Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's the sport day!!!!

30 Sept 2012
Its the sport day for the kids. Its the day but the fun begin earlier.
Hakim earlier told me that he will take part in two events - lari dlm guni and 4 x 60m. Then left only one - lari dlm guni. We reached the school early before the event begins. Even before we had breakfast. Since the fun has not started, we left for breakfast to come back and see that had just completed his event. SORRY Hakim. But ibu know that you have done the best and there is always next time for a better result.
Sabrina who is always very enthusiast showed the excitement even during the preliminary rounds. And yesterday, a day before the actual day, she was at school the whole day to help the teachers with the preparation. She was involved in 4 x 60m, 60m hurdles and marching. She is always very participative and competitive. For both of the events she got the second place. Congratulation!!!!
Now, as the event is completing, I still cannot locate my boy!! Where are you Hakim???? Enjoying yourself???
Winning or losing is not the issue. The main important thing is to FIGHT. Life is about fighting. Fighting for a good reason. Surrender is not tolerable. Fight to be the best as muslimin mukminin muttaqin, insyaAllah. AMIN.

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