Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dari Dia kita datang, kepada Dia kita kembali


Kematian itu pasti.
Datangnya tidak pernah diduga.
Tuan punya diri, bersediakah kita??
Yang ditinggalkan, redha kah kita?
Ketentuan Ilahi indah untuk dihayati.
Bagi yang bertaqwa, ujian meningkatkan iman.
Bagi yang bersabar, pahala di janji, insyaAllah.

I received a text message, "Abang Dollah meninggal jam 3 petang tadi".
Abang Dollah is my cousin's son-in-law. He was >50. He passed away 1 year 6 months after K.Ju, his wife. K.Ju passed away last year due to a burst cyst. She was 49 then. K.Ju's was a sudden, she was never diagnosed for any medical problem. She was down with fever for three days and passed away on her way to the hospital. An autopsy tells of a cyst that existed that she never got to knew off till her last breath. For Abang Dollah, he was already on medical board for heart problem and diabetes. Now that both are gone, leaving behind are 5 orphans aged between 27 to 18. Sound big enough but these are the ages that need guidance and shoulder to cry. Allah knows best. However, they are all grown up fine with the already proper guidance and knowledge for now and hereafter prepared by their parents.

Their demised made me thinking, have I prepared my kids enough with the proper knowledge for the world they live now and the hereafter. May Allah show me the right way in bringing up my children to become the righteous and muttaqqin. Amin.

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