Tuesday, December 25, 2012

An-Nisa': 134

Assalamualaikum dear readers,

Just to share this piece of verse that I come across today:

Maksudnya: 'Sesiapa yang mahukan pahala (balasan) dunia sahaja (maka rugilah ia), kerana di sisi Allah disediakan pahala (balasan) dunia dan akhirat. Dan (ingatlah) Allah sentiasa mendengar, lagi sentiasa melihat.'

This short verse from surah an-Nisa' has a very important message for those who only seek happiness for the short life on the world. Those who are full of greed to only fulfill the life desire and forgot to seek reward for the hereafter. To seek reward for the hereafter would men to do what Allah has required us to do and to leave behind those things that Allah has forbid us to do. 

How do we know what we must do and what we cannot do? Allah has provided us with a 'life compass' that is the QURAN and SUNNAH Rasul. Allah has promised that those who obey what is inside alQuran and Sunnah will always be the successful servant of Allah in life and hereafter.

This is a good remembrance. 
How many of us build beautiful houses on the earth but forgotten the house in the hereafter. 
How many of us spend lavishly on things they desire and forgot that in every cents of their money belongs to someone else - the needy - through zakat and sadaqah.
How many of us sleep soundly at night in their comfortable homes but neglect the duty for their muslim relatives who are striving to live peaceful in the holy land of Baitul Maqdis and devote their soul to protect Masjidil Aqsa!!! We ignore this fact!!!!

As a reminder for myself and others, let's do some small deed that we can afford. Only to become the faithful servant of Allah and the loyal follower of Rasulallah SAW.


Friday, December 21, 2012

Trengganu - 2 Days 1 Night

Salam all,

I think I have some time to mark my holidays 2012 in this blog. We began the school holiday by going to Trengganu (actually to pick-up Kakak after her SPM). We brought Mak Tok (my mother-in-law) together this time. This is going her first outing after Abah left a year ago. It calls for consistent persuasion to get her to come and Atikah's last day at her school made Mak Tok willing to come. We start off early as Atikah will finish her exam at 1030am and we planned to travel upnorth to Kuala Trengganu and stay overnight there.

 Our first pit stop after picking Atikah from school is to stop for lunch somewhere near Marang. It's a picnic by the sea and the roadside. The place was designed for travelers and locals to enjoy the South China Sea. Few gazebos were built along the roadside gives a comfortable place to rest. Thank you Makcik Yan (my sister) for the pack lunch. It saves us our money and most importantly is the simple yet delicious home cooked meal. I always have problem eating out. Then we head to the famous Pasar Payang for 'shop till you drop' event. Unfortunately, things does not happen as we planned when Hakim's eye suddenly went itchy which indicated allergy to some unknown substance. Due to that, we hurriedly move to a nearest clinic to prevent it from getting worst. There goes ibu's shopping spree .huhuhu... Alhamdulillah, it saves my money.

That night we went to Sue's house. Sue is my long lost friend. We were together when studied in UKM. She is now a successful businesswoman doing catering business in Kuala Trengganu. We had dinner there. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Sue, I doubt we will be meeting again in the near future. But I really hope that the relationship remains.

After a hearty breakfast at the hotel we decided for a city tour. We first went to the famous Taman Tamaddun Islam which housed many replicas of masjid from all over the world. This is our second visit to TTI, there's nothing new to see but the first for Mak Tok.

The most exciting experience that we had there was the ride to move around the park. It's not bi-cycle or tri-cycle, it's the 6-cycle. All six are suppose to cycle. Off course only 5 cycled. It will be to stressful for Mak Tok's knee to cycle. We really enjoy that ride.  After a short city tour we headed back to Dungun for lunch at Makcik Yan's and later to Uncle Ijan and Aunty Sarah's villa by the river.

The photos tell all. A kampung style villa with a modern interior.

A scenic view. Breathtaking moment for one to relax after a stressful day at work.

As ayah was too tired to drive home that night, we make a transit at Kuantan.

