Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Another Sad News

Salam all,

It was about 6.45am when my phone rang. It was my mother calling. My heart pumping will always accelerate when receiving a call from mother especially at odd hours. This must not be something good.

"Ajis dah tak dak. (Ajis had passed away)", that was my mother's short sentence.

Innalillahi wainna ilaihi rajiun.
"When?", I asked. "Pukul 5 pagi tadi (Just now at 5a.m)", my mother answered.

Ajis or Norlajis Bin Ali is my cousin aged 51. He did not have any medical problem before, until last week on Thursday, when he fell unconscious while on duty. He never regain conscious after that till his last breath. We went to the hospital on Eid-ul-Adha, but did not gain permission to visit him who was in the ICU because it's not the visiting hour. Last met was during Eid ul-Fitri. He is among few of my mother's nephew who will never fail to pay my mother a visit during Eid. I guess because he was a regular at our house during his span in Kompleks Belia Dusun Tua (a training centre for youth at Kuala Langat) back in 1980s.

He left behind a wife who is currently 7 months pregnant and 5 other children, the eldest is sitting for his SPM this 14th November. May Allah give the strength to his family, his wife and children. Hopefully we will be able to assist his family in any way we can.

May Ajis rest in peace and be placed among the solihin. Allahummaghfirlahu warhamhu wa'a fihi wa'fuan'hu. Amin.

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