Saturday, December 17, 2011

Antara Anyer dan Jakarta

"Antara Anyer dan Jakarta" was a title of a song sang by Sheila Majid back in 80s. I tried to find the meaning of "Anyer" using the Google translate but to no avail. What about the song? Nothing. It's just because I just came back from Jakarta for a conference trip cum SHOPPING trip. I was accompanied by Suzana Ahmad and Norizan.

Day 1:
Our journey began on 12th December. At approximately 5am, the driver reached my house. Izan is already there, in a short while Suzana arrived. We headed to KLIA. The check-in was a winding queue. After checking-in it leaves us with barely enough time for fajr prayer.

At 9am, the tree stooges sat foot on the Indonesia land. We make a quick visit to the money changer and proceed for a cab. We have planned for the trip carefully and agreed to travel light as we will not be checking-in to the hotel upon arrival as the checking in time is only at 3pm. Instead, we headed towards our first destination, TANAH ABANG. It is really a shopping heaven. Shop till drop!!! From a light traveller to a HEAVY shopper, we were there until 5.30pm, thats the closing time.

TANAH ABANG is really a textile shopping heaven. You can get a product at a very reasonable price. The same material will cost three times in Malaysia. The food court was clean. We can easily get halal food there. One thing that I really salute the traders in Tanah Abang was on their solat time. Many of the traders perform their solat immediately after the azan calls for it. They perform their solat in the small trading cubicle that they have or at any available place in the shopping complex. I saw them performing solat near the escalator, the telephone booth etc. Alhamdulillah. May Allah blessed them with healthy income and earnings. From the Tanah Abang we took the BAJAI (image on the right) to the hotel. Just imagine the three of us with our bought goods crammed in the bajai and it was raining..... It cost us Rp30,000.00 from Tanah Abang to the Millenium Hotel Sirih, Jakarta.

Day 2

After a good night rest, we planned for another trip to Tanah Abang as there are few other things that we wanted to get from there. But a short trip this time, we then hurriedly move to MONAS the National Monument to get some souvenirs and later to Mangga 2 shopping area, a place that many advice us to go. Mangga 2 dissapointed us as the goods sold over there are almost like the things we can easily get in Malaysia. Even the imitation handbags cost are almost like the cost in Malaysia. An experience we could not forget on the second day was the experience on bajai for our trip back to hotel from Mangga 2. This time the driver took us through the many squatters around Jakarta. We felt grateful for what ALLAH has bestowed us as compared to their life. However, they are very hardworking people. Always find things to do for a living.

Day 3
Nothing excite us on day 3. Suzana was already down with fever. We were running short of cash. Ever penny spent is calculated over and over, sparing just enough for the airport tax and the cab fee. Thanks to Izan's two male friends whom were there also for the conference, they helped carry our luggage, get a cab and willing to join in a group check-in, just in case our luggage is over 20Kg!!!.

As we were waiting for boarding, an announcement was heard announcing that the MH724 is 40 minutes delayed. Everybody was sighing, longing to be home with the loved ones. Alhamdulillah we safely touched down at approximately 12 midnight and reached home one hour later.

What about the conference??? Well,, it is just an ordinary conference that everybody used to go, what's there to tell???? .......


  1. anyer is a town in West Java.

  2. Thank you for the information. I simply took the title based on a famous song some time ago.