Sunday, May 26, 2013

Surah Yunus: 81 - Menewaskan sihir

Salam alaykum,

Come across this and found it interesting and would like to share. Hopefully it's beneficial to many when need to:

Dari Ibnu Abi Hatim meriwayatkan dari Laits, iaitu Ibnu Abi Salim, dia berkata, " Telah sampai kepadaku bahawa ayat-ayat tersebut adalah penangkal dari gangguan sihir dengan izin Allah. Ia dibacakan dalam sebuah bejana yang diisi air kemudian disiramkan di kepala orang yang terkena sihir. Ayat-ayat tersebut terdapat dalam surah Yunus ayat 81, ayat lainnya surah al-A'raf ayat 118-121 dan ayat 69 surah Thaha." (Tafsir Ibnu Katsir, 2/427).


Friday, May 24, 2013

Amalan di Bulan Rejab

Assalamu Alakum,

Being in a 'raudhah' always gives me serenity. It reminds me of my weaknesses and rekindled the ibadah. It's Rajab now. It's a month that many beliefs has many barakah. This morning kuliah subuh by Ustaz Johari Abdul Wahab, discussed this.

According to the ustaz, based on reliable sources, hadith sohih, no special ibadah for Rajab except the following:
1. Fast (Saum) on Monday and Tuesday - same as any other month
2. Fast (Saum) on the 13th, 14th and 15th of Rajab _ same as any other month.
3. Fast (Saum) like what Nabi Daud did, that is to fast on alternate days.

One thing special about Rajab is that, it is a month that is considered as al-Haram. Al-Haram means Muslims are not allowed to begin a fight or war. However, Muslims are allowed to defend if they are being attacked. This is to allow Muslims to concentrate on performing ibadah as a preparation for the coming of Ramadhan.

There are some opinions among the sahabah saying that Rasulallah fast more in Rajab and Syaaban. It is true. But the being is not because of the month of Rajab but because Rasulallah accompanied his wives to qadha' their fast. Qadha' the fast is to replace the number of days Muslim women do not fast due to menstrual. Imam as-Syaukani, a strong believer of Imam as-Shafie,  strongly hold to the opinion that muslims women are allowed to qadha' their fast as late as Syaaban provided that they make known to their next of kin or husband the number of days that they need to qadha'. In the mean time, they are allowed to perform any sunnatun saum. This is based on the fact that Rasulallah accompanied his wives to saum more in Rajab and Syaaban and the Prophet's wives are also known to be 'abidin who will consistently perform sunnatun swum.

The notion about fasting three consecutive months (Rejab, Syaaban and Ramadhan) are all baseless and are based on hadith maudhu' (a hadith that cannot be accepted and followed as ibadah).

So, just let's do whatever that Rasulallah SAW did because whatever that he did is not his doing but a message from Allah SWT to guide us how to live our life.

As a reminder, no one is allowed to fast after the 15th of Syaaban except those who are (1) consistently fasting on every Monday and Tuesday and (2) those who have not qadha' their fast and (3) those who perform the fast as Nabi Daud. There are many hadiths on this matter. Please refer:


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

EXIT 233 Jasin

Salam alaykum,

Hectic day as usual. I'm sure many are bored with my hectic epic. But, sorry guys, I would like to mark it here as a remembrance, as I might not be doing this again, In sha Allah.

It was Tuesday morning, 21st May 2013. Around 11am. I had just completed half of the ad hoc task that was assigned to me earlier that morning  when the phone rang. I saw the number, the call came from the dean's office.

"Assalamualaikum, Dr kat mana?", the question came from Puan Zahrah, Dean's PA.
"Kat pejabat", was my short answer anticipating another ad hoc task.
"Minta maaf Dr, Dekan minta Dr hadir meeting kat Jasin petang ni.",  Puan Zahrah explained the intention.

