Sunday, June 10, 2012

School holiday. ... Till next time

Salam all.
Saturday, 9/6. Its a wonderful breezy morning. Peaceful. The sound of the waves is really soothing. Comforting the mind and soul. Alhamdulillah. Allah has created a wonderful a peaceful place for us to live. The endless sea lays ahead. The wave never tires to come to the shore. Everything created with purpose. For us to think. If we find this wonderful, wait for the jannah that is created for the obedient servant. Lets strive to place ourselves in His jannah.
School holiday is coming to the end. Here we are at a stopover before proceeding to Dungun to send Atikah to school to continue her quest on becoming the achiever.
It is surely a full of happenings for the kids during this school holiday with their first week of school holiday spent as 'kampung chaps' in the kampung, followed by another lazy-stay-home days and concluded with a short vacation at the seaside (as promised).
Thank you Allah. This wonderful life was bestowed upon us for us to continue to show our gratitude - to reveive is to give - lets share this piece of happiness with sadaqah.

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