Thursday, December 6, 2012

Good Bye School

Assalamualaikum dear readers,

Today 6th December. And Atikah is currently fighting her last battle in SPM. Sitting for Lukisan Kejuruteraan. Last day of SPM for the year 2012. May Allah blessed her. Ibu wish you best of luck. You have one more hour to complete your quest. After 1030am today, it will be a BYE BYE SCHOOL. You are no longer a school girl. You are no longer bounded by schools rules and regulation. Hopefully your 11 years in school have taught you to become a better muslim.

You will be entering the next phase in your life. College girl. The days ahead are full of challenges. There will not be teachers or warden to monitor your doings. You are on your own. But IBU will be beside you forever. Good luck dear. May iman will be your guiding companion. For only with iman you will be guided to the righteous path. Not even your 10As in SPM will lead you to jannah for without iman one might be astray. InsyaAllah, ibu belief in you. Ibu have trust in you. However there are a lot more to learn. Learn more on how to increase your iman, this is a never ending quest. Remember this my dear.

Ya Allah moga Kau tetapkan hati anakku dalam mengingatiMu. Berkatilah kehidupannya dan lindungilah dia dari tipu daya syaitan. Ameen.


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