Friday, April 30, 2010

Berkongsi ilmu

I must write this down before I forget. Where should I write this? Well, the blog is a good place, it's not only for me but also for anybody who reads it. May those who read this will benefit from it.

I was getting ready to the office when I turned on the TV. It was Ustaz Zahazan on the TV together with Mr Fetri Yahya for the MHI Friday slot. They were discussing about the husband-wife realtionship and family ties. It was a very good topic indeed as it involves us all, you and me.

I am not able to tell all, but there are few things that triggered me:

1. A wife is complaining about her husband. She claims that it is almost like she is the one who supports the family alone.

Ustaz's answered: Ada riwayat yang mengatakan, seorang isteri yang memenuhi kelemahan suami, diakhirat kelak dia akan berlumba-lumba untuk masuk ke syurga bersama Rasulallah. Subhanallah.

The support may not only be financial but also in educating the children. But, the husbands should never let the wife run it alone. The weaknesses must be something that cannot be changed. For example, if financial support due to the husband has less income compared to the wife, etc.

2. A father asked, how can he find a good husband for his daughter.

Ustaz's answered: Apa yang kita buat itulah yang kita dapat. Dalam ayat al-Quran juga ada mengatakan bahawa perempuan yang baik adalah untuk lelaki yang baik. Oleh itu, didiklah anak kita menjadi anak yang baik, soleh dan solehah. Sentiasalah tanamkan dalam jiwa anak-anak agar mencintai Allah dan Rasul. Selalulah mengajak anak-anak berbuat kebajikan. InsyaAllah, seterusnya Allah akan menunaikan janji Allah.

In English, there's a proverb: What goes around, comes around. This is very true. Islam is beautiful, only we do not realize and fail to realize all the beautiful in Islam. Or perhaps we realize it but not as a whole. wallahua'lam.

3. A wife was depressed because after 4 years of marriage, they were still without any child. She has asked the permission of the husband to adopt a child but the husband refuses. She was asking the best way to make her husband understand her situation.

Ustaz's answered: i) untuk mendapatkan anak, ramai alim ulamak termasuk Hassan al-Basri bila ditanyakan hal ini akan menganjurkan agar memperbanyakkan beristighfar kepada Allah. Menurut ustaz, anak itu adalah rezeki dan telah Allah janjikan rezeki bersama setiap zuriat itu. Oleh itu, menurut ustaz, perbanyakkan istighfar, perbanyakkan bersedekah (tanpa menunjuk-nunjuk) terutamanya di hari Jumaat. Dan senjata paling utama adalh berdoa dan bertahajjud.

ii) untuk memahamkan suami, menurut ustaz, perlu dicari orang tengah yang terdiri dari seseorang yang amat dihormati oleh suami seperti kawan baik, ustaz, imam atau mungkin ibunya (this is my suggestion). Biarkan mereka yang bercakap bagi pihak isteri.

These are some few things that I gathered this morning.

Ilmu yang sedikit jika diamalkan menjadi bekalan berpanjangan.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cameron Highlands Late 2009

This is an almost expired entry. I'm putting it in now because this time, I'm entering the post through my netbook which has all the photos taken on many occassions. Earlier, my entry was keyed-in from the office (normally lunch time or after working hours tau!). No photos there.

It was during one long weekend that abah suddenly felt like having a family outing to Cameron Highland. We've been to Cameron Highland four times in the last 2 years. We just came back from Penang (for the company's family day) and Port Dickson (- at our favorite spot - the Avillion) but we still tagged along (we like to go there, anyway). It's a triple joy for the kids (apa taknya, tiap-tiap minggu jalan ).

Only Ri did not managed to come along. All four families agreed to go. Our family from Shah Alam, Fifah from Bukit Jalil, two more cars (Cali's and Nan's) from Sungai Petani. Reservation has been made at an apartment (forgot the name) by Farah prior to the journey. It was a winding journey (biasa la kan ...) but with breathtaking view. It was drizzling and foggy along the journey up the hill.

