Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Salam all,

"A hallucination, in the broadest sense of the word, is a perception in the absence of a stimulus. In a stricter sense, hallucinations are defined as perceptions in a conscious and awake state in the absence of external stimuli which have qualities of real perception, in that they are vivid, substantial, and located in external objective space."

Wow! How about it? Sound sooo academic??? Not really as I took the definition from Wikipedia. As an academician, I do not accord the Wiki as a reliable source of information. The authentication of the authors are unknown. However, I would turn to Wiki for a fast and simple definition of terms.

Why the talk about hallucination all of sudden?? The story goes ....

Yesterday, Monday, first day of the week. I have lined up task to be completed for the day. There were about six tasks to be completed. I reached the office, and, as usual will check the emails especially the .salam.uitm.emails as I do not have this on my phone. Suddenly came a knock on the door. It was Dr Nordin, our head of department. He wanted me to set and appointment to meet the Dean THAT DAY, that Monday. If the Dean is not around, he requested me to try to get hold of the Pengarah Pembangunan Akademik, for a meeting. Why in a hurry? Because .... tomorrow (Tuesday) there will be a meeting regarding the new campus and the shifting of degree programs to the new campus, and we were to appeal so that our program, the Multimedia Computing program can stay.

After trying so hard to get the two important persons, but to no avail, I finally got to speak to the Dean who is currently in Trengganu. And the Dean instructed me to prepare a working paper for the appeal and it was almost 11am by then. And the working paper must reach the Dean's office on that same day. Can you just imagine the amount of time left for me to prepare it, what more to find information to strengthen our justification. And our main reason is due to insufficient computer processing power for the multimedia students in the new campus. After working extremely hard on the working paper, I managed to complete it at almost 2.30pm. The email came from the technician detailing the technical specification of our existing lab. This information will support our justification. I replied the email, thanking the technician for the very fast response and submit both the working paper and technical specification to Dr Nordin for his perusal.

After a late lunch, I came back to the office to find another email from the technician. His email sounded that he has just completed the preparation of the technical spec and sending it over to me. And there was no sign of him re-sending the technical spec earlier. I wanted to compare the one that he sent earlier with this current one. I browse through my inbox, I browse through my sent box (because I remembered sending him a thank you note), i browse through my draft box (just in case my mail to him was not send and was in the draft) BUT the mail was not there. I could not find any traces of his earlier email. ????? Where was the earlier email???? Am I HALLUCINATING receiving his email because I was desperately in need of the lab technical specification????? It is still a mystery to me. Am I really hallucinating it? I have never experienced it before? Have you ever faced this before? Hmmm .......

Well, I finally send the working paper with its attachments to the Dean at 5.30pm (after some amendments) feeling very tired and fatigue. Out of six tasks to be completed, I only managed to complete one. What a day!!!!

May whatever that I do is with barakah from Allah SWT.


Monday, June 18, 2012

CINTA MASJID Qasidah: Ya Ha Na Na

Salam all,

Listen to this if you have the time. It's beautiful. I will try to find its meaning so that we can appreciate it more. We had the opportunity to watch this at the Masjid last night.


Found the lyric and translation on the internet.
A cut-n-paste from: http://www.rawatanislam2u.com/2012/01/qasidah-yahanana-dan-maksudnya.html

Teks Qasidah Yahanana.

Zhoharoddinul mu’ayyad bizuhurin Nabi Ahmad… 2x
Yahanana bi Muhammad..
Dzalikal fadhlu minallah…
Yahanana… 8x
Khusso bissab’il ma tsaani
Wahawaa luthfal ma’aani
maa lahu fil kholqi tsaani
wa ‘alaihi anzalallah
Min makkatin lamma zhohar
Liajlihin syaqqol qomar
Waftakhorot aalu mudhor
Bihi ‘alaa kullil anam

Athyabunna sikholqon
Wa ajallunnasi kholqon
Dzikruhu ghorban wa syarqon
Sa ‘iru walhamdulillah
Shollu ‘ala khoiril anam
Almushthofaa badrittamam
Shollu ‘alaihi wasallimmu
Yasy fa’ lana yaumazziham
” Betapa Beruntungnya Kami “

Telah muncul agama yang didukung,
Telah muncul agama yang didukung dengan munculnya sang Nabi Ahmad,
Betapa beruntungnya kami dengan Muhammad (Saw),
itulah anugerah dari Allah.

