Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's Alive!!!

Statement: Yup! It's Alive ....
Question: What is IT that is alive????
Answer: My blog.

My blog is alive again. With only one posting in September, none in October, and this is the 5th for November. How I missed updating the blog. It's just like letting out whatever is boggling me. And it feels good to re-read the posting as it reminded us on all the previous happenings in our daily life.

Question: Why is the blog suddenly alive again?
Answer: It's semester break. And I am on leave.

I purposely took leave to stay at home. This is the only opportunity to take leave and just lazily spend time at home till next February 2012. This is all because the new academic calendar as directed by the Ministry of Higher Education and imposed to all public universities. With this new academic calendar, there are two sessions, one session is for the Diploma programmes (follows the old calendar June-October/ December-April), and another session for Bachelor and post-graduates programmes (September-January/ March-June) tentatively.

Question: Will there be any new post during semester?
Answer: Cannot guarantee.

How I wish I could do so. A friend (a blogger as well) asked me why there is a long silence from my blog. And I told her that it was my wish to update it regularly but the 24hours allocated to me is used for other tasks that are of higher priority. This is because the shocking letter that I received sometime in September (just after the semester began). That evening, just before leaving the office, I peeped through my pigeon hole and saw a letter. I picked the letter, it says, "Ucapan Penghargaan". A big smile was on my face. Finally I am free from all the admin work. But the letter seemed so thick, I flipped through and found another letter underneath it. This is the shocking letter, when it says "Lantikan ke Jawatan Koordinator Sains Komputer".

Arghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I say its a torment for another 2 years ahead .......?????

Anyway, it's a responsibility that I must fulfill with Amanah. That's the reason for my absence. Therefore, my absence is not because I am retiring from posting to the blog, but my absence is due to my weaknesses in managing my time.

Till then ..... WASSALAM.

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  1. hehe..akak pun ambik cuti just nak bermalas-malasan di rumah... penat betul during sem terkejar ke sana ke mari, ke kelas, balik rumah, jadi bibik etc etc etc... nevertheless kadang kala seronok pulak sebab masa sentiasa terisi ...tapi faktor umur menjadikan semua urusan terpaksa dilakukan dgn slow and steady..tak boleh nak cepat2..semput!!!