Thursday, January 17, 2013

Understand Quran

Assalamualaikum all,

This piece is a 'cut n paste' information. I got it through email from Islamic Online University and found it interesting and would like to share it with others, also to keep it for  my future reference.

Here it goes:

Top ten things you miss every day when you don’t understand the Qur’an!

There are two main things you have to do. The first is to move your heart from dwelling on the things of this world and move it to dwell on the Hereafter, then focus all your heart on the Qur’an and ponder its meanings and why it was revealed. Try to understand something from every ayah and apply it to the disease of your heart. These ayaat were revealed (to treat) the disease of the heart, so you will be healed, by the permission of Allah.
—Ibn al-Qayyim [d. 751H/1350CE] on curing one’s heart

Will you become a better person?
Today we are going to focus on how the Qur’an can make you a better person and how to bring the ayaat (verses) of the Qur’an back to YOUR life. They key is: understanding!
The importance of knowledge is one of the main messages of the Qur’an. The word ‘ilm (knowledge) is mentioned more than 700 times in 87 different forms.
In this piece you will find ten things you miss out on when you don’t understand the Qur’an. And yes, that also means you will gain ten beautiful gifts if you do understand the Qur’an!
We all know why the Qur’an is sent down to us, right? To ponder and to take lessons from it.
Pondering means to stop and think over or reflect upon something. But for many of us the Qur’an is the only book we do not actively THINK about. Do we think how every ayah can CHANGE us as a person? How every ayah can teach us a daily life lesson? Not really. Occasionally we come across ayat which shake us and move
us to action, but it never seems to last for long. We come closer and move away from the Qur’an all the time.

Here are ten things you miss out on when you don’t understand the Book of Allah ‘azza wajal:

1. The Purpose of Revelation

If you don’t understand the Qur’an and keep on reading it, the very purpose of revelation is lost. Allah subhanahu wa ta’alaa says in surah Saad [38:29] :
“A Book (the Qur’├ón) which We have sent down to you, full of blessings that they may ponder over its Verses, and that men of understanding may remember .” Note: Receiving admonition means to take lessons!
How can you extract lessons from a book you do not understand? You can’t always carry a translation, especially while listening to the Qur’an in salah, the most meaningful moments of your day. A world will open up for you if you know what you recite, subhanAllah!

2. The Garden of the Mind

The mind is like a garden. If you don’t sow flowers, weeds will grow and even if you do sow flowers, weeds will still grow. You will need to remove these weeds continuously.
Flowers are the Guidance and the weeds are satanic thoughts. Allah subhanahu wa ta’alaa sows flower seeds into our brain every time we listen to Qur’an, especially in our prayer. If we don’t water them (ponder), they will be wasted and weeds may grow.

3. The Objectives of Recitation

There are 5 objectives of reading the Qur’an:
  1. to receive rewards from Allah ‘azza wajal;
  2. to gain knowledge;
  3. to take action based on what Allah ‘azza wajal is asking us to do;
  4. to cure our heart and mind; and
  5. to talk to Allah subhanahu wa ta’alaa!
How can you achieve all of these, especially the last four, if you don’t understand the Qur’an?

4. The Cleaning of the Heart

People know that Fajr is compulsory but very few come to the Masjid. Why? Not because they don’t know, but because their hearts are rusted. We have a major misconception that the Qur’an is a book of commandments only. The ayaat that deal with commandments constitute less than 10% of the total ayaat.The rest, 90% , is for the heart and mind. The heart keeps rusting and deviating because of sins. We need de-rusting and re-alignment.

Adam ‘alayhi sallam was asked not to go near the tree. Allah ‘azza wajal says :
“but he forgot; and We did not find in him any determination.” We humans have these weaknesses. We have several fitaan (trials) surrounding us. We need continuous reminders and warnings which come to us only through daily recitation and listening to the Qur’an. Allah ‘azza wajal says about the Qur’an: “a healing for
the (diseases) in your hearts” [10:57]. Can there be a better cure than what Allah subhanahu wa ta’alaa has prescribed for you?

5. The Strengthening of the Heart

The Qur’an was revealed to the Prophet salallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam in pieces. “And those who disbelieve say: Why has not the Qur’an been revealed to him all at once? Thus, that We may strengthen your heart by it and We have arranged it well in arranging. [25:32]. The heart should be firm in belief to His promises and warnings. Continuous pondering of the Qur’an everyday during and after salah helps you strengthen your heart.

6. Daily ‘Talk’ (Munajaat) with Allah ‘azza wajal

The Prophet salallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam used to interact with the recitation. “And when he recited the Verses which referred to the Glory of Allah, he glorified Him, the Great, and when he recited the Verses that mention supplication, he supplicated, and when he recited the Verses that mention seeking Refuge of the Rabb, he sought (His) Refuge.” .

