Wednesday, May 1, 2013

1 May. ... It's Labor Day

As Salam Alykum.

Today is already 1st May 2013. How time flies. Malaysian has 3 more days to accomplish a VERY important task. That is to decide how they want to live in Malaysia for the next 5 years. Why do I say this? It is because who you choose on the 5th of May as your leader will be responsible to mold your living.

What do we hope for? For a BETTER MALAYSIA, definitely.

The candidates are out there working hard to convince people to choose them. And people, what is your responsible? Your responsible is to choose a good leader that may create a healthy living environment. Healthy in the sense that it is healthy physically and spiritually. SPIRITUALLY healthy  will eventually leads to physical health. Spiritual living is when we live our life based on alQuran and Assunnah holistically.Physical health cannot be measured with dollars and cents, it is pleasant living, harmony and peaceful is what considered healthy.

Why are people resist to change??? The government that have ruled the country so far is doing well, however we believe they could better for us. They are to complacent with their power that they tend to neglect their people. A change will be good. We are just to tell them that Malaysia are citizens that are not easily be fooled.

Why are people resist to change? There are are some loud voices said that if we change, the Malays will be doomed. It will be controlled by non-Bumis. What proof do you have? On what basis are you saying it? We are governed by rules. In the coalition between PAS, DAP & PKR, the Malays are the dominant. And they have proven a better governing in the 3 states that they lead since the last GE. Futhermore, just give the Pakatan a try. If they fail to perform, we have the voting power to send them back to their place.

And pleae. ... Play a clean game. No tricks and cheats. If you talk about protecting the word "ALLAH" then you must remember the judgement day. Because if you cheat in the GE and even if Allah grant you a victory through cheatings, you must remember that you will be judged in Mahsyar during when theres no turning back to repent and redo, the only thing that is there is the hellfire for those who failed to live as a Muslim as Muslims do not cheat. Please read the al Waqiah carefully.

"Ya Allah, kami meminta hanya padaMu. Berilah kemenangan kepada yg ikhlas ingin menegakkan agamaMu. Gagalkanlah sebarang tipu helah. Hanya padaMu kami berserah dan bertawakkal".

Hasbunallahi wa ni'mal wakil.


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