Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ramaddhan O Ramadhan


Semoga kita semua berlumba-lumba mengejar tawaran hebat Ramadhan ini. Berusaha bersungguh-sungguh, jauh lebih dari usaha merebut tawaran hebat diskaun 70% yang ditawarkan oleh Jakel. Why not? Well, during this month, all our effort are doubled in the reward. How gracious Allah SWT, Allah allocates one month in a year for us to renew and refresh our 'hubul ilallah' (our love for Allah) with the so many rewards promised. In order to make it happen, all the devils were chained. And now it only leave ourselves to fight with our own self, the nafs.
"Nak ngaji ke tidak ni? .... Argh ... kejap lagi lah" ....
"Nak gi ke tak solat terawih hari ni? Letih la ..... buat kat rumah je lah, boleh je kan ......"
"Alahai .... lenguhnya kaki ni berdiri solat terawih. Imam ni tak tak tahu bahasa ke, baca panjang-panjang. Meleret-leret pulak tu. Ingat ni musabaqah ke? .......

Those are some of the fightings that we had to do against our nafs. These are no other because the nafs was cleverly trained by the devil for 11 months to dislike all the good deeds. And Ramadhan is the time we fight against the nafs and retrain ourselves into liking ibadah and be close to Allah and was grouped among those who are granted maghfirah by Allah SWT. Hopefully, Ameen.

Just remember, FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!
When there's a NO to ibadah, fight it with a YES. Even if you have to drag yourself to the surau or masjid for tarawih, drag yourself. Even if you had to force you rself into turning the pages of AlQuran, do so. Just remember that when you fight against your own laziness, you are actually trying to train yourself into becoming an 'abidin - an obedient servant of Allah.



Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Assalamualaikum ....

It's not a mistake, but yes, it's Assalamualaikum as the title.

As-Salam means 'salamah', a
good wish to the person whom we addressed the salam for. As-Salam is a word uttered by those in jannah, showing that As-Salam is a beautiful word uttered by beautiful people.

Rasulalllah SAW will always try to be the first who utters the Salam for sahabah (sahabah are those who lives and the follower of Muhammad SAW). And if sahabah was the one who uttered it first, Rasulallah SAW will answer it longer. For example:

The wish: Salam.
The Answer: Salam alaikum

The wish: Salam alaikum.
The answer: Assalamualaikum warahmatullah

The wish: Assalamualaikum warahmatullah
The answer: Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

And Allah SWT as the MOST GRACIOUS will always have a reward for every good deeds that we do. And to wish AS-Salam is highly recommended and answering the Salam is considered COMPULSORY (WAJIB). However, there are four circumstances that makes it not compulsory to answer the Salam.

Those are:
1. When the Salam is uttered by a person that we are positively sure a non-muslim.
2. When the Salam is uttered by the Imam during a prayer.
3. When the Salam is made into a joke by irresponsible person.
4. When the Salam is uttered after other greetings.

I was quite startled to discover the last circumstance because that is the practice at large. At current, at the opening of any ceremony, the opening address will be the salution to all the guests or VIPs, and later followed by the Salam. However, theres a hadith that Ustaz recite saying that its no need to answer the Salam if it is utttered after other greetings. But I forgot the hadith. And my source of knowledge about this comes from no other but the program 'Tanyalah Ustaz" and today it was with Ustaz Hassan Din Al-Hafiz.


Friday, July 20, 2012

Khusyuk solat.

