Sunday, July 15, 2012

Till death do us apart

A tazkeerah between Maghrib and Isyak at Surau AlMawaddah. This is a meaning of a hadith by Rasulallah SAW:
1. Solat five times a day
2. Fast during Ramadhan
3. Preserve oneself only for the husband
4. Obey the husband after Allah and Rasul
A woman who fulfilled all the above, Rasulallah SAW promised her the jannah. And she may enter the jannah through any doors that are available.
Subhanallah! How easy it is the path to jannah for muslimat mukminat. However, during the Isra' and Mikraj, Rasulallah witnessed that the many occupant in the hellfire are women!!!! How could that be????
According to the ustaz, assessing the ibadah done by the women, no doubt that they are the obedient servant of Allah, with solat (compulsory and sunat), with saum (fasting - compulsory and sunat). Therefore, what when wrong??? It' s the obedient to the husband that placed many muslimah in the hellfire. What? I am obedient, I obeyed him, I serve him well and fulfill all his desires. Why am I still the candidate of the hellfire???
Well, lets give some thought. Do we protect ourself and preserve only for the husband? Many might answer, YES. Are we sure? Do we dressed ourself as requires by Allah and only tabbarruj for the husband? I am sure many of us failed this. Many might have treated the husband as a King in our life, devote ourself only for the husband, but unfortunately, we failed in the way we preserve ourselves only for the husband. We put on make-up when we leave the house. We wore clothes that exposed part of the body to be seen by the none mahram.Nauuzubillah. And some might retaliate, "No! I put on hijab every time I leave the house". But please be reminded, does your hijab covers your precious front as what Allah had wanted you to? Does the clothe that you put on are loose enough to hide your body posture? Muslimah, please do not these things easy. This is a reminder to me as well.
Another failure of the muslimah is the way we treated our husband. The way we talk and serve the husband. Everything must be pleasant in the eyes of the husband. Now, what is so great about this man called HUSBAND? Its great because through him Allah promised us jannah. Its a test on us how obedient we are in fulfilling Allah's order. We are human, there are times when we grumble or not happy with the husband for what he did or said. If that happened, just say our astaghfar and seek forgiveness from our husband. Do not think so much of the pride or ego. Just do it for Allah and Rasul.
A riwayah about Saidatina Fatimah Muhammad, the daughter of Rasulallah SAW. There was an incident between Fatimah and her husband, Saidina Ali RA. Fatimah was making a joke, but unintentionally hurt the feeling of Ali. And Ali sulk. Fatimah tries to seek for his forgiveness, and after 75 attempts, Ali finally smiles. Fatimah then dashed to Rasulallah to report to him of the incident. Despite of being on her side, Rasulallah said, "Dear Fatimah, if you die before Ali forgives you, trust me, I will not perform the solah upon your dead body".
It shows how important it is to always be good to the husband. Therefore, muslimah, lets peeform our duty to our husband not only because we love him, but most importantly because that is what Allah and His Rasul want us to do.
"Hidupku dan matiku hanyalah kepada Allah Tuhan sekalian alam. Dan ketaatanku pada suamiku adalah kerana ketaatanku pada Allah dan Rasulku. Semoga dengan redha suamiku, aku memperoleh syurga yang dijanjikan. AMEEN."

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