Wednesday, May 22, 2013

EXIT 233 Jasin

Salam alaykum,

Hectic day as usual. I'm sure many are bored with my hectic epic. But, sorry guys, I would like to mark it here as a remembrance, as I might not be doing this again, In sha Allah.

It was Tuesday morning, 21st May 2013. Around 11am. I had just completed half of the ad hoc task that was assigned to me earlier that morning  when the phone rang. I saw the number, the call came from the dean's office.

"Assalamualaikum, Dr kat mana?", the question came from Puan Zahrah, Dean's PA.
"Kat pejabat", was my short answer anticipating another ad hoc task.
"Minta maaf Dr, Dekan minta Dr hadir meeting kat Jasin petang ni.",  Puan Zahrah explained the intention.

I was puzzled. What? Meeting? In JASIN????? I wouldn't mind if the meeting is at the Chancellory's office or a bit further in Puncak Alam. But ..... this is JASIN. 2 states away from where I am now. Am I hearing correctly?

"Kenderaan ada tak?", I asked Puan Zahrah.
"Kenderaan tak ada. Guna kenderaan sendiri. Nanti boleh claim", was the replied.

What? No transportation? I was expected to drive all the way to Jasin by myself? No kidding? My husband would laugh at me .... I resent driving! What more a long distance drive as this. My thought was to get someone come with me. I called my boss, Dr Nurazzah, she could not come. I called En Yunus, he wouldn't come. I get Dr Nash, he wouldn't come either. I gave up. I sent a text message to the Dean apologising for not being able to go. And the reply was,

"I guess you should have representative from multimedia so that any questions can be answered."

It left me with little option. Alhamdulillah, it was like a saviour was sent to me by Allah SWT, a colleague, Sharifah Aliman agreed to drive me all the way to Jasin. At approximately 1145am, we were on our way to Jasin. We stopped at the Ayer Keroh rest area for lunch and solat and reached Jasin exactly at 230pm. There's nothing much to do during the meeting, but I learnt something from the meeting, THERE'S STILL HOPE for the Multimedia Program to put a request for new lab equipment. I quickly strategised for a meeting the next day.

UiTM Jasin PFI
After a short tour around the new Jasin campus, we headed back to Shah Alam and reached Shah Alam at about 1845pm after about 2 hours drive.

I returned home feeling very exhausted even though I was not the one who is driving. Ah.... What a day!!!!

There goes all my plan for the day.

Well, we plan, but Allah the better planner. And He knows best.


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