Tuesday, December 25, 2012

An-Nisa': 134

Assalamualaikum dear readers,

Just to share this piece of verse that I come across today:

Maksudnya: 'Sesiapa yang mahukan pahala (balasan) dunia sahaja (maka rugilah ia), kerana di sisi Allah disediakan pahala (balasan) dunia dan akhirat. Dan (ingatlah) Allah sentiasa mendengar, lagi sentiasa melihat.'

This short verse from surah an-Nisa' has a very important message for those who only seek happiness for the short life on the world. Those who are full of greed to only fulfill the life desire and forgot to seek reward for the hereafter. To seek reward for the hereafter would men to do what Allah has required us to do and to leave behind those things that Allah has forbid us to do. 

How do we know what we must do and what we cannot do? Allah has provided us with a 'life compass' that is the QURAN and SUNNAH Rasul. Allah has promised that those who obey what is inside alQuran and Sunnah will always be the successful servant of Allah in life and hereafter.

This is a good remembrance. 
How many of us build beautiful houses on the earth but forgotten the house in the hereafter. 
How many of us spend lavishly on things they desire and forgot that in every cents of their money belongs to someone else - the needy - through zakat and sadaqah.
How many of us sleep soundly at night in their comfortable homes but neglect the duty for their muslim relatives who are striving to live peaceful in the holy land of Baitul Maqdis and devote their soul to protect Masjidil Aqsa!!! We ignore this fact!!!!

As a reminder for myself and others, let's do some small deed that we can afford. Only to become the faithful servant of Allah and the loyal follower of Rasulallah SAW.


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