Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lazy Vacation

Salam all,

Almost like a routine, we will annually return to our second 'hometown' at least once a year for a 'lazy' vacation. It's near to Shah Alam, it's a fun and exciting place and most importantly, it's time to really spend time with kids. Accept for this year, our year end vacation is in November because I have classes on December and cannot take leave. Now is the semester break, therefore, i would not want to miss this opportunity to spend time with my kids at our 'second

Why 'lazy' vacation'?
Some may call it free-n-easy but I called it lazy vacation. It is because its a vacation that we normally will lazy ourselves in the hotel room, go for swimming, out for meals, and relaxing. This is what I call a 'lazy' vacation'. The other type of vacation is the one when you go out for sight seeing at a new and different location or at place that you have never been before. This type of vacation requires proper planning, advanced booking and reservation. Unlike this one where I made the reservation just few hours before leaving the house. Confirmed that there's an accommodation, we quickly pack and start off.

As early as 8AM, Sabrina is already in the pool followed by Hakim. I joined in later, while ayah came in about one hour later. We really enjoyed
our time in the pool with so many games that we played, we had fun with the monkey ball game, and the treasure hunt game. For the treasure hunt game, we make everybody find the 10 sen syillings that is thrown into the pool. We really had a good time today. I feel like 15 again. :-) Thank you Allah. Alhamdulillah.

Poolside meal after long hours in the pool. Amboi, amboi, amboi .....

The only time Hakim is allowed to enjoy his meal on the bed. Inilah masanya ...... kalau kat rumah, jangan harap ye!

After dinner at Bagan Lalang, Sepang.

The kids are back into the pool after dinner

The green balcony - backyard


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