Monday, May 6, 2013

Post Election.


It's another new and fresh day for Malaysian. And YES, Malaysian has spoken through the votes. And the BN won again. How they won the battle, let Allah do the judging. And we trust in Allah. It the Almighty's decision. Allah knows best.

Why do I crave for change? I want change because I want to see a better Malaysia. A Malaysia that do not practice corruption. A Malaysia that nurture its citizen with beneficial knowledge, be it for Muslims or non-Muslims. In Rasulallah SAW administration, Rasulallah do not discriminate the qabilah. All are equally treated according to Islamic rules. The non-Muslims were not deprived of their rights. The muslims were taught how to live the life according to Quran and Sunnah.

This is what I want to see in Malaysia. I want see a muslim nation that practice Quran and Sunnah. Some might say, "Go Ahead! Practice quran and sunnah as you wish! Who stopped you?". Nobody is stopping me in practicing Quran and Sunnah upon myself. But how about muamalat? Qisas? Shariah? We need the government to imposed it within the administration. Furthermore, I really hope to see a Malaysia where Islam is the way of life. Inculcating the muslim in the youngsters, guiding the teens to the right path, and finally having generation that are muslim competent. I want to see a generation that is with high moral and dignity. I want to listen to less of cases among juveniles - no more robbing, raping, unmarried sex, drugs - all are so alarming, on the rise. I want to see a better Malaysia.

I want a better Malaysia where wealth is divided equally between the government and the people. Less corruption and cronyism. Tax payers will enjoy their life through tax reduction, toll free, lowered price of domestic goods.

I was hoping that a change will be for better. However, with BN losing 7 parliment seats as compared to 2008, I hope the government would listen to what the people wants in a better Malaysia.

Source: Facebook.

As for now, if the government fails to fulfil what peoples desire, people will try again in the next GE14. As peoples power are getting nearer to simple win, while BN is declining, I still hope for a better Malaysia.


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