Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pencen Akhirat

Assalamualaikum dear readers.
This morning while busy preparing food for Atikah to bring back to Dungun, I turned on the TV to listen to the morning talk show on TV AlHijrah. The guest speaker this morning was Prof Muhaya. She is an optometrist who turned into a motivator. The talk was about the upbringing of the chilldren. It was indeed a very relevant topic for a struggling mother like me. I like the phrase that she used - PENCEN AKHIRAT.
She was telling the audience to look at how we bring up our children. She mentioned that when bringing up the children, we are to make sure not only to focus on the number of As that they obtained but also how they achieved in becoming a truly devoted muslimin and muslimat, mukminin and mukminat. For if the children are truly practicing muslimin and muslimat, mukminin and mukminat, therefore we will not be the parents who can be considered as "PENCEN AKHIRAT" when we no longer breathe on this world, because the children will continue to furnish us with 'rewards' through their good deeds and behavior when we are already 9 feet under.
Now, which do we choose? To be the government pensioner or the non-government pensioner? Got what I mean???
Lets give a thought and a review on how we raise our children for it will determine which are you - the government pensioner or the non-government pensioner.
May Allah gives us guidance in bringing up our children to become the truly practising muslim. AMEEN.

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