Friday, January 15, 2016

KPI.... O KPI....


Today we forecasted the number of lecturers to be maintained here in Shah Alam. The forecast is based on the number of hours required to teach for the porgrammes that we have. This is a very important and thorough task as it determines the mobility of the lecturers within this 5 years to come. 

Transfered, KPI, work load are the terms that really disturbed lecturers in Shah Alam.

Transfered would mean building a new life at a new place and adapting to it. Coming to senior citizen age, adapting to a new life may be very stressful.

KPI is another magical word. It's good to have KPI. It is a goal that we wish to achieve. Life as an 'abd, a human being with Allah as our Rabb also has a KPI to achieved. Adding a working KPI is just another spice to life. It may sound scary but when we turn it to challenge, life and work becomes meaningful, if not stressful. However, too many KPIs ... even screaming wont help.

Life is not always as we plan as Allah has a better plan for us, but doa and tawakkal is the best for any situation.

May Allah gives us the best of both worlds. Wallahu a'lam.

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