Friday, May 24, 2013

Amalan di Bulan Rejab

Assalamu Alakum,

Being in a 'raudhah' always gives me serenity. It reminds me of my weaknesses and rekindled the ibadah. It's Rajab now. It's a month that many beliefs has many barakah. This morning kuliah subuh by Ustaz Johari Abdul Wahab, discussed this.

According to the ustaz, based on reliable sources, hadith sohih, no special ibadah for Rajab except the following:
1. Fast (Saum) on Monday and Tuesday - same as any other month
2. Fast (Saum) on the 13th, 14th and 15th of Rajab _ same as any other month.
3. Fast (Saum) like what Nabi Daud did, that is to fast on alternate days.

One thing special about Rajab is that, it is a month that is considered as al-Haram. Al-Haram means Muslims are not allowed to begin a fight or war. However, Muslims are allowed to defend if they are being attacked. This is to allow Muslims to concentrate on performing ibadah as a preparation for the coming of Ramadhan.

There are some opinions among the sahabah saying that Rasulallah fast more in Rajab and Syaaban. It is true. But the being is not because of the month of Rajab but because Rasulallah accompanied his wives to qadha' their fast. Qadha' the fast is to replace the number of days Muslim women do not fast due to menstrual. Imam as-Syaukani, a strong believer of Imam as-Shafie,  strongly hold to the opinion that muslims women are allowed to qadha' their fast as late as Syaaban provided that they make known to their next of kin or husband the number of days that they need to qadha'. In the mean time, they are allowed to perform any sunnatun saum. This is based on the fact that Rasulallah accompanied his wives to saum more in Rajab and Syaaban and the Prophet's wives are also known to be 'abidin who will consistently perform sunnatun swum.

The notion about fasting three consecutive months (Rejab, Syaaban and Ramadhan) are all baseless and are based on hadith maudhu' (a hadith that cannot be accepted and followed as ibadah).

So, just let's do whatever that Rasulallah SAW did because whatever that he did is not his doing but a message from Allah SWT to guide us how to live our life.

As a reminder, no one is allowed to fast after the 15th of Syaaban except those who are (1) consistently fasting on every Monday and Tuesday and (2) those who have not qadha' their fast and (3) those who perform the fast as Nabi Daud. There are many hadiths on this matter. Please refer:


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