Sunday, October 27, 2013

Salute and appreciation


This entry is my dedication to my two lovely princesses. Without their assistance and Allah's blessing  I will not be able to be a good host for my husband's usrah at our house on a weekday night. Alhamdulillah.

When Mr Husband asked whether I am willing to become the host for the usrah, I replied 'yes' without hesitation. Usrah is where a group of people connected to each other for their interest in improving their ownself spiritually, emotionally and insha Allah will lead into a good عبدالله, the good believer. Usrah will normally began with quran recitation. Followed by some tazkirah or reminders so that we will not go astray. Usrah can be considered as 'knowledge gathering' event or the 'راوضه', the garden of paradise. Whoever is in the occassion are considered to be in the garden of paradise, and are being blessed by Allah. That is how Allah reward those who arw interested to seek for knowledge. Therefore, to host an usrah is something that I would not want to miss. First, to host a very good event. Second, to have guest in the house.
But, during weekday, after a tiring office day, to host an event of 20 people will need a commitment. الحمدلله my two girls were around to lend their hands.

When the event adjourned at about 1140pm, we quickly do the cleaning and tidying up. Everybody knows their role. And by almost 1230am we were already in our dreams. Preparing our mind and body for the next day working life.

Thank you girls. I am blessed to have you. May both of you grew to become an obedient worshippers of Allah and the follower of Muhammad Rasulallah. .انشاآلله    الحمدلله.

والله اعلم. والسلام.
The house is ready for visitors.
Some simple delicacies served for the event.

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