Thursday, January 3, 2013

Good bye Hakim. Miss you Hakim.

Ikmal Hakim at his new 'home'
Salam all,

This photo was taken on the 1st January 2013.

 Looking at the faces, i have no regrets with my decision. I know that this is the best. Nothing in the world can beat the kind of knowledge I am preparing him with. Allah knows best.

I wish him the very best of luck. May him succeed in the path he has chosen.

Someone was asking, "Do you miss him?".  Of course I do. Who will not miss a 10 year old jewel of the heart? We missed his voices, we missed his grumbles. Sabrina misses his mischievous behavior. We missed his presence. Meeting him twice a month is something we look forward to.

Ya Allah! bestow my children with maghfirah, barakah and rahmah. May they succeed in the world and hereafter. AMEEN.

dr marina ismail

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