I was puzzled. What? Meeting? In JASIN????? I wouldn't mind if the meeting is at the Chancellory's office or a bit further in Puncak Alam. But ..... this is JASIN. 2 states away from where I am now. Am I hearing correctly?

"Kenderaan ada tak?", I asked Puan Zahrah.
"Kenderaan tak ada. Guna kenderaan sendiri. Nanti boleh claim", was the replied.

What? No transportation? I was expected to drive all the way to Jasin by myself? No kidding? My husband would laugh at me .... I resent driving! What more a long distance drive as this. My thought was to get someone come with me. I called my boss, Dr Nurazzah, she could not come. I called En Yunus, he wouldn't come. I get Dr Nash, he wouldn't come either. I gave up. I sent a text message to the Dean apologising for not being able to go. And the reply was,

"I guess you should have representative from multimedia so that any questions can be answered."

It left me with little option. Alhamdulillah, it was like a saviour was sent to me by Allah SWT, a colleague, Sharifah Aliman agreed to drive me all the way to Jasin. At approximately 1145am, we were on our way to Jasin. We stopped at the Ayer Keroh rest area for lunch and solat and reached Jasin exactly at 230pm. There's nothing much to do during the meeting, but I learnt something from the meeting, THERE'S STILL HOPE for the Multimedia Program to put a request for new lab equipment. I quickly strategised for a meeting the next day.

UiTM Jasin PFI
After a short tour around the new Jasin campus, we headed back to Shah Alam and reached Shah Alam at about 1845pm after about 2 hours drive.

I returned home feeling very exhausted even though I was not the one who is driving. Ah.... What a day!!!!

There goes all my plan for the day.

Well, we plan, but Allah the better planner. And He knows best.


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ibrahim al-Khawas


Jahilnya diri ini apabila dalam usia selewat ini baru mendengar nama seorang wali Allah iaitu Ibrahim al-khawas.

Beliau merupakan hamba yang Allah berikan kelebihan. Salah satunya adalah dengan menurunkan makanan kepada beliau ketika dalam perjalanan beliau bersama seorang paderi. Ini diceritakan oleh Ustaz Don Danial Don Biyajid dalam kuliah Dhuha di surau al Mawaddah pada hari ini Ahad 19hb Mei 2013.

4 kisah yang mengisahkan makanan diturunkan dari langit:-
1. Kisah Maryam
2. Kisah Nabi Musa
3. Kisah Ummu Aiman
4. Kisah Ibrahim al-Khawas

Dikisahkan Ibrahim al-Khawas diajak berjalan oleh seorang paderi. Dalam perjalanan paderi tersebut terasa lapar dan mengajak Ibrahim al-khawas makan. Ibrahim kemudian berdoa memohon makanan. Lalu Allah turunkan makanan. Dipendekkan cerita, paderi itu kemudiannya turut berdoa, lalu Allah turunkan makanan.

Ibrahim al-khawas berasa hairan. Lalu beliau bertanya kepada paderi tersebut bagaimana ini boleh terjadi. Lalu dijawab oleh paderi tersebut, "ketika dalam perjalanan ini saya telah melihat akhlak tuan dan saya amat tertarik hati lalu dalam diam saya telah beriman kepada Allah SWT".

Kebaikan Al-khawas ini telah berjaya menarik paderi tersebut ke dalam Islam.

Ibrahim al-Khawas juga terkenal dengan 'Ubat Hati' sepertimana yang dijadikan lirik oleh kumpulan Opick.

Obat hati ada lima perkaranya
Yang pertama baca Quran dan maknanya
Yang kedua sholat malam dirikanlah
Yang ketiga berkumpullah dengan orang sholeh
Yang keempat perbanyaklah berpuasa
Yang kelima dzikir malam perpanjanglah
Salah satunya siapa bisa menjalani
Moga-moga Alloh mencukupi


Friday, May 10, 2013

Savoury Crepe

As salam alaykum.

Ooooppps.... This post is supppse to go to but it accidentally reach here. Please enjoy. .....