Lovely photos isn't it? Shot by an amateur whom almost fell onto the driver as she climbs the car's roof top to snap the photos (it was me)... hmmm.

What surprises us the most is the long queue to crawl up the hill which began from Tanah Rata. For those of you who have been there, please imagine the crawl. For those who plan to go there, please avoid long weekend, as it will tires you. BTW, the rainy season worsened the situation as we had to limit the visits in Cameron Highland. On top of all the 'not so nice' scenario, we enjoyed the one night stay because we were together as a family.

Now, let's just enjoy some of the photos.

Friday, April 16, 2010

What Have I done?

Which of these is your dream cabinet? Or perhaps you already own one ... It's difficult for me to tell, all designs tempts me.

We (Hazirah and I) were talking about kitchen cabinet designs, cooking etc. when suddenly Hazirah said, "Nanti Atikah nak buat dapur yang besar dan cantik kat rumah Atikah, nanti boleh la ibu masak kat situ. Ibu mesti suka". FYI, Hazirah and Atikah is the same person as her full name is Nur Hazirah Atikah.

My reply, "Eh! Apa pulak. Atikah la masak untuk ibu!".

"Tapi bila tok mai, tok yang selalu masak untuk ibu. nanti bila ibu datang rumah Atikah, ibu la masak untuk Atikah pulak", was her reply.

Kuang! Kuang! Kuang...! [the sound effect] Then I realized ...O Oh...... I've set a bad example. I must quickly redo the situation.

But ..... i LOVE my mother's cooking!!!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Jom Baca Quran!

Hmmm ..... siapa yang baca Quran semalam? Tanyak Ustaz Ravi. Dbuk!!! ....... Terduduk dengan pertanyaan itu, kebetulan semalam aku tidak berkesempatan mengulit Kitab Allah itu.

"Tiga perkara yang paling mudah dilakukan dan akan dapat pahala .....ialah melihat ayat al-Quran, melihat Kaabah dan melihat wajah ibu", terang Ustaz Ravi lagi. Very simple. Full stop.

Nak tengok kaabah daily, not in our capability ...... nak tengok wajah ibu setiap hari .... also not possible ... what other choice that is easiest to implement? ............ TENGOK AYAT ALLAH!! even though it sound so simple, but we normally neglect it. Allah al-Karim, He wants to reward us in so many ways, easiest way possible, but we still deny it. Is it wrong if you are called 'snobbish'? Answer it yourself.

When someone give us a thing (anything), we would take it, and we would say, "tak nak kecikkan hati pemberi". But now, when Allah wanted to give us something (the reward), we rejected. it What are we now????? Don't you worry that you might have became 'rude' towards Allah.

So, I am telling myself, especially, to make it a habit to read al-Quran daily even how busy we are.


Thursday, April 8, 2010


Cinta .... Love - is the English translation while Mahabbah - is the Arabic translation. Don't worry, I'm not going to start a language class here, but, that's just for the introduction.

For love, people are willing to do anything. For love, people are willing to sacrifice. Levels of sacrifices depends on the level of your love. But again, the sacrifices have to be something that is lawful not sinful, and tolerable. Agree with me? You must be!!! But there are times when you do something not out love but because YOU HAVE TO. When you do it because 'you have to', you'll not find the sweetness in it but instead, you're dragging your physical and soul into fulfilling it. Simple analogy, do you like your occupation now? If you do, you'll wake up in the morning eager to go to the office, planning your day. If you hate it, you'll drag yourself into the washroom, get ready to the office lazily, and will not be bothered even if you're late. Enough the blabbing ... my main issue here is MAHABBAH ILALLAH.

All of us when asked if they Love Allah, will automatically raise their hand. I tried this with my two younger kids. Hakim, especially, proudly said that he loves Allah, Alhamdulillah. But, ....... how are you willing to sacrifice yourself towards the creator??????? Sacrifice is not just about slaughtering animals during Eidul-Adha, sacrifice also means doing things that our loved ones wants us to do.

