Saturday, June 9, 2012

Where's My Water

Salam all.
'Where's my water' is a game that my kids enjoy playing. But, I am not going to discuss about the game today.

Have you ever encountered this situation. "Woke up in the morning, turn on the tap just to find that there's no running water."?.
It happened to us this morning. A call to the helpdesk and were informed that one of the major pipe burst and water disruption occurs in several parts of the town. Oh!!! What should we do?
Alhamdulillah we survived the wudhuk with 2 bottles of mineral water provided by the hotel management. The rest of toilet acitivites will have to wait.
Whenever one of His nikmat (gift) is temporarily on hold, everything shattered.
"Maka yang mana satukah nikmat Tuhan kamu yang kamu dustakan": ar-Rahman.

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