Friday, June 1, 2012

Mari Berbudi Pada Yang Tersayang

Salam all,
It has been a week my kids and me in 'kampung'. And it has been 13 days Bapak left us for another stage of the journey, its the 'alam barzah'. Its a transit prior to the final day 'alam akhirat', the hereafter. These are the stages that everybody will have to go through in order to reach their two fold destination, 'Menuju Destinasi'. Whether its a 'jannah' or its 'a hell'. Everybody wants the jannah as Allah has promised us the most beautiful and nice place to be forever. And hell was designed as a torturerst place to be for those who disobeyed Allah and Rasul. And Allah the Greatest, the most Merciful is so forgiving that whoever has done wrongdoing and repent, they will be forgiven. Therefore, let us consistently seek His forgiveness and repent for all our wrongdoings abd always strive to be better each day.
Coming back to the title, while at the kampung, I come across this flyer that brings a message that is very relevant to me and many others. The gist of the content that I would like to share would be:
Ketika kami sedang beeada di samping Rasulallah SAW, seorang lelaki berkata,"Ya Rasulallah, masih adakah kewajipan berbakti kepada kedua orang tuaku setelah keduanya meninggal dunia?. Rasulallah SAW menjawab: Ya, iaitu 4 perkara
1. Mendoakan keduanya dan memohon ampun untuk keduanya.
2. Melaksanakan janji keduanya.
3. Menghormati sahabat keduanya.
4. Membina hubungan silaturrahim yang tidak akan terbina kecuali melalui keduanya.
Therefore, to all, if you still have your parents around, please make them happy. A call to say 'Salam' is the least that you can do that will surely make their day. And for thise who dont, lets do good deeds to our demised parent by performing the above four as a show of LOVE for them.
As a saying said, 'What goes around, Comes around', may the good deeds we do to our parents and witnessed by our children, hopefully they will do the same for us when we are no longer around to seek for reward (pahala) ourselves.
I seek reward only from Allah SWT.

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