Thursday, December 13, 2012

Once in A Year time

Assalamualaikum all,

Hari ni rasa macam nak update berita tak penting. But its important for me. Not that important but significant. Hopefully I will not bore dear readers. This afternoon, as I drove back from visiting my student doing her internship, I looked at the fuel meter of the car. The reading measured that the fuel could only drive me for another 67KM. What a big deal, my office is just nearby.

However, without hesitation, I stopped just before a petrol station. Why? I checked at the fuel knob. Where is it? I searched for it. Oh! Its there. And I drove into the petrol station stopped at a pump. And re-fuel the car. Guess what??? This is my FIRST TIME refuelling this car after driving it for OVER A YEAR. In normal circumstances, I will get Mr Hubby to do it for me.

Well, that's my story for today. THE END.



  1. tuu dier.. dasat tul.... sekali setahun jer... hihihi.. beh nyer...kalu kiter... sendiri2 ajer ler...jihiui

  2. Salam Kuazue. itu jelah caranya nak bermanja. hihi ...