Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's the sport day!!!!

30 Sept 2012
Its the sport day for the kids. Its the day but the fun begin earlier.
Hakim earlier told me that he will take part in two events - lari dlm guni and 4 x 60m. Then left only one - lari dlm guni. We reached the school early before the event begins. Even before we had breakfast. Since the fun has not started, we left for breakfast to come back and see that had just completed his event. SORRY Hakim. But ibu know that you have done the best and there is always next time for a better result.
Sabrina who is always very enthusiast showed the excitement even during the preliminary rounds. And yesterday, a day before the actual day, she was at school the whole day to help the teachers with the preparation. She was involved in 4 x 60m, 60m hurdles and marching. She is always very participative and competitive. For both of the events she got the second place. Congratulation!!!!
Now, as the event is completing, I still cannot locate my boy!! Where are you Hakim???? Enjoying yourself???
Winning or losing is not the issue. The main important thing is to FIGHT. Life is about fighting. Fighting for a good reason. Surrender is not tolerable. Fight to be the best as muslimin mukminin muttaqin, insyaAllah. AMIN.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


This is a ver interesting discussion I heard on the radio while driving Sabrina to the tuition center. It was presented by Ustaz Dr Zahazan on IKIM.FM. It was about UJUB.
Ujub is an arabic word. It is an ill-feeling. A person who have this feeling in them will think that they are the best. Below aew some of the points that I managed to scribble when the car stop just before the program ends.
Ujub adalah apabila.merasakan dirinya yang paling baik.
Dia rasa dia pandai dan tak perlu menambah amal kebajikan dan ilmu.
Dia merasakan amalannya adalah yg terbaik, mencukupi dan diterima Allah.
Sesungguhnya kita perlu merasakan bahawa segala kebaikan yg ada pada kita adalah kurniaan Allah.
Pangkal sikap ujub adalah kejahilan. Kerana jahil dan lupa bahawa segala kebaikan adalah milik Allah dan kita sepatutnya bersyukur kerana dipilih Allah untuk memiliki kelebihan dan kebaikan.
Bahaya dgn sikap ini adalah boleh mengakibatkan kesemua amalan kebaikan tidak diterima.oleh Allah kerana amalan tersebut diselubungi perasaan diri adalah yang terbaik.
Untuk memelihara diri dari ujub perlu banyak beristighfar dan bersyukur kepada Allah.
The discussion is to be continued on Radio IKIM at 8pm daily.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dari Dia kita datang, kepada Dia kita kembali


Kematian itu pasti.
Datangnya tidak pernah diduga.
Tuan punya diri, bersediakah kita??
Yang ditinggalkan, redha kah kita?
Ketentuan Ilahi indah untuk dihayati.
Bagi yang bertaqwa, ujian meningkatkan iman.
Bagi yang bersabar, pahala di janji, insyaAllah.

I received a text message, "Abang Dollah meninggal jam 3 petang tadi".
Abang Dollah is my cousin's son-in-law. He was >50. He passed away 1 year 6 months after K.Ju, his wife. K.Ju passed away last year due to a burst cyst. She was 49 then. K.Ju's was a sudden, she was never diagnosed for any medical problem. She was down with fever for three days and passed away on her way to the hospital. An autopsy tells of a cyst that existed that she never got to knew off till her last breath. For Abang Dollah, he was already on medical board for heart problem and diabetes. Now that both are gone, leaving behind are 5 orphans aged between 27 to 18. Sound big enough but these are the ages that need guidance and shoulder to cry. Allah knows best. However, they are all grown up fine with the already proper guidance and knowledge for now and hereafter prepared by their parents.

Their demised made me thinking, have I prepared my kids enough with the proper knowledge for the world they live now and the hereafter. May Allah show me the right way in bringing up my children to become the righteous and muttaqqin. Amin.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Surah al-Imran: 118-119

Assalamualaikum dear readers,

It's going to be a slightly different tone for my update today. I am not an asatizah (ustazah) who can debate and discuss about tafseer (the meaning) of the al-quran. I would just like to share some information regarding the tafsser of these verses that I have recently discovered.

How often do we read the Quran? I am sure many of you will answer, EVERYDAY. But how many of us really look into the meaning of the verses, not merely reading the translation? I humbly admit that i do read the translation but did not normally dwell into the meaning of it. We need to gain that knowledge preferably through a face-to-face teacher-student interaction.

Last night, at the surau, the Ustaz was reciting a verse in surah al_imran: 118. The verse is as follows:

The ustaz was emphasizing on NOT having a non-muslim as our aide. It so happen that I recently read these translation and I remembered very well that a translation that follow this verse explains further.

However, the ustaz only focuses on this one verse and keep on repeating about NOT having a non muslim as our friend, aide or accomplice. The ustaz even mentioned that Ibnu Katsir, in his explanation also state a stern warning against having a non-muslim as an aide. Somehow, I felt that something is not right about the explanation that I seek to investigate further.

At home, I read the translation again and found the continuing verse that explain the verse 118 further. Verse 119 reads as follows:

The verse clearly define who are the person that you cannot take as your aide. Those are the people whom in front of you claim that they are muslim, 'Beriman', but when behind your back, they deny it and claim that you are their enemies, and these are the 'MUNAFIQUN'.

Note: People who claims to be a muslim but denies Allah words (denies al-Quran and Hadiths) are conisdered MUNAFIQUN (munafiq).

And a quick check in Tafseer Ibn Katsir, on page 273, also clearly state that "Allah melarang orang-orang yang beriman menjadikan orang-orang yang munafik sebagai teman kepercayaan".

Ibnu Katsir clearly state that Allah forbids muslim from taking the munafiqun as their trustworthy friend (or aide). This piece of information is really contradict with the information that the Ustaz tried to convey.

"O Allah! Protect us from people who are using your word only for their benefit. Protect us from people who claimed to know your word but actually not. We seek your guidance in all our undertaking. Ameen."