Betapa beruntungnya kami,

Diistimewakan dengan as-Sab’ul Matsany (al-Fatihah),
penghimpun rahasia setiap makna, tak ada yang senilai dengannya,
dan Allah mewahyukannya kepadanya (Muhammad SAW),

Betapa beruntungnya kami,

Ketika di Makkah bulan tampak terbelah deminya (Muhammad SAW),
lalu kabilah Mudhar (kabilah Muhammad SAW) menjadi dibanggakan di atas seluruh manusia.

Betapa beruntungnya kami,

Beliau adalah manusia yang terbaik ciptaanNya, dan teragung akhlaknya,
Semua mengalu-alukannya di barat dan di timur.
Segala puji bagi Allah,

Betapa beruntungnya kami,

Bershalawatlah kepada sebaik-baik manusia, yang terpilih,

Sang bulan purnama,
Bershalawatlah dan sampaikan salam kepadanya,
kelak ia akan memberi syafaat kita di hari kebangkitan.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cinta Masjid

Salam all,
Various program has been lined up to attract muslimin and muslimat to masjid. The program "Cinta Masjid" was organized by TV alHijrah at various masjid and currently is going on at Masjid Shah Alam.
We had the opportunity to be there last night. We went after Isya' solat. Our intention was just to see how things are and what is going on. And last night was a live telecast of the program 'Selangor Berselawat' aired on TV alHijrah. It was a new experience to my kids. The performer was was reciting Qasidah - a beuatiful narration song in a special rhythm to praise the Prophet Muhammad as a show of love to the prophet.
It was beautifully composed. We can feel the love for Rasulallah SAW filled the room. As well as his love to his follower.
To love is to do whatever the loved ones told us to do. To love is to do whatever the loved ones do. Therefore, lets live according to the hadis (Rasulallah's words) and sunnah (hiis doings).

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Journey of a Laureate

Salam all,
June 12, there was a talk given by no other, the 1998 Nobel Prize winner in Medicine╬╝ Prof Dr Ferid Murad.
I had always wanted to go even if it was not made compulsory. It is an opportunity not to be missed, to listen to the Nobel prize winner himself, in person. Maybe there is something that I could learn from him. The talk was scheduled to begin at 9am till 11am. I have a class at 10.30am. A delayed class will not ruin anything as that is going to be my last class.
I reached the DATC compound at about 9am and thought that I was late. As I approach the hall, I can see many people were still outside the hall. Some are enjoying the packed breakfast provided while some are chatting among themselves. Whats going on? I registered myself and later was informed that the program will begin at about 9.30am as the audient are still pouring in and this might disrupt the talk. I find myself a seat and start browsing the internet. It was already 10.30am and the program hasn't begun. I was contemplating whether to leave for class or to wait and listen therefore cancel the class. The first option was chosen as this opportunity will not come very often. Almost as always, a program never begins as scheduled, it only begun at almost 11am. What a waste of our precious time waiting in the hall,
He began by detailing a bit about himself and the foundation, also about Alfred Nobel. About him wanted to become a doctor as young as 10 or 12 years old. About him enrolling into a doctorate program. Failures and successful of his experiments. Till the moment that he received a call at 4am from the Nobel Foundation announcing him as a winner. All this are very interesting. But when he began detailing his experiment, about the Nitrogen and oxygen bonding, I suddenly felt my O2 is decreasing. I am sleepy.
Among the gist of the presentation that I could gather are:
1. Do what you like to do and do best in whatever that you do.
2. You cannot achieve the nobel level if your working hours is only 7 hours a day.
3. You cannot achieve the nobel level if you are going to retire at 57 (now I know that I am out of the race. As though I wanted to join the race!!! Hah!). He is 75 and still stand strong for another series of research.
4. People will think that you know everything when you actually dont.
5. When you are a nobel prize winner, all you think are only things that surround your research and nothing else (because the professor was not answering any of the four questions asked by the audience). This is from my observation.
So, where are we heading now? Don't say that muslims do not need this. YES, we should be pioneering just like what Ibnu Sina and al-Khwarizmi did. Whoever you are, contribute to the muslim world in a way that you can as you will be asked about your contribution on THE JUDGEMENT DAY.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

