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Cinta .... Love - is the English translation while Mahabbah - is the Arabic translation. Don't worry, I'm not going to start a language class here, but, that's just for the introduction.

For love, people are willing to do anything. For love, people are willing to sacrifice. Levels of sacrifices depends on the level of your love. But again, the sacrifices have to be something that is lawful not sinful, and tolerable. Agree with me? You must be!!! But there are times when you do something not out love but because YOU HAVE TO. When you do it because 'you have to', you'll not find the sweetness in it but instead, you're dragging your physical and soul into fulfilling it. Simple analogy, do you like your occupation now? If you do, you'll wake up in the morning eager to go to the office, planning your day. If you hate it, you'll drag yourself into the washroom, get ready to the office lazily, and will not be bothered even if you're late. Enough the blabbing ... my main issue here is MAHABBAH ILALLAH.

All of us when asked if they Love Allah, will automatically raise their hand. I tried this with my two younger kids. Hakim, especially, proudly said that he loves Allah, Alhamdulillah. But, ....... how are you willing to sacrifice yourself towards the creator??????? Sacrifice is not just about slaughtering animals during Eidul-Adha, sacrifice also means doing things that our loved ones wants us to do.

Based on the book 'Penenang Jiwa' that I am still reading, in the al-Quran al Karim (Al-Imran: 31-32), Ertinya:

"Katakanlah: Jika kami mengasihi Allah, ikutlah aku, nescaya Allah akan mengasihi kamu dan mengampuni dosamu. Allah Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Penyayang.
Katakanlah: Taatilah Allah dan Rasulnya. Jika kamu berpaling, maka sesungguhnya Allah tidak menyukai orang-orang kafir."

"Say: If you do love Allah, follow me. Allah will love you and forgive you your sins. For Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
Say; Obey Allah and His Apostle. But if they turn back, Allah loves not those who reject faith."

The verses clearly said that if you love Allah, follow Allah His instruction, and He will forgive Us. Also if you love Allah, you must Love RasulAllah as well.

From the book (page 35.),

Tanda mencintai Allah adalah:
1. Mengikuti perintah-perintahNya
2. Mendahulukan taat kepadaNya
3. Mencari redhaNya

Barangsiapa mengaku cinta syurga, namun tidak taat, jelas dia bohong.
Siapa mengaku cinta Nabi SAW, namun tidak menyukai ulama dan fuqara, maka pengakuannya tidak benar.
Barangsiapa mengaku takutkan neraka tetapi tidak meninggalkan maksiat, tanda dia berdusta.
Barangsiapa mengaku cintakan Allah tetapi mengeluh apabila ditimpa bala, maka pengakuannya berbohong.

Syai'r Rabiah:
Engkau derhaka
Tapi mengaku cinta kepadaNya
Inilah keanehan zamanku.

Jika benar engkau cinta
Tentulah mentaatiNya.
kerna Pencinta akan taat pada kekasihnya!

Cintakan Rasullallah, maka perbanyakkan selawat ke atasnya setiap hari.

Sounds simple isn'it. Love Allah, follow Him. Love Allah, Love Rasulallah SAW. Love Rasulallah, recite the selawat as often as you can.

Semoga ilmu yang sedikit menjadi amalan yang berpanjangan ....Amin.

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