Sunday, January 3, 2016

The wonderful 10 days : Its empty again


This is my first entry for the year 2016. New year to me is just another new day with challenges ahead. New year would mean new cycle of episode for the children. The 10 days 'Happy Together' ended today. Kids left their nest for their jihad fi sabilillah.. to seek knowledfe and virtue ... May Allah bless them always. My doa is always for you.

Hakim, the 3rd was sent on the 1st of January. The 10 days holiday felt too short.
Sabrina, the 2nd, went back today. A new episode. A senior now at school. The three weeks off was too brief even though they felt as thouhg they are going to be 'mereput' (or 'rotting', a new term used by the youngsters to represent not doing anything).
Atikah, the first was the last to leave the nest. Her first term break landed her a 'vacation' in the medical center ward for two nights for food poisoning and a confirmed gastritis symptom. As she was still feeling very weak, we opted to send her off to Tapah late afternoon. Go dear... work your way to success. Insha Allah.

There goes my three jewels... mothers are always mothers... silently missing the kids inmediately when entering the empty house. No more laughter. No more jokes to fill the house. They are far yet so near in the heart.

Each time this feeling came, Mak's face will come flashing. How much she must have missed the children but we are too busy for her. Mak ... my doa is always for you too... and also for Bapak. Because... with Allah's will... both of you are the reason for why I am who I am now. Allahu akbar.

May Allah bless us all. And give us strength and patience to withold this emptiness.

Allahu a'lam.

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