Sunday, October 27, 2013

Salute and appreciation


This entry is my dedication to my two lovely princesses. Without their assistance and Allah's blessing  I will not be able to be a good host for my husband's usrah at our house on a weekday night. Alhamdulillah.

When Mr Husband asked whether I am willing to become the host for the usrah, I replied 'yes' without hesitation. Usrah is where a group of people connected to each other for their interest in improving their ownself spiritually, emotionally and insha Allah will lead into a good عبدالله, the good believer. Usrah will normally began with quran recitation. Followed by some tazkirah or reminders so that we will not go astray. Usrah can be considered as 'knowledge gathering' event or the 'راوضه', the garden of paradise. Whoever is in the occassion are considered to be in the garden of paradise, and are being blessed by Allah. That is how Allah reward those who arw interested to seek for knowledge. Therefore, to host an usrah is something that I would not want to miss. First, to host a very good event. Second, to have guest in the house.
But, during weekday, after a tiring office day, to host an event of 20 people will need a commitment. الحمدلله my two girls were around to lend their hands.

When the event adjourned at about 1140pm, we quickly do the cleaning and tidying up. Everybody knows their role. And by almost 1230am we were already in our dreams. Preparing our mind and body for the next day working life.

Thank you girls. I am blessed to have you. May both of you grew to become an obedient worshippers of Allah and the follower of Muhammad Rasulallah. .انشاآلله    الحمدلله.

والله اعلم. والسلام.
The house is ready for visitors.
Some simple delicacies served for the event.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

عباده قوربان

  عباده قوربان
استاذ جوهاری عبد الواهب

تکبیر عیدل اضحا: - دلاکوکن سلفس صبح فد هاری عرافه سهیعکا عصر 13 ذولحجه.

حدث بخاری: قربان ادلهواجب باکی کتوا کلوارک یع برکممفوان. نبی برسبد کتیکا سوده صلاه عیدیل اضحا: سسیاف یع ایعین مندعر قوربان بولهله تیعکل سسیاف یع ایعین فولع دبنرکن. تتافی سسیاف یع برکممفوان تتافی تیدق برقربان باعون دان جاعن دودوق برسام اکو. - برداسرکن حدث ترسبوت ماک دواجبکن برقوربان باکی یع برکممفوان.

داری اناس ابن مالک: -راسول الله صلی علیه والسلم ممیلیه سندیری بناتع قوربان ترسبوت. نبی ممیلیه اونتوق مپمبلیه کمبیع دان این ادله یع فالیع افضال.

- چیری کمبیع یع بایق:
1. برتندوق
2. بروارنا فوتیه
3. کموق

-دلارع بناتع سفرتی بریکوت:
1. بوتا ولوفون سبله مات
2. کوروس سهیعکا نمفق تولعپ
3. خلس ساکیت

چار منومبعکن لمبو جوکا داجرکن نبی. داری اناس ابن مالک: نبی محمد صلی علیه والسلم منومبعکن کمبیع دعن فاهاپ، مپبوت "بسم الله الله اکبر" لالو مپمبلیه بناتع ترسبوت. دباچکن اوله اورع یع مپمبلیه ترسبوت

فسان نبی کفد علی ابن طالب چار فمباهکیان داکیع قوربان. منونجوقکن کفنتیعن کاءده ممباهاکیکن داکیع قوربان. داکیع قوربان تیدق بوله دجوال. چار فمبهاکیان ادله سفرتی بریکوت: 1. اونتوق یع برقوربان )1/3(
2. اونتوق جیران تتاعکا )1/3(
3. اونتوق فاکیر میسکن )1/3(

اب ایوب الآنصاری: ستیف کتوا کلوارکا اکن برقوربان اونتوق اهلی کلوارکا دعن ساتو بهاکیان قوربان. دسفاکاتی اوله امم ابو شوکانی.

حکم ممبلا انجیع: -جیک ممبلا تنفا سبب ماک ستتیاف هاری اکن برکورع فهالپ سباپق ساتو قرآت. ساتو قرآت ادله برساماءن دعن ساتو بوکیت اوحد.

والله اعلم.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Wordless Labbaikallah IV



Last Tuesday was a quiet night. Sabrina went for camping. I went back late from office to complete some office matters. Cooking after a long exhaustive day would sound impossible. Therefore we opted for eating out. And the place is Gangnam Station in Seksyen 13 Shah Alam. Followed by Coffee Planet in the same neighboirhood. 

