Friday, January 15, 2016

KPI.... O KPI....


Today we forecasted the number of lecturers to be maintained here in Shah Alam. The forecast is based on the number of hours required to teach for the porgrammes that we have. This is a very important and thorough task as it determines the mobility of the lecturers within this 5 years to come. 

Transfered, KPI, work load are the terms that really disturbed lecturers in Shah Alam.

Transfered would mean building a new life at a new place and adapting to it. Coming to senior citizen age, adapting to a new life may be very stressful.

KPI is another magical word. It's good to have KPI. It is a goal that we wish to achieve. Life as an 'abd, a human being with Allah as our Rabb also has a KPI to achieved. Adding a working KPI is just another spice to life. It may sound scary but when we turn it to challenge, life and work becomes meaningful, if not stressful. However, too many KPIs ... even screaming wont help.

Life is not always as we plan as Allah has a better plan for us, but doa and tawakkal is the best for any situation.

May Allah gives us the best of both worlds. Wallahu a'lam.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Kekasihku Ya Rasulallah


Ini perkongsian dari kuliah Maghrib pada malam ini.

Menghayati Nabi Muhammad SAW
1. Kenal
2. Percaya
3. Ikut
4. Sebut
5. Pertahankan

Kenal peribadi Nabi. Salasilah keluarga Nabi. Akhlak Nabi. Perjuangan Nabi. Dan segala yang berkaitan Nabi.

Percaya walaupun kita rasa tidak logik. Percaya pada Allah dan Rasul tidak boleh mengikut logik aqal. Ianya maknawi.

Ikut segala arahan Allah dan Nabi kerana setiap arahan ada alasannya. Hanya kita yang jahil tidak dapat menggapai arahan tersebut.

Sebut. Berselawat pada Nabi setiap kali nama Nabi disebut. Antara doa Jibril yang diaminkan oleh Nabi iaitu:
I. Jika hidup bersama ibubapa tetapi tidak menunaikan tanggungjawab terhadp mereka.
ii. Berjumpa Ramadhan tetapi keluar darinya tanpa mendapat keampunan dari Allah
iii. Apabila disebutkan nama Rasullallah dan beliau tidak berselawat kepadanya.

Pertahankan. Para sahabat mempertahankan Nabi secara fizikal. Zaman sekarang kita pertahankan dengan mengamalkan sunnah. Untuk pertahankan sunnah, kita perlu tahu dan kenal sunnah.

Mari kita berusaha memperbaiki diri dan beramal dengan ilmu yang sedikit ini.

Wallahu a'lam.

Ibu's New Toy


Ever heard or read the story of 'The Emperor's New Dress'. It is a fabel story of a snob King who always wants whatever the best and new. He always wants a new dress when the people is even hardly making enough to eat. And whenever he has a new dress, he would proudly show it to his people in a parade. The king's tailor cheated him with an invisible cloth which they claimed can be only be worn and seen by those who fit to be in the position. Even though unable to see the √≠nvisible' clothes, the emperor puts it on for fear he will be claimed as not being fit to be in his position. Nobody can see the clothes but nobody dares to tell the emperor as not to hurt the emperor's feeling.
He proudly put it on without knowing that he had been lied and walk in a procession. A young boy came up to him and tell him that he is actually naked. The emperor's believed the boy but went on with the procession feeling uncomfortable.

Ibu's new toy got nothing to do with the story. It is just a bundle of joy that ibu had for owning the toy and at a giod price. A 3-in-1 cooking gadget cost ibu less than RM200! Alhamdulillah. It can make waffle (favourite), sandwich and it has grilling function. Enough to grill the burger or sandwich. Ibu has been eyeing for this toy for quite some time after the old one is malfunction beyond repair. Alhamdulillah ibu got it today.

That's all. Just to share my excitement with readers. 

By the way, the morale of the above story is about being snobbish of the king and the hypocrisy of the minister and the people. And how sad, such attitude can still be found in many people around us today. Let us all say dua' so that we are protected from the 'mazmumah'(bad) character and becomee mukminin mutaqqin. Ameen. 


Sunday, January 3, 2016

The wonderful 10 days : Its empty again


This is my first entry for the year 2016. New year to me is just another new day with challenges ahead. New year would mean new cycle of episode for the children. The 10 days 'Happy Together' ended today. Kids left their nest for their jihad fi sabilillah.. to seek knowledfe and virtue ... May Allah bless them always. My doa is always for you.

Hakim, the 3rd was sent on the 1st of January. The 10 days holiday felt too short.
Sabrina, the 2nd, went back today. A new episode. A senior now at school. The three weeks off was too brief even though they felt as thouhg they are going to be 'mereput' (or 'rotting', a new term used by the youngsters to represent not doing anything).
Atikah, the first was the last to leave the nest. Her first term break landed her a 'vacation' in the medical center ward for two nights for food poisoning and a confirmed gastritis symptom. As she was still feeling very weak, we opted to send her off to Tapah late afternoon. Go dear... work your way to success. Insha Allah.

There goes my three jewels... mothers are always mothers... silently missing the kids inmediately when entering the empty house. No more laughter. No more jokes to fill the house. They are far yet so near in the heart.

Each time this feeling came, Mak's face will come flashing. How much she must have missed the children but we are too busy for her. Mak ... my doa is always for you too... and also for Bapak. Because... with Allah's will... both of you are the reason for why I am who I am now. Allahu akbar.

May Allah bless us all. And give us strength and patience to withold this emptiness.

Allahu a'lam.