Friday, January 4, 2013

Putrajaya Here We Come


This is among the series of family outing that we enjoyed during the last school holiday. It was a visit to Putrajaya. This happened when Mak, Nan and Calee came for a visit during the holidays. 

It was Sunday, we did not know where to take them but wanted to take them out. It was a surprised for the kids when ayah suddenly suggested a visit to Putrajaya. Putrajaya? What is there to see? We went there several times to Nisa's house (my niece) but what's so special to call for a visit to Putrajaya??? Hakim sulked. He thought it will be much better to stay home and play games all day long. He had no choice but to tag along.

Arriving Putrajaya, we wondered .... Where to? We then decided to stop near Masjid Putra. And Masjid Besi was also on my list. After stopping at Masjid Putra, again we wondered, What's next??? And we went down to lakeside area. I hurried myself to the cruise station, hoping to get on one. Not many people were there. It was Mak who eagerly wanted to get on the cruise.' It's for the kids', according to Mak and I readily agreed. It will not be fun to cruise if its only us - the five of us in a family. It is always merrier when many family members are around. The last time we took this cruise was back in 2004. My kids seem had forgotten about it altogether, I think it is wise to re-visit.

The ticket fare is as such:
Adult                   - RM40                                                                                              
Children               -  RM30
Government Staff  -  RM25 (It is fortunate to be a government staff, Alhamdulillah)
Golden citizen      -  RM15 (I will soon reach this golden age)

And our group consist of 1 golden citizen, 2 government staffs, 8 adult & 8 kids. It was a 45 minutes cruise over the man-made lake. With us out-numbered other passengers, it feels as though we own the cruise!!!

Masjid Besi - view from the cruise

What an enjoyable outing!!!

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