Crepe for breakfast, crepe for dinner. Care for crepe anyone?

I had crepe for dinner last night. A light dinner, enough for a middle aged appetite. Healthy too.

What's inside?
*1 cup of general purpose flour
*1 cup of fresh milk
*1 cup of plain water
*3 table spoon olive oil
2 inches Carrots - shredded
3 tbsp prawns
Enough solentro and onion spring
Salt and pepper to taste.

Making it.
Mix all the * ingredients. Mix well.
Then add the rest of the ingredients.
Ladle a batter onto a frying pan. Wait till cooked and flip.

Ready to serve. ENJOY.


Pesan Nabi. ..

Salam alaykum,

Alhamdulillah, got the opportunity to be part of the raudhah (majlis ilmu) this morning. The ustaz discussed about alam kubur.

Ada 4 perkara yang dipesan oleh Nabi Muhammad SAW untuk selamat dari siksa kubur:

1. Jaga solat
     - solat wajib
     - solat sunat yang dituntut: dhuha, witir, tahajjud
2. Baca alQuran
    sekurang2nya bacaan :
    - Yasiin di setiap pagi
    - al Waqiah di waktu petang
    - al Mulk di waktu malam

3. Banyakkan bersedekah.

4. Banyakkan bertasbih.
     Subhanallah 33X
     Alhamdulillah 33X
     Allahu Akbar 33X
     - Amalkan sebelum tidur. Semoga mendapat kesegaran dan tidur yang mencukupi walaupun sedikit.

Manusia sering mungkir dengan perkara-perkara berikut:
1. Yakin Allah sebagai Tuhan. Tetapi berbuat seperti tiada Tuhan yang memerhatikan.
2. Yakin rezeki Allah bagi tapi merungut bila tidak diberikan rezeki.
3. Yakin dengan kematian pasti datang tapi tidak melakukan amalan untuk menghadapi kematian.

Astaghfirullahal azim. Heard this zillions of times. How much have we done it? We tend to accomplish our daily task. But we neglect our obligation to Allah and Rasulallah.

Semoga menjadi amalan yang berterusan.


Monday, May 6, 2013

Post Election.


It's another new and fresh day for Malaysian. And YES, Malaysian has spoken through the votes. And the BN won again. How they won the battle, let Allah do the judging. And we trust in Allah. It the Almighty's decision. Allah knows best.

Why do I crave for change? I want change because I want to see a better Malaysia. A Malaysia that do not practice corruption. A Malaysia that nurture its citizen with beneficial knowledge, be it for Muslims or non-Muslims. In Rasulallah SAW administration, Rasulallah do not discriminate the qabilah. All are equally treated according to Islamic rules. The non-Muslims were not deprived of their rights. The muslims were taught how to live the life according to Quran and Sunnah.

This is what I want to see in Malaysia. I want see a muslim nation that practice Quran and Sunnah. Some might say, "Go Ahead! Practice quran and sunnah as you wish! Who stopped you?". Nobody is stopping me in practicing Quran and Sunnah upon myself. But how about muamalat? Qisas? Shariah? We need the government to imposed it within the administration. Furthermore, I really hope to see a Malaysia where Islam is the way of life. Inculcating the muslim in the youngsters, guiding the teens to the right path, and finally having generation that are muslim competent. I want to see a generation that is with high moral and dignity. I want to listen to less of cases among juveniles - no more robbing, raping, unmarried sex, drugs - all are so alarming, on the rise. I want to see a better Malaysia.

I want a better Malaysia where wealth is divided equally between the government and the people. Less corruption and cronyism. Tax payers will enjoy their life through tax reduction, toll free, lowered price of domestic goods.

I was hoping that a change will be for better. However, with BN losing 7 parliment seats as compared to 2008, I hope the government would listen to what the people wants in a better Malaysia.

Source: Facebook.

