada Nafsul Radhiyah. Ia adalah orang yang sangat dekat dan dicintai Allah. Merekalah yang dimaksud oleh salah satu hadist Qudsi:
Semua langkah dan perbuatannya dilakukan atas bimbingan dan petunjuk Allah, seperti apa yang telah dilakukan Nabi Khidir dan tidak dipahami oleh Nabi Musa .
Dia tidak bertindak dengan kemauan sendiri, melainkan dengan bimbingan dan kehendak Allah
7. Nafsul Kamilah, ini adalah tingkatan para Nabi, Rasul dan Insan Kamil, manusia suci dan sempurna, yang selalu berada dalam pengawasan dan bimbinganNya. Terpelihara dari perbuatan yang tercela.
Untuk meraih tingkatan nafsu dari level rendah sampai yang tinggi seperti tersebut diatas diperlukan perjuangan yang gigih dan ulet. Tidak bisa didapat dengan santai tanpa usaha yang maksimal. Untuk naik dari satu tingkat ketingkat yang lebih tinggi dibutuhkan waktu yang cukup lama sampai bertahun tahun.
Insya Allah dengan hati yang bersih dan jernih kita bisa meraih kemenangan dunia dan akhirat. Menjalani hidup berbahagia didunia dan akhirat , tidak ditimpa kesedihan dan duka yang berlarut larut. Kelak ditempatkan Allah di taman syurga yang abadi dan hidup kekal selamanya disana.
May we are able to re-train our nafs and try our best to uphold all the good things, all the ibadah that we have been doing during this Ramadan. If we fail to continue doing all the ibadah, it's a proof that we were once again defeated by the syaitanns and did not obtain maghfirah during Ramadan. But how do we re-train the nafs? By continuously doing the ibadah and seriously ask for forgiveness from Allah through our prayers, dua' and munajat in our night prayers.

O Allah! This piece of qalb (heart) belongs to you O Allah! Give us taufiq wal hidayah. And do not let our heart to go astray after You have guided us.

رَبَّنَا لَا تُزِغۡ قُلُوبَنَا بَعۡدَ إِذۡ هَدَيۡتَنَا وَهَبۡ لَنَا مِن لَّدُنكَ رَحۡمَةً‌ۚ إِنَّكَ أَنتَ ٱلۡوَهَّابُ
Our Lord! Cause not our hearts to stray after Thou hast guided us, and bestow upon us mercy from Thy Presence. Lo! Thou, only Thou, art the Bestower.
(Surah Al-Imran:8)
Ramadan Countdown! May we are among those who were forgiven and blessed with Jannah. Ameen.