School holiday. ... Till next time

Salam all.
Saturday, 9/6. Its a wonderful breezy morning. Peaceful. The sound of the waves is really soothing. Comforting the mind and soul. Alhamdulillah. Allah has created a wonderful a peaceful place for us to live. The endless sea lays ahead. The wave never tires to come to the shore. Everything created with purpose. For us to think. If we find this wonderful, wait for the jannah that is created for the obedient servant. Lets strive to place ourselves in His jannah.
School holiday is coming to the end. Here we are at a stopover before proceeding to Dungun to send Atikah to school to continue her quest on becoming the achiever.
It is surely a full of happenings for the kids during this school holiday with their first week of school holiday spent as 'kampung chaps' in the kampung, followed by another lazy-stay-home days and concluded with a short vacation at the seaside (as promised).
Thank you Allah. This wonderful life was bestowed upon us for us to continue to show our gratitude - to reveive is to give - lets share this piece of happiness with sadaqah.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Where's My Water

Salam all.
'Where's my water' is a game that my kids enjoy playing. But, I am not going to discuss about the game today.

Have you ever encountered this situation. "Woke up in the morning, turn on the tap just to find that there's no running water."?.
It happened to us this morning. A call to the helpdesk and were informed that one of the major pipe burst and water disruption occurs in several parts of the town. Oh!!! What should we do?
Alhamdulillah we survived the wudhuk with 2 bottles of mineral water provided by the hotel management. The rest of toilet acitivites will have to wait.
Whenever one of His nikmat (gift) is temporarily on hold, everything shattered.
"Maka yang mana satukah nikmat Tuhan kamu yang kamu dustakan": ar-Rahman.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Salam all,
As usual before leaving the office, I will peep (too many peeping for a day) into my pigeon hole for any letter hoping for something interesting (like what???).
Yes, there was a letter sit steadily in the hole. I grabbed it, it looks formal, opened it, and. .. I SMILE.
I was earlier counting days for 2013 to come and now here comes another appointment letter for another post which lasted till 2014.
As one senior colleague, a Professor,  said to me,"take it as an appreciation of your capability".
And I said. .....  ?#/*%@&±°+「」"! .... I am speechless.

FB Updates

Salam all,
I read this update. I was so touched. It was referring to an FB post about Bapak.
Halim Nasir is an ustaz whom lecture Bapak regularly attended to. May Allah blessesd Bapak with Maghfirah.
And again, unstoppable tears flow down the cheek ....

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

LUPA ....

Salam all,

I received many SMSes from my many caring friends, asking how I am doing now. I am smiling, laughing, joking with students, but honestly, when I was left alone, the memories keep coming, flashing into me, and unnoticingly, unavoided, my tears dropped down, rolling on my cheek. I know that THIS time will come and I thought I was ready for THIS, but I am not. I missed Bapak so much. Before this, I will frequently call Mak asking for Bapak's condition, and listened to his voice in the background, but now, I could only hear Mak's somber voice. Gone are the cheerful voice to accept our greetings. "Mak, please be strong, we need you. We want you to be healthy and cheerful as ever."

Bapak's last word that I heard, "Pi pi lah ..." (pergi lah as an answer to Mak's question whether he wants to go to the hospital or not on that final day) is now like a music to me. I do not wish to erase it from my memory, I want to hold tight to it because I miss you Bapak. I know, this is not how I should react. I should be strong. Yes, I accept the fate, I belief in Qadha' and Qadar, but I miss Bapak.

