Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ramaddhan O Ramadhan


Semoga kita semua berlumba-lumba mengejar tawaran hebat Ramadhan ini. Berusaha bersungguh-sungguh, jauh lebih dari usaha merebut tawaran hebat diskaun 70% yang ditawarkan oleh Jakel. Why not? Well, during this month, all our effort are doubled in the reward. How gracious Allah SWT, Allah allocates one month in a year for us to renew and refresh our 'hubul ilallah' (our love for Allah) with the so many rewards promised. In order to make it happen, all the devils were chained. And now it only leave ourselves to fight with our own self, the nafs.
"Nak ngaji ke tidak ni? .... Argh ... kejap lagi lah" ....
"Nak gi ke tak solat terawih hari ni? Letih la ..... buat kat rumah je lah, boleh je kan ......"
"Alahai .... lenguhnya kaki ni berdiri solat terawih. Imam ni tak tak tahu bahasa ke, baca panjang-panjang. Meleret-leret pulak tu. Ingat ni musabaqah ke? .......

Those are some of the fightings that we had to do against our nafs. These are no other because the nafs was cleverly trained by the devil for 11 months to dislike all the good deeds. And Ramadhan is the time we fight against the nafs and retrain ourselves into liking ibadah and be close to Allah and was grouped among those who are granted maghfirah by Allah SWT. Hopefully, Ameen.

Just remember, FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!
When there's a NO to ibadah, fight it with a YES. Even if you have to drag yourself to the surau or masjid for tarawih, drag yourself. Even if you had to force you rself into turning the pages of AlQuran, do so. Just remember that when you fight against your own laziness, you are actually trying to train yourself into becoming an 'abidin - an obedient servant of Allah.



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