Monday, September 3, 2012

Surah al-Imran: 118-119

Assalamualaikum dear readers,

It's going to be a slightly different tone for my update today. I am not an asatizah (ustazah) who can debate and discuss about tafseer (the meaning) of the al-quran. I would just like to share some information regarding the tafsser of these verses that I have recently discovered.

How often do we read the Quran? I am sure many of you will answer, EVERYDAY. But how many of us really look into the meaning of the verses, not merely reading the translation? I humbly admit that i do read the translation but did not normally dwell into the meaning of it. We need to gain that knowledge preferably through a face-to-face teacher-student interaction.

Last night, at the surau, the Ustaz was reciting a verse in surah al_imran: 118. The verse is as follows:

The ustaz was emphasizing on NOT having a non-muslim as our aide. It so happen that I recently read these translation and I remembered very well that a translation that follow this verse explains further.

However, the ustaz only focuses on this one verse and keep on repeating about NOT having a non muslim as our friend, aide or accomplice. The ustaz even mentioned that Ibnu Katsir, in his explanation also state a stern warning against having a non-muslim as an aide. Somehow, I felt that something is not right about the explanation that I seek to investigate further.

At home, I read the translation again and found the continuing verse that explain the verse 118 further. Verse 119 reads as follows:

The verse clearly define who are the person that you cannot take as your aide. Those are the people whom in front of you claim that they are muslim, 'Beriman', but when behind your back, they deny it and claim that you are their enemies, and these are the 'MUNAFIQUN'.

Note: People who claims to be a muslim but denies Allah words (denies al-Quran and Hadiths) are conisdered MUNAFIQUN (munafiq).

And a quick check in Tafseer Ibn Katsir, on page 273, also clearly state that "Allah melarang orang-orang yang beriman menjadikan orang-orang yang munafik sebagai teman kepercayaan".

Ibnu Katsir clearly state that Allah forbids muslim from taking the munafiqun as their trustworthy friend (or aide). This piece of information is really contradict with the information that the Ustaz tried to convey.

"O Allah! Protect us from people who are using your word only for their benefit. Protect us from people who claimed to know your word but actually not. We seek your guidance in all our undertaking. Ameen."


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