Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A peep into a blog

Salam all,

It's Wednesday. The third day after a week long break from the office. Two classes completed, two meetings attended. And many more tasks are lined-up to be completed. I did not intend to update the blog as yet. Especially not in the office even though during lunch time. But when asked to peeped into a blog of a colleague, to read the issue that is quite 'hot' being mentioned, I cannot resist updating my own blog.

Not many of my colleagues know that I am a blogger myself. I really like to write, however, time does not permits me to regularly update the blog. At times, I have tonnes (tons) of things to share, but I keep that in my mind, composed it in my mind hoping to share it, unfortunately my fingers never reach the keyboard to type it out. Re-reading my own blog is somehow very interesting. At times, I will smile while reading and there are times when I could not stop my tears from falling. Re-reading my own blog refreshes things occurred past days, through which many useful lesson we could learn from it.

The clock is ticking, I got to make a move. I got to go to the bank to settle some errands. Later in the evening, a line-up of students has promised to come for consultation.

Thank you Allah, it is a very interesting life that You have bestowed upon me. The ups and downs have strengthen me to face the world ahead. May Allah give us Barakah and Maghfirah in life. Amin.


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