Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ciri2 negara islam


This is a note that I jot down while assisting my Sabrina to do her revision for her last Penilaian Sekolah Rendah Agama (PSRA). This is very interesting, Ibu (that is me) was never taught about this when I was at a very young age. Alhamdulillah, the education system that I chose for her had implanted  the basis and foundation to build a muslim generation, Insha Allah.

Semoga generasi Islam yang kita semai ini akan dapat dizahirkan melalui penghayatan dan amalan Islami yang sebenar berpandukan alQuran dan Hadis. Apakah ciri2 negara Islam yang digariskan oleh buku tersebut:
  • Berdasarkan kepada alQuran dan al hadis
  • Majlis syura sebagai asas pemerintahan
  • Melaksanakan hukum amar makruf nahi mungkar
  • Mewujudkan keamanan dan kesejahteraan
  • Ketua negara yang adil dan beriman
  • Jaminan kebebasan dan hak asasi

Sumber: Buku Sirah Tahun 6, JAIS

Now, look at the list carefully. From the list it is obvious that to be considered as an Islamic country the country need to fulfilled the criteria. And now, lets give a deep thought about the country that we love, Malaysia. Can we consider that Malaysia is an Islamic country? Have we fulfilled all the criteria. To reach to that point we need not only a practising Islamic nation but the most importantly the Islamic siasah, Islamic governance. To create an Islamic governance requires a leader with Islamic characteristics. He may not be an ulama' but an umara' that practices Islam in all aspects of his life. Islam is not about solat alone. Islam is the way of life. A systematic way of life govern by AlQuran and Hadis.

When we bake cakes, we follow the ingredients. When we do science experiment, we follow the theory sets by the earlier scientist. As simple as it is, to live in this world we need to follow certain guide and Allah has given the guidance through alQuran and alHadis. Build an Islamic individual will eventually build an Islamic nation and will later evolve into an Islamic country. Are we ready for this? We need to move towards it by developing ourself and those around us as we are answerable in front of Allah SWT on Judgement Day.


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