Can you live without talking at least five minutes every day to your near and dear ones? Allah subhanahu wa ta’alaa is most beloved to us. He, subhanahu wa ta’alaa, loves us more than seventy times than our mothers.Still we live without bothering as to what Allah ‘azza wajal said to us today during salah!

7. Live Guidance

Whatever you read or listen to the Qur’an, remember that it is a live guidance from Allah subhanahu wa ta’alaa to each individual when he or she listens to Qur’an. Not appreciating the value of live guidance from Allah, our own Creator, is a HUGE loss. If you are wise you can never neglect this.

8. Relationship with Allah ‘azza wajal

There are different dimensions to the relationship with Allah subhanahu wa ta’alaa – His Love, Sincerity, Trust in Him, Remembering Him directly and whenever we see His signs in creation, Pondering His creation and in His names, not complaining of Qadaa’, etc. This relationship is strengthened over time. It requires slow and steady cooking with regular heat coming from the Qur’an.

9. Qu’ranic Character

According to Aisha radiyallaahu ‘anhaa: “His (the Prophet, salallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) morals were the Qur’an”. The Qur’an is theory and the Prophet’s life was a practical demonstration of that theory (the Qur’an). We need to study the Seerah of the Prophet salallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam and keep relating the ayaat of the Qur’an that we study to his life. This is a project in itself and requires one to ponder the verses every day along with the Seerah of the Prophet, salallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam.

10. Qur’anic Vision

As a patient starts describing his problems, the doctor’s mind starts working on diagnosis and comes up with the relevant medicines. Similarly, we come across many situations and dilemmas in our life. We should be able to see solutions in the Qur’an corresponding to these situations. Only through continuous pondering and relating it to your daily life, you can attain this vision.

Bonus: HOW do you ponder?

So, we know we should ponder upon its ayat. But do you know how to actually do that? HOW do you ponder?
Here are five tips for maximizing your benefits from every ayah:

Firstly; when you read an ayah say to yourself ‘this is Allah ‘azza wajal’, don’t say you hear an
imam reciting, these are Allah’s words, direct from Him. Then… think these words are directly addressing YOU. At the moment you read an ayah Allah subhanahu wa ta’alaa is watching you and how you REACT to His words! So… form a direct relationship between you and the ayaat.

Secondly; whatever you read or hear, take the advice as that advice is for ME. Don’t take the ayaat as, these are for hypocrites, disbelievers, idolaters etc. should look what is in there for YOU.

Thirdly; everything is part of al-Qadr, even the exact amount of oxygen we breathe every second of the day. So, every ayah you read is part of your destiny. So ask yourself ‘ Why is Allah subhanahu wa ta’alaa making ME read THIS today?’

Fourthly; while reading an ayah, focus your eyes, ears, your brain and your heart, don’t think of anything else. Use your imagination; visualize!

And finally fifthly; thank Allah subhanahu wa ta’alaa sincerely.. by ACTION.
To conclude, each ayah of the Qur’an demands something from us. To fulfil it, start with dua’!


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Sunday, January 13, 2013

An-Nisa: 136

Assalamualaikum all,

Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Tetapkanlah iman kamu kepada Allah dan RasulNya, dan kepada Kitab Al-Quran yang telah diturunkan kepada RasulNya (Muhammad s.a.w) dan juga kepada Kitab-kitab Suci yang telah diturunkan dahulu daripada itu dan sesiapa yang kufur ingkar kepada Allah dan Malaikat-malaikatNya, dan Kitab-kitabNya dan Rasul-rasulNya dan juga Hari Akhirat, maka sesungguhnya dia telah sesat dengan kesesatan yang amat jauh. (136) 

Clear, and concise. That's a reminder that Allah has given us from this verse. May we are among the mukminin. 
Allah has listed the criteria to become the mukminin. Allah has stated that the mukminin are those that:
1. Belief in Allah 
2. Belief in Rasul
3. Belief in Quran and other Kitab that has been delivered from Allah to the previous Prophets.
4. Belief in Angels
5. Belief in the day Hereafter

These are the pillars for our IMAN. Remember we used to recite the RUKUN IMAN when we were small? It is here in the al-Quran Allah stated the pillars and one other to belief in that is Qadha' and Qadar - that is to belief that Allah is the Most Gracoius and Powerful and had made everything possible according to His Wish. So that we do not have any regrets for whatever happened to us and belief it as a Test from Allah, be it happiness or sadness, all are designed by Allah to test our faith in Allah and Rasul. Let's not just recite the criteria but practice it with heart and iman.