As for now, if the government fails to fulfil what peoples desire, people will try again in the next GE14. As peoples power are getting nearer to simple win, while BN is declining, I still hope for a better Malaysia.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

It's Polling Day

Assalamu alaikum

Today is the 5th of May. The day that all Malaysians are waiting for. It is the day to listen to the voices of Malaysian. Just hope that no immigrants speak as well.

It was a very bright and sunny day. It was quiet anywhere else in this normally busy town except at the polling station. The jogging path was quiet unlike ordinary Sundays. Citizens patiently waits for their turn in the long queue with sweat running down. I made my round after accomplishing my responsibility. It was peaceful. It will remain peaceful. I heard phantom voters were caught elsewhere. I just hope that not many of them will go through. If they ever get through and mark the ballot paper, lets dua' to Allah that theirs will be ruined and rejected. Because we dont want immigrants to make decision for us. They dont know our problems. They dont know our country. And if anything goes out of control here, they can still run back to their country leaving us behind to mend everthing. That is why they cannot speak for us.

Just lets raise our hands and dua' for a better Malaysia that is free from corruption and lets share the wealth of the country together as Malaysian. The most important thing is my children need a place to grow that is rich in good values not just the organised concerts that cost us the tax payers.

Hasbunallahi wani'mal wakiil. For a better Malaysia.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Desperate ....

As salam alaykum.

The phone rang this afternoon while I was busy in the kitchen. Since my assistants are not available, I had to run to the phone myself. Only to find myself talking to a machine promoting 'himself'. I looked at the number and saying to myself not to answer a call from this number ever again.

Few minutes later my husband's mobile phone rang. It was during the call for Zuhr solat. I take a glimpse at the number. Ahhh..... Its that number again.

If you dont want to respect my privacy, can you please teach the machine to respect the Adhan? Argh. ..... Are they that desperate?°. ......

1 May. ... It's Labor Day

As Salam Alykum.

Today is already 1st May 2013. How time flies. Malaysian has 3 more days to accomplish a VERY important task. That is to decide how they want to live in Malaysia for the next 5 years. Why do I say this? It is because who you choose on the 5th of May as your leader will be responsible to mold your living.

What do we hope for? For a BETTER MALAYSIA, definitely.

The candidates are out there working hard to convince people to choose them. And people, what is your responsible? Your responsible is to choose a good leader that may create a healthy living environment. Healthy in the sense that it is healthy physically and spiritually. SPIRITUALLY healthy  will eventually leads to physical health. Spiritual living is when we live our life based on alQuran and Assunnah holistically.Physical health cannot be measured with dollars and cents, it is pleasant living, harmony and peaceful is what considered healthy.

Why are people resist to change??? The government that have ruled the country so far is doing well, however we believe they could better for us. They are to complacent with their power that they tend to neglect their people. A change will be good. We are just to tell them that Malaysia are citizens that are not easily be fooled.

Why are people resist to change? There are are some loud voices said that if we change, the Malays will be doomed. It will be controlled by non-Bumis. What proof do you have? On what basis are you saying it? We are governed by rules. In the coalition between PAS, DAP & PKR, the Malays are the dominant. And they have proven a better governing in the 3 states that they lead since the last GE. Futhermore, just give the Pakatan a try. If they fail to perform, we have the voting power to send them back to their place.

And pleae. ... Play a clean game. No tricks and cheats. If you talk about protecting the word "ALLAH" then you must remember the judgement day. Because if you cheat in the GE and even if Allah grant you a victory through cheatings, you must remember that you will be judged in Mahsyar during when theres no turning back to repent and redo, the only thing that is there is the hellfire for those who failed to live as a Muslim as Muslims do not cheat. Please read the al Waqiah carefully.

"Ya Allah, kami meminta hanya padaMu. Berilah kemenangan kepada yg ikhlas ingin menegakkan agamaMu. Gagalkanlah sebarang tipu helah. Hanya padaMu kami berserah dan bertawakkal".

Hasbunallahi wa ni'mal wakil.