Assalamualaikum dear readers,
Would like to share a piece of knowledge I got from the program 'Tanyalah Ustaz' on TV9 with Ustaz Zamri Mantop. Here it goes. ...
For a KHUSYUK in solat, these 4 elements are required:
1. Spiritual
2. Intelektual
3. Emosi
4. Fizikal
Spiritual adalah dengan sedaya upaya mencuba untuk meninggalkan urusan dunia ketika solat. Membayangkan bahawa syurga di kanan dengan penuh kenikmatan, neraka di kiri dengan segala azab, manakala di belakang adalah kematian yang sedang mengejar kita.
Intelektual apabila kita mencuba sedaya upaya untuk memahami bacaan dalam solat sehingga menjadikan perbuatan solat itu adalah dialog kita dengan Allah SWT.n sedaya upaya mencuba untuk meninggalkan urusan dunia ketika solat. Membayangkan bahawa syurga di kanan dwngan penuh kenikmatan, neraka di kiri dengan segala azab, manakala di belakang adalah kematian yang sedang mengejar kita.
Emosi apabila kita masukkan elemen penyeselan, insaf dan kekerdilan terhadap dosa dan kesilapan ayng kita tidak pernah sunyi darinya.
Solat juga berkehendakkan fizikal yang bersih dan suci yang akan mempengaruhi mood kita ketika mengerjakan solat.
And finally, do you think you have achieved KHUSYUK in the solat? Assess it yourself. The simplest way is by reflecting your solat on whether you bring the world into the solat or not. If you keep on remembering the world while solat, it tells that your solat is not Khusyuk. The KPI is not achieved. Therefore, let's keep on trying to improve our solat.
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Monday, July 16, 2012

Till Death Do Us Apart Part II

Assalamualaikum dear readers,

Till death do us apart ...

This line could be the wish of all married couples in the world
Nothing beats the loss of the loved ones
Even Rasulallah SAW was sad when He lost his beloved wife, Saidatina Khadijah RA
For that, Islam allow us to mourn for the loss
For the wives, its your last duty for the beloved husband
4 months and 10 days are the days for the wives to recollect herself

It would not be easy
After the long years of being in each other's company
Suddenly everything is only about yourself
All the happiness belongs to Allah SWT
It was borrowed
It's for the wives to sow for Jannah

Abah and Mak happy days (Father and mother in-law)
Abah left Mak on 1 May 2011

Bapak and Mak's Happy days
Bapak left Mak on 20 May 2012

Cherish what you have
For you will only miss it when it's gone

May Allah gives strength and courage to these two wonderful ladies to carry on with their life.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Till death do us apart

A tazkeerah between Maghrib and Isyak at Surau AlMawaddah. This is a meaning of a hadith by Rasulallah SAW:
1. Solat five times a day
2. Fast during Ramadhan
3. Preserve oneself only for the husband
4. Obey the husband after Allah and Rasul
A woman who fulfilled all the above, Rasulallah SAW promised her the jannah. And she may enter the jannah through any doors that are available.
Subhanallah! How easy it is the path to jannah for muslimat mukminat. However, during the Isra' and Mikraj, Rasulallah witnessed that the many occupant in the hellfire are women!!!! How could that be????
According to the ustaz, assessing the ibadah done by the women, no doubt that they are the obedient servant of Allah, with solat (compulsory and sunat), with saum (fasting - compulsory and sunat). Therefore, what when wrong??? It' s the obedient to the husband that placed many muslimah in the hellfire. What? I am obedient, I obeyed him, I serve him well and fulfill all his desires. Why am I still the candidate of the hellfire???
Well, lets give some thought. Do we protect ourself and preserve only for the husband? Many might answer, YES. Are we sure? Do we dressed ourself as requires by Allah and only tabbarruj for the husband? I am sure many of us failed this. Many might have treated the husband as a King in our life, devote ourself only for the husband, but unfortunately, we failed in the way we preserve ourselves only for the husband. We put on make-up when we leave the house. We wore clothes that exposed part of the body to be seen by the none mahram.Nauuzubillah. And some might retaliate, "No! I put on hijab every time I leave the house". But please be reminded, does your hijab covers your precious front as what Allah had wanted you to? Does the clothe that you put on are loose enough to hide your body posture? Muslimah, please do not these things easy. This is a reminder to me as well.
Another failure of the muslimah is the way we treated our husband. The way we talk and serve the husband. Everything must be pleasant in the eyes of the husband. Now, what is so great about this man called HUSBAND? Its great because through him Allah promised us jannah. Its a test on us how obedient we are in fulfilling Allah's order. We are human, there are times when we grumble or not happy with the husband for what he did or said. If that happened, just say our astaghfar and seek forgiveness from our husband. Do not think so much of the pride or ego. Just do it for Allah and Rasul.
A riwayah about Saidatina Fatimah Muhammad, the daughter of Rasulallah SAW. There was an incident between Fatimah and her husband, Saidina Ali RA. Fatimah was making a joke, but unintentionally hurt the feeling of Ali. And Ali sulk. Fatimah tries to seek for his forgiveness, and after 75 attempts, Ali finally smiles. Fatimah then dashed to Rasulallah to report to him of the incident. Despite of being on her side, Rasulallah said, "Dear Fatimah, if you die before Ali forgives you, trust me, I will not perform the solah upon your dead body".
It shows how important it is to always be good to the husband. Therefore, muslimah, lets peeform our duty to our husband not only because we love him, but most importantly because that is what Allah and His Rasul want us to do.
"Hidupku dan matiku hanyalah kepada Allah Tuhan sekalian alam. Dan ketaatanku pada suamiku adalah kerana ketaatanku pada Allah dan Rasulku. Semoga dengan redha suamiku, aku memperoleh syurga yang dijanjikan. AMEEN."