It was an interesting dinner. There are moments that we just need to be alone together - husband n wife. However, the kids is still the topic for discussion.

"Sabrina can eat this", "Atikah will know how to eat this", "Not sure whether Hakim will like this", "We must bring the kids next time". -those are among our topic for discussion. children are always at heart. Hope that we are always in their heart as Well.

After dinner, we stopped by at the nearby coffee shop. I had always wanted to try the freshly ground coffee. Alhamdullilah. It was magnificent. The taste was great. Thank you Allah. For this beautiful moment. For the rizq that you have given us. For the rahmat that you have bestowed upon us.



Saturday, October 5, 2013

Wordless Labbaikallah III

Wordless Labbaikallah II

Wordless Labbaikallah I


Assalamu alaykum.

29 Zulkaedah. It is today. 
1 Zulhijjah is tomorrow.

Labbaikallahumma Labbaik.
Subhanallah. I missed Baitullah. I missed Masjidil Haram. I missed Masjidil Nabawi. I missed Haramain. I missed performing solat in this peaceful place. A place where we feel so close to Allah. Close to Allah despite the hectic situation around us. The most beautiful place on earth. The most beautiful family retreat that we had. May Allah grant us His forgiveness and allow us to be another one of His Dhuyuful-rahman again. Insha Allah.
Captured from a program in TV AlHjirah
This is a very interesting program. It brings us to the historical places in Makkah and Madinah and its surrounding. Appreciating the history brings us closer at heart to Rasulallah SAW. And closer to Allah SWT. Not only about visiting places, the program also discusses issues regarding pilgrimage. And my concentration is of course all the places - visited and not visited before. It gives a nostalgic feelings and arouse my desire to go to Haramain again.

I, once talk to a friend about going there again, and was advised not to. He argues that there are many other people around us that could gain benefit from the money that I would spend to go to Haramain. I very much agree to that. Insha Allah, I will not forget that but at the same time I would still want to go there. The MOST peaceful place to perform ibadah. I feel its good to be there every after few years to refresh our iman. To break free from the hectic 'worldly' life we are living in now. To devote ourself to   only Allah for few full days. And for once not thinking about work and worldly life for a while. Insha Allah. But again, we must get our Niat to go there right. Only to devote ourselves to Allah not to go for shopping or alike.

Ya Allah. Moga aku dijemput menjadi tetamuMu lagi. Ameen.


Ciri2 negara islam


This is a note that I jot down while assisting my Sabrina to do her revision for her last Penilaian Sekolah Rendah Agama (PSRA). This is very interesting, Ibu (that is me) was never taught about this when I was at a very young age. Alhamdulillah, the education system that I chose for her had implanted  the basis and foundation to build a muslim generation, Insha Allah.

Semoga generasi Islam yang kita semai ini akan dapat dizahirkan melalui penghayatan dan amalan Islami yang sebenar berpandukan alQuran dan Hadis. Apakah ciri2 negara Islam yang digariskan oleh buku tersebut:
  • Berdasarkan kepada alQuran dan al hadis
  • Majlis syura sebagai asas pemerintahan
  • Melaksanakan hukum amar makruf nahi mungkar
  • Mewujudkan keamanan dan kesejahteraan
  • Ketua negara yang adil dan beriman
  • Jaminan kebebasan dan hak asasi

Sumber: Buku Sirah Tahun 6, JAIS

Now, look at the list carefully. From the list it is obvious that to be considered as an Islamic country the country need to fulfilled the criteria. And now, lets give a deep thought about the country that we love, Malaysia. Can we consider that Malaysia is an Islamic country? Have we fulfilled all the criteria. To reach to that point we need not only a practising Islamic nation but the most importantly the Islamic siasah, Islamic governance. To create an Islamic governance requires a leader with Islamic characteristics. He may not be an ulama' but an umara' that practices Islam in all aspects of his life. Islam is not about solat alone. Islam is the way of life. A systematic way of life govern by AlQuran and Hadis.

When we bake cakes, we follow the ingredients. When we do science experiment, we follow the theory sets by the earlier scientist. As simple as it is, to live in this world we need to follow certain guide and Allah has given the guidance through alQuran and alHadis. Build an Islamic individual will eventually build an Islamic nation and will later evolve into an Islamic country. Are we ready for this? We need to move towards it by developing ourself and those around us as we are answerable in front of Allah SWT on Judgement Day.