Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hectic day!!!

Fuhhh!!! What a hectic day!!!

8.30am meeting which ended at 12.30pm.
1.13pm when for lunch
2.30pm rush to another meeting which ended at 5.40pm

How does this sound? Boring isnt' it. Not interesting at all. What do I have to say .... it's the job. It's an amanah. Therefore, sorry students, I can't see you today. I am very busy ... there's actually a long queue of students wanted to see me, my phone keep on signalling smses coming in one after another -- all are my project and research students. It seems that I have to allow them see me only after 5pm or at 8am. Very little choice I have left. Sacrifices is a must now. Time sacrifices.

Anyway, Alhamdulillah. It wont be for long. After 28th November, Dr 'Hj' Nordin will be back to resume his duty and I will be able to take a deep breath again. However, I still hope to relinquish my other post too, that is from being the Chairperson for Faculty Academic Mission. How I wish! I Wish! I Wish!

Wassalam. ..... p.s Got to go and fetch my daughter from tuition.

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