Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Assalamualaikum all.

I am sitting in class. Monitoring students sitting for their 2nd test. Semester is coming to the end. The cycle is completing its loop.

Registration - class begins - test 1 - semester break - class resumes - test 2 - study leave - exam - marking - results is out - admin chores - registration. Year in, year out, this is the 'over and over again' life routine that I would have to go through till I reach my retirement day or till my last breath (which ever comes first). Is being a lecturer a boring task? My answer is NO.

It may sound so routine, Yes, the schedule is routine but the life experience is very different and exciting. In my years of experience interacting with students, I learn quite a great deal myself. I learn about people, I learn about 'hablul minnan nas' (human interaction and communication). There are various types of students. In general, I would just like to categorize them into two groups. The first group are thevery humble, respectful and obedient students. While the second group are the snobbish, disrespect and carefree students. Between the two groups, the first group normally performs better academically. Perhaps that must be the power of respects to teachers/ lecturers/ murabbi that have granted them with a good result.

I remembered a story about Imam Shafie RA. He would not sleep with his feet pointed to the direction of his murabbi's house as a show of respect even though the house is miles away. How successful we are in educating the Y and Z generation? The responsibility lies on each one of us as they are the future leaders of the world.


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