Hope that Mak Tok enjoy the whole journey.


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Einstein said ....

Salam all,

A colleague forward an email to our group mail, a saying from the late Albert Einstein as follows:

And together with the email are these photos in attachment:

pic29213.jpg  pic02625.jpg pic07627.jpg

The people in the photos obviously not Malaysian, BUT ..... it IS hapenning in Malaysia now. And perhaps happening in our own home. Where does the family chatting during meals gone? Where has friendly gestures go? Technology are meant to assist us, but now it seems that technology has created robots in our home. I found some truth in what Einstein had visioned. Wallahua'lam.

Let's think!!!


Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Assalamualaikum all.

I am sitting in class. Monitoring students sitting for their 2nd test. Semester is coming to the end. The cycle is completing its loop.

Registration - class begins - test 1 - semester break - class resumes - test 2 - study leave - exam - marking - results is out - admin chores - registration. Year in, year out, this is the 'over and over again' life routine that I would have to go through till I reach my retirement day or till my last breath (which ever comes first). Is being a lecturer a boring task? My answer is NO.

It may sound so routine, Yes, the schedule is routine but the life experience is very different and exciting. In my years of experience interacting with students, I learn quite a great deal myself. I learn about people, I learn about 'hablul minnan nas' (human interaction and communication). There are various types of students. In general, I would just like to categorize them into two groups. The first group are thevery humble, respectful and obedient students. While the second group are the snobbish, disrespect and carefree students. Between the two groups, the first group normally performs better academically. Perhaps that must be the power of respects to teachers/ lecturers/ murabbi that have granted them with a good result.

I remembered a story about Imam Shafie RA. He would not sleep with his feet pointed to the direction of his murabbi's house as a show of respect even though the house is miles away. How successful we are in educating the Y and Z generation? The responsibility lies on each one of us as they are the future leaders of the world.


Friday, December 14, 2012

Solat Jenazah

Assalamualaikum dear readers,

This morning I had the opportunity to pay a last visit/ tribute to the Allahyarhamah Makcik Puteh who passed away last night approximately at 7.30pm. Makcik Uteh (as we called her) was a very senior citizen who lives with her son in our vicinity (qariah). She was a regular to the surau during her life. She can be seen walking slowly to the surau accompanied by the patience grandson. She will quietly sit on her chair where she perform her solat. During Ramadhan, there is almost like a permanent place for her for solat tarawikh. Despite her weak condition she consistently tries to be at the surau for solat jamaah. She will leave early for Maghrib as movement for her is such a difficult task. However, off-late, she was no longer seen around. The hospital has became her second home until last night when she was called for a transit at ALAM BARZAKH.

Alhamdulillah there was quite a number of people performing the solat, to pray and dua' for her. If only people knows of the goodness thtat Allah has promised for those who perform solat janazah, I am sure the surau will be pack with people. Anyway, this ritual is not Wajib (Compulsory), it is Fardhu Kifayah as an obligation to the Allahyarham/ Allahyarhamah.

Performing the solat is so easy. It has no ruku' or sujud. It is a solat with 4 salams. Due to its easiness, it can be performed in small area (if need to) and jamaah are required to stand close together. Preferably making it into 3 rows (safs).

Here is a simple instruction on how to perform this solat which I extracted from other blogs with the help from Mr Google. Hope this will benefit us all.

1. Niat dalam hati sambil melafazkan takbir (اَ للهُ اَكْبَرُ) seperti berikut:
Sahaja aku solat jenazah terhadap mayat ini, 4 takbir, fardhu kifayah kerana Allah Ta’ala.
Kemudian baca surah Al-Fatihah.
2. Setelah takbir kedua, baca selawat ke atas Nabi.
Allahumma salli ala Muhammad wa ala ali Muhammad.
3. Setelah takbir ketiga, baca doa berikut.
Allahummargh firlahu warhamhu (untuk mayat lelaki)
Allahummargh firlaha warhamha (untuk mayat perempuan)
Untuk mayat kanak-kanak yang belum baligh, tidak dibacakan doa ini kerana mereka masih tidak dikira dosa pahala oleh malaikat.
4. Setelah takbir keempat, beri salam ke kiri dan ke kanan.


