Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Salam all,

"A hallucination, in the broadest sense of the word, is a perception in the absence of a stimulus. In a stricter sense, hallucinations are defined as perceptions in a conscious and awake state in the absence of external stimuli which have qualities of real perception, in that they are vivid, substantial, and located in external objective space."

Wow! How about it? Sound sooo academic??? Not really as I took the definition from Wikipedia. As an academician, I do not accord the Wiki as a reliable source of information. The authentication of the authors are unknown. However, I would turn to Wiki for a fast and simple definition of terms.

Why the talk about hallucination all of sudden?? The story goes ....

Yesterday, Monday, first day of the week. I have lined up task to be completed for the day. There were about six tasks to be completed. I reached the office, and, as usual will check the emails especially the .salam.uitm.emails as I do not have this on my phone. Suddenly came a knock on the door. It was Dr Nordin, our head of department. He wanted me to set and appointment to meet the Dean THAT DAY, that Monday. If the Dean is not around, he requested me to try to get hold of the Pengarah Pembangunan Akademik, for a meeting. Why in a hurry? Because .... tomorrow (Tuesday) there will be a meeting regarding the new campus and the shifting of degree programs to the new campus, and we were to appeal so that our program, the Multimedia Computing program can stay.

After trying so hard to get the two important persons, but to no avail, I finally got to speak to the Dean who is currently in Trengganu. And the Dean instructed me to prepare a working paper for the appeal and it was almost 11am by then. And the working paper must reach the Dean's office on that same day. Can you just imagine the amount of time left for me to prepare it, what more to find information to strengthen our justification. And our main reason is due to insufficient computer processing power for the multimedia students in the new campus. After working extremely hard on the working paper, I managed to complete it at almost 2.30pm. The email came from the technician detailing the technical specification of our existing lab. This information will support our justification. I replied the email, thanking the technician for the very fast response and submit both the working paper and technical specification to Dr Nordin for his perusal.

After a late lunch, I came back to the office to find another email from the technician. His email sounded that he has just completed the preparation of the technical spec and sending it over to me. And there was no sign of him re-sending the technical spec earlier. I wanted to compare the one that he sent earlier with this current one. I browse through my inbox, I browse through my sent box (because I remembered sending him a thank you note), i browse through my draft box (just in case my mail to him was not send and was in the draft) BUT the mail was not there. I could not find any traces of his earlier email. ????? Where was the earlier email???? Am I HALLUCINATING receiving his email because I was desperately in need of the lab technical specification????? It is still a mystery to me. Am I really hallucinating it? I have never experienced it before? Have you ever faced this before? Hmmm .......

Well, I finally send the working paper with its attachments to the Dean at 5.30pm (after some amendments) feeling very tired and fatigue. Out of six tasks to be completed, I only managed to complete one. What a day!!!!

May whatever that I do is with barakah from Allah SWT.


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