Monday, February 2, 2015

Doa ketika ternampak orang sakit dan mohon terhindar darinya.


Ahad malam Isnin. Malam yang sedih sayu. Biasanya hari Ahad, adalah hari ziarah anak-anak atau hari menghantar anak-anak balik ke asrama. Upon doing that, when entering the home, I can feel the emptiness. The quiet house, no greetings, no laughters. And due to that, I will make my way to the surau, to gather bits of pearl of knowledge. "O Allah, forgive me if the reason for my being in Your masjid is wrong Forgive me, Ya Allah. But truthfully, its too quiet at home, and to me, being in the masjid is more meaningful rather than locked in the empty house alone. Forgive me Ya Allah."

And tonight, it was Ustaz Firdaus. Sharing on Feqah. And one thing that I really think fruitful to share is this piece of doa. 

‘Alhamdulillah hillazi aafani mim mabtalaka bihi wa fadhalaani ala kaseerim mimman khalaqa tafdheela.”
The Prophet said: “If somebody recites this dua while he saw someone else in some fatigue or tensions, he would not be involved in that fatigue or tension.”
[Tirmizi, Ibn-e-Maaja & Tibraani]

Subhanallah. The Prohpet Muhamaad SAW has lead us a beautiful way of life. Govern us with dua for every doings. Its up to us whether to live in sunnah - ittiba'urrasul, or not. O Allah forgive me for all the sins that I have done. Intentionally or unintentional. Knowing or not knowing. Also for all the negligence that is caused by lack of knowledge.

 Let's live in sunnah, for if we love the Rasul SAW, surely we want to to what he did. Insha Allah.

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