Based on the book 'Penenang Jiwa' that I am still reading, in the al-Quran al Karim (Al-Imran: 31-32), Ertinya:

"Katakanlah: Jika kami mengasihi Allah, ikutlah aku, nescaya Allah akan mengasihi kamu dan mengampuni dosamu. Allah Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Penyayang.
Katakanlah: Taatilah Allah dan Rasulnya. Jika kamu berpaling, maka sesungguhnya Allah tidak menyukai orang-orang kafir."

"Say: If you do love Allah, follow me. Allah will love you and forgive you your sins. For Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
Say; Obey Allah and His Apostle. But if they turn back, Allah loves not those who reject faith."

The verses clearly said that if you love Allah, follow Allah His instruction, and He will forgive Us. Also if you love Allah, you must Love RasulAllah as well.

From the book (page 35.),

Tanda mencintai Allah adalah:
1. Mengikuti perintah-perintahNya
2. Mendahulukan taat kepadaNya
3. Mencari redhaNya

Barangsiapa mengaku cinta syurga, namun tidak taat, jelas dia bohong.
Siapa mengaku cinta Nabi SAW, namun tidak menyukai ulama dan fuqara, maka pengakuannya tidak benar.
Barangsiapa mengaku takutkan neraka tetapi tidak meninggalkan maksiat, tanda dia berdusta.
Barangsiapa mengaku cintakan Allah tetapi mengeluh apabila ditimpa bala, maka pengakuannya berbohong.

Syai'r Rabiah:
Engkau derhaka
Tapi mengaku cinta kepadaNya
Inilah keanehan zamanku.

Jika benar engkau cinta
Tentulah mentaatiNya.
kerna Pencinta akan taat pada kekasihnya!

Cintakan Rasullallah, maka perbanyakkan selawat ke atasnya setiap hari.

Sounds simple isn'it. Love Allah, follow Him. Love Allah, Love Rasulallah SAW. Love Rasulallah, recite the selawat as often as you can.

Semoga ilmu yang sedikit menjadi amalan yang berpanjangan ....Amin.

Monday, April 5, 2010

I Will Miss YOU!

Ahhh .... I will miss you .... Missing you already .... Till we meet again ..... Could not wait to be together again. All are synonym phrases that were normally uttered by two persons who are in love. So, do I use the phrase correctly? I think I do. To me, MISS here does not necessarily be a PERSON, it could also be a THING. You heard people saying that they missed their hometown, they missed their mother's cooking, they missed their favourite 'pillow', ehem .... So, I guess it's not wrong for me to use the phrase 'I Miss You' to my own sweet house .....

Yes, I will Miss the house, Already Missing it and Hope to be Reunited with it again. Where has my house gone???????? Well, it still stood steadily there, it's just us (the family) has moved out of it temporarily. The house is in some renovation ... opppsss .... extension. No major structures affected, only extending the kitchen, dining and the rooms a little bit. Even if it is only a little bit, but we still need to move out as our dear Sabrina cannot stand the dust - she's asmathic, remember? So, that's the reason why I missed my house so much. Missed our own beds, and most of all, I missed my 'office' - the kitchen. Well, I guess my other blog, My Recipies Collection, will be at rest for a while until I get back into my new kitchen and start doing real cooking - yeah, real cooking as for the moment I was only doing simple cooking, at times, or no cooking at all on certain days.

Temporarily, I am staying at my sister's vacation house (Thanks a lot kak Yan), which is not very far from my house. But our life schedule need to be adjusted. I had to sent and fetch Atikah to and from school everyday (which disturbs my normal routine that work non-stop during office hours), and also I need to fork out another RM200/month for Sabrina's and Hakim's transit.

Anyway, as the Malay proverb says,

"Berakit-rakit ke hulu,
Berenang-renang ketepian,
Bersakit-sakit dahulu,
Bersenang-senang kemudian."

Be patient, soon we will be reunited again. May Allah Bless Us with all our decisions and doings. Everything that we do, We do it only for HIM and because of HIM, and with HIS grant.