Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bola emas

Bola! Bola! Bola! Everybody was talking about the final football match between Malaysia and Indonesia. It was a three hours long of match. They completed the first half with 3 minutes additional time with a tie, 1-1.

Second half is more intense. Both teams are playing their best. They completed the second half with additional 3 minute still tie at 1-1. During the additional 30 minutes, Malaysia missed few chances. And a salute to Khairul Fahmi Cik Mat for playing excellently protect our goal with other team mates. And the game still ended with a tie.

Fuhhhh!!!!! The tense grew stronger, not only on the player, but I guess more on the supporters. Almost all Malaysians are watching it. PENALTY is going to be the determinant. Who shoot well, who protects the goal better? Everybody was waiting. Cold sweat start flowing. First shot by the Indonesian, it hit the net. Goalllll!!!! went the roar. 1st shot by Malaysian is also a goal. Only few shouts of happiness can be heard in the Gelora Stadium.

The next shots were a goal and a missed by both teams. Baddrol, the captain was to take the last shoot when the score was again tie at 3-3. The tense was at the highest. If we could feel it, just imagine how Baddrol felt. He's carrying the hope of Malaysian, a very big burden to carry.

Pritttt. The weasel blown. Baddrol kicked, the ball, the ball hit the goalkeeper's leg and rolled into the goal.

GOAL!!!!! Yes!!!! We won the football match of the 2011 Sea Game.

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