Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm on leave

Salam all,

It's semester should be a hurray for us as it means a break for us too. But it is not the case here. Leave was frozen. We have an important decision to be made which calls for an urgent workshop. There goes my plan to enjoy a quiet moment at home. on the second day of the event, the boss announced that we are encouraged to take leave before the semester resumes next week. Therefore, yesterday evening l quickly log on to the Leave Application System. I could not believe my eyes when l saw that l still have 40 days leave entitled for the year 2012. l seldom have the luxury like this. I double checked the system just to make sure that I did not accidently looked wrongly. And the number that l saw is still 40. The reason was because I do not have the opportunity to take leave.

Alhamdulillah I was on leave . But I came back from office after calls for Asar prayer. Because l forgot that l had an appointment with someone from industry. Gone are my dreams of cooking and baking,



Salam all,

How is everybody doing? It has been quite some time isn't it. What other reason do l have - BUSY.

Back to the title - 2013. What with it? A movie? No. A title of a book? No. A new car registration number? No.
It's a NO, NO, NO. It's nothing special for many but a much awaited one for me.

Working life is never easy. The responsibility is huge. the student's future is in your hand. We mould the future generation, thus, it has to be done with all your heart might. With honesty, sincererity and integrity. You cannot be doing things only for your personal gains. That's the way of being a lecturer.

Off late, many issues popped. Be it within the university, within faculty, inter-department or even within department. And I was normally caught within the issue. A friend came to me asking what had happened to me? My simple answer, "I could not wait for 2013 to come". Why? Because that will be the when I can leave the office (administration) for my personal academic interest.

Adios ..


Monday, April 23, 2012

Qariah Kecil

Salam all,

It was a beautiful Sunday 22 April 2012. Everybody rises early. Hakim and Ayah were off to surau. The female species at home were busy with own task. Ibu was busy preparing breakfast and packing food for Sabrina. Sabrina was getting ready to school. Feeling nervous, I guess.

As early as 7am, we were already at the school compound. I kissed Sabrina as a good luck wish and dropped her off. I headed back home, getting ready to begin the house chores.

At 10.30am, we are already geared up to support Sabrina at SRA Kota Damansara. Alhamdulillah, with the intellectual mind that Allah has bestowed upon being, the GPS was created. With the help of the GPS, we managed to find the location of the school without any problem. There was a large crowd. Getting a parking place is almost a NO. We resort to only Ibu and Hakim going down to support Sabrina while ayah will make his round for parking. A guide finally landed us to a classroom where Sabrina was there, waiting anxiously. Her turn is next. We were there just in the nick of time.

"Seterusnya kita menjemput peserta yang mendapat undian ke 15 untuk menyampaikan bacaan Surah Al-An'am ayat 1 hingga 10", the announcement came.

I prayed for Sabrina, though there was some doubt after watching the earlier contestant. But Sabrina was not to be blamed, as her teacher told her not to concentrate on taranum. Taranum is the art of reciting the quranic verses in a beautiful rhythmic sound. I was about to coach her on taranum (the basic taranum that I know off) but was brushed off when the teacher told not to.

I pitied Sabrina for that because the rest of the contestant presented with a beautiful taranum. However, it was a good and bravery try for Sabrina. Ibu is very proud of her for her bravery and fighting spirit.

Eight minutes ended with the second bell rang. To my listening, her tajweed is correct only lack in taranum.

Ibu left after her performance, leaving her with her friends and teachers to wait for the closing ceremony which will only begin after the zuhr prayer.

Evening, at almost 5.30pm, came a call from her, indicating that she has arrived at school and wants ibu to pick her up. Her statement, "Jangan tanya apa-apa", concludes the guessing game.

Dont be sad dear! I am proud of you for who you are. Winning or losing is always a blessing. Allah knows what is best for us and given us the best that we could hope for.


Monday, April 2, 2012

Makna bacaan solat

Salam all,

I have this opportunity to browse the internet tonight and found this very interesting video clip from the Youtube. Hopefully many will benefit from this.

Enjoy viewing and grasp the content!