Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cinta Masjid

Salam all,
Various program has been lined up to attract muslimin and muslimat to masjid. The program "Cinta Masjid" was organized by TV alHijrah at various masjid and currently is going on at Masjid Shah Alam.
We had the opportunity to be there last night. We went after Isya' solat. Our intention was just to see how things are and what is going on. And last night was a live telecast of the program 'Selangor Berselawat' aired on TV alHijrah. It was a new experience to my kids. The performer was was reciting Qasidah - a beuatiful narration song in a special rhythm to praise the Prophet Muhammad as a show of love to the prophet.
It was beautifully composed. We can feel the love for Rasulallah SAW filled the room. As well as his love to his follower.
To love is to do whatever the loved ones told us to do. To love is to do whatever the loved ones do. Therefore, lets live according to the hadis (Rasulallah's words) and sunnah (hiis doings).

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