Saturday, January 9, 2016

Ibu's New Toy


Ever heard or read the story of 'The Emperor's New Dress'. It is a fabel story of a snob King who always wants whatever the best and new. He always wants a new dress when the people is even hardly making enough to eat. And whenever he has a new dress, he would proudly show it to his people in a parade. The king's tailor cheated him with an invisible cloth which they claimed can be only be worn and seen by those who fit to be in the position. Even though unable to see the √≠nvisible' clothes, the emperor puts it on for fear he will be claimed as not being fit to be in his position. Nobody can see the clothes but nobody dares to tell the emperor as not to hurt the emperor's feeling.
He proudly put it on without knowing that he had been lied and walk in a procession. A young boy came up to him and tell him that he is actually naked. The emperor's believed the boy but went on with the procession feeling uncomfortable.

Ibu's new toy got nothing to do with the story. It is just a bundle of joy that ibu had for owning the toy and at a giod price. A 3-in-1 cooking gadget cost ibu less than RM200! Alhamdulillah. It can make waffle (favourite), sandwich and it has grilling function. Enough to grill the burger or sandwich. Ibu has been eyeing for this toy for quite some time after the old one is malfunction beyond repair. Alhamdulillah ibu got it today.

That's all. Just to share my excitement with readers. 

By the way, the morale of the above story is about being snobbish of the king and the hypocrisy of the minister and the people. And how sad, such attitude can still be found in many people around us today. Let us all say dua' so that we are protected from the 'mazmumah'(bad) character and becomee mukminin mutaqqin. Ameen. 


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