Sunday, May 5, 2013

It's Polling Day

Assalamu alaikum

Today is the 5th of May. The day that all Malaysians are waiting for. It is the day to listen to the voices of Malaysian. Just hope that no immigrants speak as well.

It was a very bright and sunny day. It was quiet anywhere else in this normally busy town except at the polling station. The jogging path was quiet unlike ordinary Sundays. Citizens patiently waits for their turn in the long queue with sweat running down. I made my round after accomplishing my responsibility. It was peaceful. It will remain peaceful. I heard phantom voters were caught elsewhere. I just hope that not many of them will go through. If they ever get through and mark the ballot paper, lets dua' to Allah that theirs will be ruined and rejected. Because we dont want immigrants to make decision for us. They dont know our problems. They dont know our country. And if anything goes out of control here, they can still run back to their country leaving us behind to mend everthing. That is why they cannot speak for us.

Just lets raise our hands and dua' for a better Malaysia that is free from corruption and lets share the wealth of the country together as Malaysian. The most important thing is my children need a place to grow that is rich in good values not just the organised concerts that cost us the tax payers.

Hasbunallahi wani'mal wakiil. For a better Malaysia.


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