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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Train and me

Assalamualaikum dear readers,

Look closely at the photo below .....
Very unique isn't it. You seldom found it nowadays.
But ... I found it
I found it at Butterworth Railway Station
I cannot remember it was there before.
When recently I went to station and saw this, it captured my attention

This is a seat designed for passengers, their family and friends to sit on while waiting for the train to arrive.
It was made from hard wood. 
I guess it must be old enough but can still stand for more years to come.

I was at the railway Station at dawn to fetch my sister one morning in December 2012. It was a beautiful morning. Listening to whistle blowing, and later the sound of the choo-choo train approaching was a momentos. We used to ride the train for hours when we were living in Kuala Krai, Kelantan. It was a long ride back then. We will get on the train at 2pm from Kuala Krai station and reach Kuala Lumpur the next day. Since Bapak is working with the Railway Co., we got to ride on the second class coach with sleeping berth. During the day, we will fold the mattress and turn the berth into a seat. When night comes, we will lay the mattress to get ready for a snooze. Mak will pack enough food for us to have a feast on the train. Whenever the train stopped at a station, you can hear hawkers crying out loud to sell their goods, "Karipap, Nasi lemak, cucur udang" in a unique rhythmic melody. Repeatedly. Enough to wake those sleepy eyes. Ahhh ... those are the beautiful memories as a kid. And nowdays, to go to Kelantan by car might also result on a long journey - especially during festive season. The transportation have improved but the roads are not ready for the heavy traffic.

Remembering those days ........


Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Assalamualaikum semua.

Sedang menunggu mesyuarat bermula, aku membelek-belek Solusi lama. Terjumpa hadis ini yang diriwayatkan oleh Muslim.

Rasulallah SAW bersabda, maksudnya:
"Kamu tidak akan masuk ke syurga sehingga kamu beriman. Dan kamu tidak akan beriman sehingga kamu saling mencintai. Mahukah kamu aku beritahu sesuatu yang jika dilakukan maka kamu akan saling mencintai? Sebarkanlah salam antara kamu."

Subhanallah, mudah sungguh laluan ke syurga. Tetapi tidak mudah untuk memilikinya kerana kita ada nafsu dan syaitan yang perlu ditewaskan.



Friday, January 4, 2013

Putrajaya Here We Come


This is among the series of family outing that we enjoyed during the last school holiday. It was a visit to Putrajaya. This happened when Mak, Nan and Calee came for a visit during the holidays. 

It was Sunday, we did not know where to take them but wanted to take them out. It was a surprised for the kids when ayah suddenly suggested a visit to Putrajaya. Putrajaya? What is there to see? We went there several times to Nisa's house (my niece) but what's so special to call for a visit to Putrajaya??? Hakim sulked. He thought it will be much better to stay home and play games all day long. He had no choice but to tag along.

Arriving Putrajaya, we wondered .... Where to? We then decided to stop near Masjid Putra. And Masjid Besi was also on my list. After stopping at Masjid Putra, again we wondered, What's next??? And we went down to lakeside area. I hurried myself to the cruise station, hoping to get on one. Not many people were there. It was Mak who eagerly wanted to get on the cruise.' It's for the kids', according to Mak and I readily agreed. It will not be fun to cruise if its only us - the five of us in a family. It is always merrier when many family members are around. The last time we took this cruise was back in 2004. My kids seem had forgotten about it altogether, I think it is wise to re-visit.

The ticket fare is as such:
Adult                   - RM40                                                                                              
Children               -  RM30
Government Staff  -  RM25 (It is fortunate to be a government staff, Alhamdulillah)
Golden citizen      -  RM15 (I will soon reach this golden age)

And our group consist of 1 golden citizen, 2 government staffs, 8 adult & 8 kids. It was a 45 minutes cruise over the man-made lake. With us out-numbered other passengers, it feels as though we own the cruise!!!

Masjid Besi - view from the cruise

What an enjoyable outing!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Good bye Hakim. Miss you Hakim.

Ikmal Hakim at his new 'home'
Salam all,

This photo was taken on the 1st January 2013.

 Looking at the faces, i have no regrets with my decision. I know that this is the best. Nothing in the world can beat the kind of knowledge I am preparing him with. Allah knows best.

I wish him the very best of luck. May him succeed in the path he has chosen.

Someone was asking, "Do you miss him?".  Of course I do. Who will not miss a 10 year old jewel of the heart? We missed his voices, we missed his grumbles. Sabrina misses his mischievous behavior. We missed his presence. Meeting him twice a month is something we look forward to.

Ya Allah! bestow my children with maghfirah, barakah and rahmah. May they succeed in the world and hereafter. AMEEN.

dr marina ismail