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Once in A Year time

Assalamualaikum all,

Hari ni rasa macam nak update berita tak penting. But its important for me. Not that important but significant. Hopefully I will not bore dear readers. This afternoon, as I drove back from visiting my student doing her internship, I looked at the fuel meter of the car. The reading measured that the fuel could only drive me for another 67KM. What a big deal, my office is just nearby.

However, without hesitation, I stopped just before a petrol station. Why? I checked at the fuel knob. Where is it? I searched for it. Oh! Its there. And I drove into the petrol station stopped at a pump. And re-fuel the car. Guess what??? This is my FIRST TIME refuelling this car after driving it for OVER A YEAR. In normal circumstances, I will get Mr Hubby to do it for me.

Well, that's my story for today. THE END.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Good Bye School

Assalamualaikum dear readers,

Today 6th December. And Atikah is currently fighting her last battle in SPM. Sitting for Lukisan Kejuruteraan. Last day of SPM for the year 2012. May Allah blessed her. Ibu wish you best of luck. You have one more hour to complete your quest. After 1030am today, it will be a BYE BYE SCHOOL. You are no longer a school girl. You are no longer bounded by schools rules and regulation. Hopefully your 11 years in school have taught you to become a better muslim.

You will be entering the next phase in your life. College girl. The days ahead are full of challenges. There will not be teachers or warden to monitor your doings. You are on your own. But IBU will be beside you forever. Good luck dear. May iman will be your guiding companion. For only with iman you will be guided to the righteous path. Not even your 10As in SPM will lead you to jannah for without iman one might be astray. InsyaAllah, ibu belief in you. Ibu have trust in you. However there are a lot more to learn. Learn more on how to increase your iman, this is a never ending quest. Remember this my dear.

Ya Allah moga Kau tetapkan hati anakku dalam mengingatiMu. Berkatilah kehidupannya dan lindungilah dia dari tipu daya syaitan. Ameen.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Perjalanan Terakhir Seorang HambaNya

Assalamualaikum all,

As I was passing by the surau on my way to send the kids off to Masjid Negeri for their school holiday program, Daurah Islamiah, we stopped to see my husband and other members of the qariah carrying Ridhwan's coffin from the van into the surau. Allahyarham is being brought to the surau for members of the qariah to perform the last ritual on him. To bathe him, kafan and later wish him farewell with dua', solat.

It was a sad moment. Every time I see this, it reminds me of the same experience that I had when Bapak was carried on his final journey. I taught the kids the dua' that we recite for the Allahyarhams.


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pergi tak Kembali

Assalamualaikum dear readers,

I got this text message from my husband this afternoon. It reads ...

Salam. Ridhwan Mandalam meninggal dunia di hospital HUKM 3.30pm tadi. Akan kebumi esok pagi di Shah Alam.

He was our neighbour. I can clearly see his house from mine. He was 40 years old, down with a nerve problem right after he came back from pilgrimage 2 years ago. During that time, doctors gave him only 3 months to live but he had survived for another 2 years after first diagnosed. And today, he passed away leaving a loving wife and 3 children while one of his son had long waited for him in jannah. The son died of heart problem when he was still a baby. This is a test from Allah to the family, to the wife especially. Allah will not put the wife to test for no reason. For Allah loves her and wanted to place her in a higher level of iman, InsyaAllah.

He had endured a great pain for the last two years. He was a regular at the surau when he was healthy. May all his good deeds be rewarded, and any wrongdoings is forgiven. Ameen.

Alfatihah to Ridhwan.

P/S. Off late in my years living in this world, I heard of so many death and departures. Witnessed some. Allah has given me enough signs for me to reflect upon my ownself. Have I prepared enough when my time comes?