Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Salam all,

How is everybody doing? It has been quite some time isn't it. What other reason do l have - BUSY.

Back to the title - 2013. What with it? A movie? No. A title of a book? No. A new car registration number? No.
It's a NO, NO, NO. It's nothing special for many but a much awaited one for me.

Working life is never easy. The responsibility is huge. the student's future is in your hand. We mould the future generation, thus, it has to be done with all your heart might. With honesty, sincererity and integrity. You cannot be doing things only for your personal gains. That's the way of being a lecturer.

Off late, many issues popped. Be it within the university, within faculty, inter-department or even within department. And I was normally caught within the issue. A friend came to me asking what had happened to me? My simple answer, "I could not wait for 2013 to come". Why? Because that will be the when I can leave the office (administration) for my personal academic interest.

Adios ..


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