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Damba CintaMu by Raihan

Assalamualaikum dearest readers,

This is not a new song. I've listened to this before but it did not touched as it did recently. I recently listened to this again during the 'Cinta Masjid' Carnival in the 'Selangor Berselawat' which was aired direct from the Masjid Negeri Shah Alam.

It was beautifully sung. Just listen to the lyrics carefully. It was a beautiful lyric and can definitely make the tears come rolling.

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan alMubarak. Semoga kita sama-sama sempat menempuhinya dan berlumba-lumba untuk mengutip imbuhan besar yang dijanjikan oelh Allah SWT kepada hamba2Nya yang bertaqwa.

Semoga kita mendapat magfirah dariNYA.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pencen Akhirat

Assalamualaikum dear readers.
This morning while busy preparing food for Atikah to bring back to Dungun, I turned on the TV to listen to the morning talk show on TV AlHijrah. The guest speaker this morning was Prof Muhaya. She is an optometrist who turned into a motivator. The talk was about the upbringing of the chilldren. It was indeed a very relevant topic for a struggling mother like me. I like the phrase that she used - PENCEN AKHIRAT.
She was telling the audience to look at how we bring up our children. She mentioned that when bringing up the children, we are to make sure not only to focus on the number of As that they obtained but also how they achieved in becoming a truly devoted muslimin and muslimat, mukminin and mukminat. For if the children are truly practicing muslimin and muslimat, mukminin and mukminat, therefore we will not be the parents who can be considered as "PENCEN AKHIRAT" when we no longer breathe on this world, because the children will continue to furnish us with 'rewards' through their good deeds and behavior when we are already 9 feet under.
Now, which do we choose? To be the government pensioner or the non-government pensioner? Got what I mean???
Lets give a thought and a review on how we raise our children for it will determine which are you - the government pensioner or the non-government pensioner.
May Allah gives us guidance in bringing up our children to become the truly practising muslim. AMEEN.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Horizon Alam