A friend came to my office conveying her condolonces and she reminded me of a wonderful gift from Allah to human being but we normally ignored, that is FORGETFUL (lupa). She was telling me that Allah has given us this gift so that we will not continuously grief. And I agree with her, we will soon forget our grief and carry on with our life but I do not wish to forget Bapak, the person who has raised me with love. And with his support, with Allah's blessing, I am what I am now. I want to become a dutiful daughter who will consistently sent my 'dua' to you as a show of love. I will forget my grief, I want to be strong as much as I want Mak to be strong. I will forget my grief. Thank you Allah for this wonderful gift - the 'forgetful attitude' - for with this, I will soon forget my grief and carry on with life to give LOVE like Bapak once gave, me to my children and others.

I will forget my grief, but I will NEVER forget you, BAPAK.


A peep into a blog

Salam all,

It's Wednesday. The third day after a week long break from the office. Two classes completed, two meetings attended. And many more tasks are lined-up to be completed. I did not intend to update the blog as yet. Especially not in the office even though during lunch time. But when asked to peeped into a blog of a colleague, to read the issue that is quite 'hot' being mentioned, I cannot resist updating my own blog.

Not many of my colleagues know that I am a blogger myself. I really like to write, however, time does not permits me to regularly update the blog. At times, I have tonnes (tons) of things to share, but I keep that in my mind, composed it in my mind hoping to share it, unfortunately my fingers never reach the keyboard to type it out. Re-reading my own blog is somehow very interesting. At times, I will smile while reading and there are times when I could not stop my tears from falling. Re-reading my own blog refreshes things occurred past days, through which many useful lesson we could learn from it.

The clock is ticking, I got to make a move. I got to go to the bank to settle some errands. Later in the evening, a line-up of students has promised to come for consultation.

Thank you Allah, it is a very interesting life that You have bestowed upon me. The ups and downs have strengthen me to face the world ahead. May Allah give us Barakah and Maghfirah in life. Amin.


Friday, June 1, 2012

Mari Berbudi Pada Yang Tersayang

Salam all,
It has been a week my kids and me in 'kampung'. And it has been 13 days Bapak left us for another stage of the journey, its the 'alam barzah'. Its a transit prior to the final day 'alam akhirat', the hereafter. These are the stages that everybody will have to go through in order to reach their two fold destination, 'Menuju Destinasi'. Whether its a 'jannah' or its 'a hell'. Everybody wants the jannah as Allah has promised us the most beautiful and nice place to be forever. And hell was designed as a torturerst place to be for those who disobeyed Allah and Rasul. And Allah the Greatest, the most Merciful is so forgiving that whoever has done wrongdoing and repent, they will be forgiven. Therefore, let us consistently seek His forgiveness and repent for all our wrongdoings abd always strive to be better each day.
Coming back to the title, while at the kampung, I come across this flyer that brings a message that is very relevant to me and many others. The gist of the content that I would like to share would be:
Ketika kami sedang beeada di samping Rasulallah SAW, seorang lelaki berkata,"Ya Rasulallah, masih adakah kewajipan berbakti kepada kedua orang tuaku setelah keduanya meninggal dunia?. Rasulallah SAW menjawab: Ya, iaitu 4 perkara
1. Mendoakan keduanya dan memohon ampun untuk keduanya.
2. Melaksanakan janji keduanya.
3. Menghormati sahabat keduanya.
4. Membina hubungan silaturrahim yang tidak akan terbina kecuali melalui keduanya.
Therefore, to all, if you still have your parents around, please make them happy. A call to say 'Salam' is the least that you can do that will surely make their day. And for thise who dont, lets do good deeds to our demised parent by performing the above four as a show of LOVE for them.
As a saying said, 'What goes around, Comes around', may the good deeds we do to our parents and witnessed by our children, hopefully they will do the same for us when we are no longer around to seek for reward (pahala) ourselves.
I seek reward only from Allah SWT.