Friday, December 21, 2012

Trengganu - 2 Days 1 Night

Salam all,

I think I have some time to mark my holidays 2012 in this blog. We began the school holiday by going to Trengganu (actually to pick-up Kakak after her SPM). We brought Mak Tok (my mother-in-law) together this time. This is going her first outing after Abah left a year ago. It calls for consistent persuasion to get her to come and Atikah's last day at her school made Mak Tok willing to come. We start off early as Atikah will finish her exam at 1030am and we planned to travel upnorth to Kuala Trengganu and stay overnight there.

 Our first pit stop after picking Atikah from school is to stop for lunch somewhere near Marang. It's a picnic by the sea and the roadside. The place was designed for travelers and locals to enjoy the South China Sea. Few gazebos were built along the roadside gives a comfortable place to rest. Thank you Makcik Yan (my sister) for the pack lunch. It saves us our money and most importantly is the simple yet delicious home cooked meal. I always have problem eating out. Then we head to the famous Pasar Payang for 'shop till you drop' event. Unfortunately, things does not happen as we planned when Hakim's eye suddenly went itchy which indicated allergy to some unknown substance. Due to that, we hurriedly move to a nearest clinic to prevent it from getting worst. There goes ibu's shopping spree .huhuhu... Alhamdulillah, it saves my money.

That night we went to Sue's house. Sue is my long lost friend. We were together when studied in UKM. She is now a successful businesswoman doing catering business in Kuala Trengganu. We had dinner there. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Sue, I doubt we will be meeting again in the near future. But I really hope that the relationship remains.

After a hearty breakfast at the hotel we decided for a city tour. We first went to the famous Taman Tamaddun Islam which housed many replicas of masjid from all over the world. This is our second visit to TTI, there's nothing new to see but the first for Mak Tok.

The most exciting experience that we had there was the ride to move around the park. It's not bi-cycle or tri-cycle, it's the 6-cycle. All six are suppose to cycle. Off course only 5 cycled. It will be to stressful for Mak Tok's knee to cycle. We really enjoy that ride.  After a short city tour we headed back to Dungun for lunch at Makcik Yan's and later to Uncle Ijan and Aunty Sarah's villa by the river.

The photos tell all. A kampung style villa with a modern interior.

A scenic view. Breathtaking moment for one to relax after a stressful day at work.

As ayah was too tired to drive home that night, we make a transit at Kuantan.

Hope that Mak Tok enjoy the whole journey.


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