Angin bertiupan
Ombak memukul pantai
Matahari mula mengintai di sebalik celahan awan
Lintasan hormat Sang Helang mulai menghilang di sebalik awan
Anak-anak berlari-lari dikejar ombak
Pantai yang tidak berketepian, sungguh indah panorama alam
Syukur dipanjat
Keindahan alam ini bisa dikecapi
Pepatah berkata,
“Ilmu ibarat seluas air dilautan”
Apakah mampu aku miliki walau sekelumit cuma
Walau beratus tahun kehidupan, belum pasti mengjangkau sehirup lautan ilmu dapat kumiliki
Pun yang penting, ilmu yang ada, diamal jangan alpa
Agar setiap hari bertingkat keimanan

p/s. Found this in my handphone doc. Composed while waiting for the kids mingling with the friendly waves.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jongkang-Jongket aka. Kehidupan

Assalamualaikum dear readers,

Do you know what is this? Malays called it jongkang-jongket or the see-saw in English.
Have you played it before? Do you enjoyed it?
During which situation do you enjoy it the most?
Is it when you are the higher position? Or when you are at the bottom?
Let's think ... and imagine .....
Being up there .....
It is so breezy .....
We can look far .....
Yes! I like it when I was at the top.

Now, do you agree with me if I said that the see saw is similar to our life?
At times we are at the top, the other time we are at the bottom.
You may say, "No, I am always at the top. I am the big boss. How can I be at the bottom?".
You may say, "All the others are looking high upon me. I cannot be at the bottom".
What is your judgement for being at the top?
Is it the post you are holding?
Be it the class monitor, school prefect, teachers, headmaster, managers, CEO etc.
Is this your measuring yard for being the top.
It is very subjective.
It depends on how you look at things.

To me,
To be at the top is when my heart fills with serenity
When I am not miserable
Be it at work or at home.
But how do we stay to be at the top?
For, there are times when we are so down under ..
with problems
At home or at work

What do we do to find
serenity, solace and peace in this piece of life????
Do you have an answer for this???

The answer is:

ٱلَّذِينَ ءَامَنُواْ وَتَطۡمَٮِٕنُّ قُلُوبُهُم بِذِكۡرِ ٱللَّهِ‌ۗ أَلَا بِذِڪۡرِ ٱللَّهِ تَطۡمَٮِٕنُّ ٱلۡقُلُوبُ
28:سُوۡرَةُ الرّعد
Who have believed and whose hearts have rest in the remembrance of Allah. Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest!
Orang-orang yang beriman dan tenang tenteram hati mereka dengan "zikrullah". Ketahuilah dengan "zikrullah" itu, tenang tenteramlah hati manusia.

Try this!
This is the best remedy of all.
No point crying your lungs out.
For the peace and serenity is only with ZIKRULLAH.

p.s: If it works on me, it will work on you too.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rindu Ini Milik Siapa

Assalamualaikum, dear readers.
First of all, please answer my As-Salam so that both you and me will be rewarded evenly from Allah SWT.
The title is not about a title of a book, nor a movie. It is just about a piece of our bits of life that we will bring to the hereafter.
Today is the 40th day Bapak has left us. Today, in kampung, we perform a small family gathering to recite surah Yaseen and perform tahlil for Bapak as our gift to him. As a show of our never lasting love to him. I no longer weep over the loss but the tears will unnoticingly roll down the cheek almost after every solat.
At times, I am ashamed of myself for doing so. But that's how I felt, that is how I dearly missed Bapak. What should I be ashame of??? I am ashame because I was not able
to miss the Messenger, Rasulallah SAW as much as I miss Bapak!!!!
I failed to become His devoted follower. There's nothing wrong with missing the loss of our loved ones. But how much do we miss Rasulallah SAW?? And I cried even harder when I think of this for Rasulallah SAW on his deathbed was still murmuring about his ummah. Ummati, ummati, .... was the call came from Him as Izrail was there to perform his duty upon Rasulallah SAW. And we, .... We even forgot to say a single salawat upon Rasulallah SAW even when He has promised us His shafaah upon those who remembers Him.
O Allah! Forgive me, your forgetful and ungrateful servant. I do not deserve your jannah nor can I bear your hellfire. Please O Allah, bestow upon me the jannah as you have promised to the muttaqin. AMEEN.