Sunday, November 20, 2011


This is another unique date.

"Kata, tak ada apa yang special pada tarikh ....", some may have this thought. I cannot blame those who feels that way because I am the one who really oppose celebrating special dates, but this is not celebrating it. Just feel like updating the blog, and when my daughter told me that today is 20.11.2011, I said to myself, that's it! I must update it today. Why? ... because ..... it's CLEANING day!!! And everybody has their bits of task to do.

Hakim is helping ayah with men's chores, Atikah doing the floors, Sabrina was excused because she had a fever. Even so, she did help with some kitchen chores. While Ibu, doing some bits of this and that. We were not at home for three consecutive weekends, it really calls for cleaning.

And later, I made Atikah try her hands in cooking with the special 'Asam Pedas Keladi' and 'Kari Ketam'.

Hakim with some of his 'toys'

These are what we called 'men's work'. Bravo Hakim!!!

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